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The Internet is to blame

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1 month ago
Topics: Internet, Technology, BCH

May, 13, 2022. | No. 73.

Hello, dear friend of Read!

First of all, I cancel any negative post related to Friday the 13th, so I wish you lots of luck on this day, so that everything goes excellent for you.

Today I want to write about the Internet and the catastrophic effect it is having on our humanity. Every day we depend more and more on the Internet, to do banking transactions, to communicate, to get simple bills, to apologize, to count our steps, or a lot of things we do thanks to the web.

So, in a way, it is good that we have made progress. So many processes have been optimized that now allow us to have a better life. Get things done faster and more efficiently. Have more time for ourselves and our families. But, it is consuming us.

The Internet is devouring people's minds, almost turning us into zombies. Kids talk by referencing memes. They want everything at the click of a button. Nobody reads. Nobody analyzes.

In class some kids are incapable of coherently answering analysis questions. They can't, they don't understand them. And in forums, communities and groups, we always see someone saying things we don't know what they mean.

In meetings children and young people are on phones, just playing. Their ability to speak coherently, interact and other skills, are not right for their ages.

Which makes me think that current parenting is harming kids now. Parents just give them a phone to distract them. They don't share with them, they don't talk to them, no one asks them how they did in school, or if they are feeling well. Because they too are connected to the phone. So reactions that boil down to liking a post.

Is the Internet really to blame?

No, it's no more to blame than all of us are. Decisions are made by us. So we alone decide to live being slaves to devices. Missing out on life outside the screen. Losing ourselves from real happiness outside of a photo where we falsely smile.

So much damage we are causing ourselves that now there are more problems than before. Children with attention deficit, and problems to socialize. Not to mention a whole host of other problems influenced by parenting that is harming children.

This is an understatement compared to the dangers they face just by being on the Internet. There are thousands of people online, but not all of them have good intentions. And our children and young people are innocent, they do not know what they are exposed to. But we do, we adults do, we know what we are doing, we know about those bad intentions. Just as we also know that we have to take care and protect them always, at all times. But we don't do it with the Internet.

The policies of social networks are wrong.

They should not allow children under 16 to be on social networks. They always set the standard of "under 13". But at 16 it is still a risk and a very big one. They don't have enough awareness yet, nor the power to make sensible decisions. They lack all that.

Exposing them on our social networks is irresponsible.

There is always a mother, father or grandmother who uploads to Instagram photos with children or babies. I don't agree with that. We expose them. But not everything we do.

There's a Mexican Youtuber named Yuya who I've been following for some time now. She just had a baby, and she always uploads pictures. The funny thing: in none of them she shows her son's face. And that seems sensible to me, she knows she is a public figure so she takes care of her son avoiding exposing him. It's something we should all learn.

Spending so much time on the Internet is a mistake.

It affects our health. We create a bad posture that damages our back. We damage our eyesight, our mental health, and our ability to interact. We need to get out, walk, talk, read, enjoy the community, and love a lot.

It prevents us from thinking logically.

Although it may seem far-fetched, this is a theory that has been on my mind lately. The more a person is connected to the internet, the less they think. We get used to wanting everything in a simple and straightforward way. So when we see something complicated or that requires reading, then we stop, and don't continue.

Of course, that doesn't apply to Read Cash, here we all read and love it. But it does apply to other people who don't have the habit of reading.

Little by little, the important things in the world are being lost. We must rescue them.

Zul Airan Mujica Frontado (@zulfrontado) | Venezuela.

❤️ I bid you farewell, with love and a big hug. thanks for reading!❤️

Original text by zulfrontado ©.

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Written by   90
1 month ago
Topics: Internet, Technology, BCH
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Unfortunately, the Internet is a double-edged sword. It makes it easier for us to do our work and many things in life, but at the same time it prevents us from communicating in reality and reduces our ability to interact in life and with others away from the virtual world.

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1 month ago

That's right, it takes up a lot more useful time that we could spend on other things. Thanks for reading me. :)

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1 month ago

Cancel social media all together. It is not worth your time and doesn't add value in your life. You found some reasons that explain why. There are many more, though.

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1 month ago

I haven't done it, I like to use them to contribute something. Although if I have tried to reduce the time on them, because it is lost too much.

And yes, you're right, it's a pretty big topic.

Thanks for reading me. :)

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1 month ago