The most valuable property we own

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May 11, 2022. | No. 72

Hello, dear friend of Read!

Years ago someone said to me:

"When you know how to do something don't tell anyone the recipe".

It is a phrase that applies to scientific formulas, or something like that. But it can't always be used in real life.

Because humans don't work that way.

You may be right that discretion at times is good, either to avoid someone getting ahead of our plans, or to avoid bad vibes. However, I am not referring to it per se, but rather, to the learning.

Nowadays, we can be whatever we want, just like Barbie's slogan, or Johnny Deep's that circulates all over Facebook. We have everything in our favor, or even more than our past generations. Information is everywhere, we can find it not only in books, but also on the Internet. So with one click we can get anything on the web.

And all this thanks to people who are innovative, curious, and eager to give their grain of sand to civilization.

It doesn't matter if you haven't made a famous invention, just by sharing your knowledge on the Internet, you are making a contribution to the world.

In part, because of this we have the responsibility to generate positive or negative changes, but this is another case.

The theme of this article is that in the history of mankind, selfish attitudes have only generated negative effects. And at the same time, these same attitudes are not characteristic of human beings.

Because we are such social beings that we create communities, we converse and share. We are always in constant feedback, almost as if we were an ant colony.

We human beings think that we work only for ourselves, but it is not so, because everything we do has repercussions in one way or another on others. Like what is happening on our planet right now, or everything that will happen if we don't change our way of life.

We all depend on each other.

So remembering that phrase that I heard some time ago, makes me think that it is wrong. We should not keep that information to ourselves, we have to share it.

Give to others that teaching, that delicious recipe that grandma used to make, the peculiar way of making handicrafts, or the secret for a marriage to be healthy and happy for many years. Because it is useless to take those secrets with us, isn't it better to give them continuity, and be remembered for it?

And that's precisely what I love about platforms like Read Cash or YouTube. There are always people creating content. Mostly out of passion, rather than for remuneration. Because at the beginning we don't receive anything, monetarily. But yes, the warmth of people, bringing a message, teaching, making someone laugh, or giving them advice.

So, among the human properties, I think sharing is the most important and the most beautiful one we have.

Zul Airan Mujica Frontado (@zulfrontado) | Venezuela.

❤️ I bid you farewell, with love and a big hug. thanks for reading!❤️

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