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The intent of is to provide a Blockchain-based blogging platform where people of all sizes, races, and status may transparently share their original content (articles, images, arts, and videos) and could earn tips in Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The tips (some amount of BCH) can be from other users of the platform who likes your content or from the Platforms TheRandomRewarder – a bot that randomly tips interesting articles (it randomly splits a specified daily payout from the sites fund via tips to articles it finds interesting).

Share Your Interests

What are you interested in? Whatever you are interested in, you can publish it on as long as it doesn’t violate the few rules governing the use of the platform. Essentially the site prohibits pornography, erotic and plagiarized content, and anything “illegal, hate-filled, trash-talking, name-calling, personal attacks or insults. You can post about a variety of topics or ideas that interest you – cryptocurrency, arts, photography, poems, politics, fiction, sports, and more.

Create Unique Content

Create and publish original and good quality content on whatever topic is on your mind. frowns at plagiarism. Avoid copying content from other sites and publishing them on as yours. Also, avoid spinning articles (where you use programs that replace words with their synonyms to make them look unique to the site’s OC detector) or translating articles in other languages. Once detected, you will be blacklisted and will never earn from the rewarder. So stay original and publish unique content only.

Meet Like-Minded People

The community avails you the opportunity to meet people of similar interests and mindsets that you can connect with. No man is an island, once you join the platform try to network with users whose interest aligns with yours. You can communities of like-minded individuals like the #Club1BCH. The platform has communities dedicated to a specific topic; you can explore them and subscribe to users who interest you.

Earn Rewards in Bitcoin Cash

Both comments and articles allow you to earn some Bitcoin Cash if somebody upvotes/tips your writing. offers its users the opportunity to earn rewards in Bitcoin cash (BCH) for publishing interesting content that other readers find value in. Aside from the earnings (tips) from the robot, if a reader likes your post, he or she can upvote/tip your post by sending some amount of bitcoin cash (BCH) which will immediately be credited to the built-in BCH wallet. Your account includes a built-in BCH wallet to manage your earning. With it, you can tip others, send funds to another wallet, and boost your articles, and more.

Reward Others

Support other authors on the platform to write more by sending an amount of Bitcoin cash (BCH) as a tip.

Tipping is caring! The platform was built to foster a value-sharing community. Don’t hodl all your earnings, spread the BCH love you will receive from the bot and other users by tipping content published by other users that interest you. When you read an article and find it interesting don’t just zoom off to another post or other activities, scroll down to like, comment and tip as much as possible.

Create and Join Communities

Communities are created for users, by users.

One of the fastest ways to meet new people whose interests align with yours is by joining communities on Simply explore the communities section to find and connect to those you like. And no problem if you cannot find what you are looking for, you can create your own community in no time.

User Experience

Account Creation

Registering on is very simple and takes a few minutes to get started.

  • Visit

  • Tap the three-line menu symbol at the top right corner of the screen to show the drop-down menu, then tap "Register"

  • The site's simple rules will be displayed. If you understand and accept the rules, tap on "Understood, agree" to proceed to the next step.

  • You are taken to a registration page. After entering your preferred unique "Nickname" (username) and password, tap on "Register" to proceed.

  • After registering, you are given a welcome message and informed that your Bitcoin Cash wallet has been created. After reading the message, tap on "Next".

  • The next screen shows you a 12-word seed phrase for your native Bitcoin cash wallet. It is highly recommended that you securely write down the seed phrase and don’t give it out to anyone as it can give them complete access to your BCH. Tap on "Next" after writing down the seed phrase.

  • You are shown your Bitcoin Cash wallet address. You don't need to write it down. Just Tap on next and then "Got it" on the next page to conclude the process.

From here you can begin exploring and using the platform. Using the website is easy to get used to, especially if you are already familiar with other social media platforms and forums.

Writing and Publishing Post

If you want to publish your first post, on the dropdown menu tap on the "Write an article" tab which takes you to a page that allows you to type and format an article. Here you are to

  • Add a title

  • Start writing the content of your article. If you have already typed the content on other writing applications, you can simply copy and paste it on the space provided. No plagiarism!

  • Add a lead image.

  • Add topics

  • You can also submit to a community if you have joined any.

The platform also allows you to format subheadings, italics, bold text, embed images and videos, create lists, and more. There is an Editor help that provides a step-by-step guide on how to format, save the article and publish when it's finalized.

Your Profile

The platform allows users to upload an image to change the default avatar on their profile picture. You can also write a bio and link some websites to your profile.

Reading, Commenting, Liking, and Subscribing.

You can read, comment, and likes content published by other users. To get started, visit the homepage and tap on the post you wish to read. After reading, you can scroll down to like the post by tapping on the thumbs up icon, then proceed down to leave a comment. You can also subscribe to an author you like by tapping on the "subscribe" tab. Subscribing to an author notifies you whenever he or she publishes a new post.


Love what you read? You can tip/upvote the content to encourage and support the author by sending some amount of Bitcoin cash from your earnings. If you don't have any BCH on your BCH wallet, you can deposit or upvote via QR code if you have Bitcoin Cash in some other wallet.

Who is behind this project

The team prefers to stay anonymous. Some might think of a red flag for an online community. But you have nothing to be afraid of as upvote payments are peer to peer on the BCH blockchain and the private key is kept in your browser only - they don't store your money, they don't have access to your money and they can't transfer it; your browser does. But the site's fund is wholly donated by Marc De Mesel. Aside from $on a ting 100% of the fund, he also tips contents and authors he loves generously.


You can visit any of the above links for more information on various features of the platform.

You've come this far. Thank you for sticking with me. Conclude it with a like and comment on any aspect I missed out on.

Remember to subscribe.

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Here not only can we get money, but here we can also get a lot of knowledge and lessons from reading, it's nice to be able to read your articles, let's learn together.😇😇😇

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