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Everything is uncertain, the only certainty is happiness

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2 months ago
Picture that says: The goal of life: Happiness.

May 06, 2022 | No 69

Hello dear friend of Read!

There is a natural life cycle, to be born, to grow, to reproduce and to die. It is the basics, however as human beings, we give it more than one meaning, to fulfill ourselves, to acquire goods, to obtain fame and recognition, to be at peace spiritually, etc., etc., etc.

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When in reality the main objective of life is to be happy. With only that we will be satisfied.

To live without prejudices or unnecessary rules imposed by ourselves. This is what sometimes frustrates us, slowing down the personal growth of each one of us.

Therefore, we generate headaches, stress, certain tensions in some parts of the body, among other effects of an accelerated lifestyle and full of expectations to fulfill.

By this, I do not mean that having goals in life is negative. On the contrary, they are often our anchor. However, what I am actually referring to is how we develop things in our life, those goals sometimes start to turn into torture. Just because we don't know how to handle it.

For that you have to live one day at a time.

Doing everything at your own pace no matter how long it takes. Because sometimes what we need is that lapse of time to meditate, and to know what are the right steps to follow.

Remembering that we all go through different processes, so, both the way of doing things, and the time it takes to be done is different in each one.

Doing things with love.

Every time we cook we do it with love. Maybe because it is for someone we love, or, because it is for us, so, we want to eat something tasty.

That's life, when we do things with love the results are better. So, caution, thinking well, and doing everything in a good way also plays a role.

Listen and meditate. Listen and think.

We are human beings, imperfect, we make mistakes, but we also have the ability and opportunity to correct.

There are always opportunities, although sometimes it may not seem so. We can take advantage of each day, reinvent ourselves, change our plan, and always continue. It doesn't matter if we are told otherwise, or if one door closes, because more will always open. We just have to be attentive.

So, you have to listen and think, analyzing situations, while paying attention to those wonderful pieces of advice from people who love us.

You have to do things in peace.

I believe that love and peace go hand in hand, and these in turn are linked to happiness. Because, a happy person does things with love, and peace reigns within them as well as in everything they have the joy of being entirely peaceful people. Some have to build it, little by little, until the imprint of their actions transmits it.

Prejudices or ideas that hold us back must be left behind.

We are our happiness, but we can also be our misfortune. The human being, in general, is full of ideas and prejudices that do not let him advance, such as negativity, hatred (racism, sexism, homophobia...), the absurd thirst for revenge, as well as an endless number of things. All this slows down our growth and progress, because we worry more about those kinds of things than about ourselves. As if that were not enough, these kinds of thoughts limit us from seeing beyond, from knowing, understanding and feeling.

Nobody has the key to happiness, because it is something that is built along the way individually.

❤️ I bid you farewell, with love and a big hug. thanks for reading!❤️

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Written by   90
2 months ago
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We live constantly with uncertainty although people seek for stability but we have to accept it and try to be happy yes.

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That's right, thanks for reading me. And greetings!

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