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Kinder Surprise

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4 months ago

Part 1

Back to China

It had been for nights that the scene at the bank kept playing in my mind. It won't make me sleep. Why, what could've been the reason behind when I just jokingly agreed to it and challenged Mitch in my thoughts how much could she send? But the amount she sent was mind blowing.

Why? Instead of being happy of getting instant big money it's but stressing me.

I tried to recall every moment from the time we left the apartment, to departure, to when we arrived to Hongkong, to the time we went around until we came back.

One by one I reminisced every move which I was not keen enough to observe those times. I was feeling afraid that I might have been used as an accomplice to a crime without my knowledge. My instincts is telling I was.

I started to suspect the luggage. There is something in it, a contraband perhaps. But it was mere suspicion because we would have been already arrested at the airport. I just shrugged it off.

One more thing I was wondering about was the money sent by Mitch. Where could she get that amount? When we were at the bank, we have other companions. An amount that huge can't be sent in one blow that's why they divided it and sent it consecutively until the sum of 200k pesos was successfully sent.

When we were eating in one of the restaurants, I went to the lady's room. Yes! I have noticed that. Mitch's bag was changed into a bigger one. It was the same bag of the same brand, color and appearance but the size. The previous one was smaller while the latter was obviously bigger.

It was when I went to the comfort room that I loss track of whatever transaction Mitch could have been. Perhaps her own bag contained any drugs. The luggages we were pulling with us were just an accessory, for distraction purposes maybe. It was so light I know it contained nothing in it. I think it is to sway anyone from the airport who could've notice us. Thus, leaving it just like that in the five-star hotel won't get us caught.

That also explains why we got separated from the group tour of five days. We went back to China in a round trip. Whiiw!!! I've no idea I was already used. However, all of it were mere speculations because I have not seen any tangible thing to prove it.

One time, Mitch asked me to accompany her to the jail where her sister was currently imprisoned. She said she was imprisoned due to reckless driving that led her to bump a kid. Now, her case is on trial.

Mitch gave me the clothes she purchased in HK. She said I will wear it because it doesn't fit her well while it does to me. It was a turtle neck with many hanging accessories in it. So I just wear it.

It was my first time getting in a jail. And I don't have any idea how was the process in entering. The guards don't just checked you for anything unnecessary inside. You have to take your clothes off. I don't want to and since they did it to Mitch first that I just have to abide with the rules. No choice. It was the lady guard who checked on me as in totally naked. No underwears, the guard even checked me from down there to see if there was anything you put in that is against any law. It was a belittling feeling. I was cursing Mitch deep inside because she didn't inform me. If she did, I would've surely declined.

You have to leave everything like watch, wallet, belt, ballpen, coins, cellphone and anything sharp at the table before putting your clothes on again.

When we were inside, Mitch talked to her sister. They were talking in their language which nothing of it can I understand. After 10 minutes Mitch introduced me. The inmate started to cry saying she hadn't taken a bath for already five days. They only took a bath once a week with only a pail of water. She told me if I could leave my tops for her to have at least something to change to. I just said yes because I was thinking it was Mitch's sister who's asking for it, I could have Mitch's jacket else I would be naked.

We parted ways when we were out of the prison.

2 days later, Mitch handed me money. It was for accompanying her at the prison. I took the chance to ask her where those moneys are coming from, why they're giving it to me just like that?

She can't give me direct answers. She just said to have it and send it to the Philippines if I will not use it.

Do you know the feeling of being hypnotized? I can't decline whatever Mitch is telling or asking me to do though I wanted to but at the end I just follow what's being told. It was like a dog obeying his master. They're not showing anything bad or anything that is forcibly against my will. They have not scolded me a single moment, not even a bad face have they shown me. In short they're nice and always smiling.

In three months time, I am going to the jail alone because Mitch was busy with her job. Sometimes they let me wore shoes with thick block heels. I was instructed to leave it there. I went there six times within those three months.

As usual, it always has money in return. I tried to decline but they insist on giving it. I kept sending it to my husband together with my monthly salary.

I told myself that if this will keep going on then in two years I would be able to go home in the Philippines for good.

In one of my long-distance call, I asked my husband if the new house we've been planning to build was already on going.

"Yes, darling. No worries. I have been busy with it the past days thats why I can't stay on the phone and talked with you for long. I will send the pictures." That was what he said.

Triton car was the new in model of cars and I want one. I asked my husband to buy so that he has something to use in purchasing goods and materials for the ongoing construction of the house and he agreed. There's a second hand, he added. But I told him I wanted a brand new which he agreed to. He bought it at Mitsubishi and sent the pictures to me.

It feels good when you see the money you have been sending is being put to good use.

I called my husband when my vocation leave was approved.

"Do come and fetch me at the airport," I said.

"Oh! Is that so? When are you coming home?" He asked.

"By the end of the month. I have a 35-day leave."

"Oh okay."

"It seems you're not happy with it?"

Call dropped. His number is already out of reach until the day I landed on NAIA airport. Therefore, I rode a bus because no one's there to fetch me up.

I reached our place at 10 am. I was amazed and felt very happy with what I saw. I didn't expect the progress our house already has. It was newly painted and had a gate. There's a new house being constructed beside it which used to be an empty lot.

The carpenters working kept looking at me as I walked towards the house. I greeted them and smiled less I will be called a snob. I opened the gate but a dog met me and gave me a bad smile showing off its mad fangs.

"Huh! Why do just barge in just like that?" An angry elderly woman said as she came out of our house.

"Don't you even know how to knock? What if you were bitten by the dog then it's an additional burden for me to get you to a doctor?" She continued.

Politely, I talked to her. "I am sorry, manang (addressing an elder woman politely). We never kept dogs before. But,may I know who are you?"

"Oh. You're asking who I am? No one but the owner this house. How about you, who are you anyway?" the woman said inquiring.

"What? But how come when this is my house?"

I spread my eyes around perhaps I did entered the wrong house. But, no. I wasn't mistaken. I was confused.

The woman invited me in and seated me. We introduced each other and told stories.

This elder woman infront of me bought our entire house and lot. She was the one who renovated our old house. The underconstruct house beside it is also hers.

And the Triton car? It was our neighbor's car which my good damn husband took pictures of it together with the ongoing construction of the new house. It was what he had been sending to me as proofs. Our mini grocery in front of the house was no longer in sight.

I have learned that my darn husband not long lived with one of our boarders when I flew abroad. They had pleasure living their life. Casino here and there until our house and lot was sold because they can't pay their debts.

It was already a year when they left the place.

I felt cheated, broken and too devastated of what I just learned. It seems my mind can't process everything.

Where did all the money go when I have sent every single penny that I have.? Where will I go now? Those were just some of the many questions that were vivid because in fact I don't understand everything.

Later did I contemplate the things he used to be.

My husband was a womanizer. Was it because he was blessed with a woman's perception of a perfect physical appearance of Adam? There were even times when they have a drinking spree with his friend that they talked about their chicks even if I am there hearing what they were talking about.

An irresponsible father he is. It was one reason why I didn't want to bear another child. It seems he doesn't even care our only child when he had more time with his peers and enjoyed his vices. Our child, was left unattended. He even spank him because he's so dirty from playing which is normal in children.

Before I decided to go abroad again, I have seen he had changed for the better. Or so I thought. Maybe he had been hiding his relationship with our lady boarder. There were even times that I ended up being raped by my own husband. When I don't give in for love making it will be the cause of our fight that he will go beyond hitting me.

I have sent my son to my mother before my flight because I know he won't be taken care of when he's with his father. Well, I called him my husband because we're living together and father of our only child. But...

We were not wedded yet.

Anger and hatred did I feel towards this madness I am in. If only the person involved in this chaos is right infront of me then I could've done any monster could do towards its nemesis.

How I hate you, Rob.

What have you done? You have destroyed everything to the point of ruining our family, our future!

The hatred I am in is immense I couldn't measure its weight. The pain is too deep I can't reach its depth. Oh how I wish.

No house.

No husband.

No money.

Where should I begin? Would I be able to pick the broken pieces?

20 days from the day of my arrival when I went back to China. Good thing I didn't file for resignation on my job. That's where I will start anew.




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Written by   220
4 months ago
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One of the pitfalls of having too much money and when one doesn't know what to do with it. That's just really sad how people can be selfish sometimes.

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4 months ago

Oh my gulay! Ang galing magwaldas ng pera ni husband. Parang nanalo sa lotto!

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Pero di pa rin malinaw san nanggagaling ung kwarta, hmmmm. And that Rob is really an a$$hole! Kagigil ang ganyan my goodness. Bago pagdating nya sa China ulit gagawin nya ulit ung dati nyang ginagawa but this time mahuhuli na sya hmmm. At dun nya malalaman kung ano ba talagang nangyayari? Waiting sa next, sana meron pa.

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4 months ago

Wow... I've been waiting for this part for long... Next please!!!

But what is Mitch involved in? Where is the money coming from? Where is your husband now? And what did he do with the money you have been sending to him? How will you go back?

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Swertihan lang tlaga sa pag aasawa. At Ang kawawa kapag ganito Yung sitwasyon e Yung anak din haysss

$ 0.00
User's avatar Yen
4 months ago

Grabe.. Kapal ng mukha ng lalaki. But I am more worried about her job abroad.panu kung illegal yun 😢

$ 0.00
4 months ago