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Suddenly it's there... A panic attack!

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11 months ago

What a babies, softies and losers they are, drama queens, all those people who suffer from panic attacks right? From one moment to the next they act weird, suddenly don't dare anything and hide inside, don't set a foot outside because the world frightens them or they are sure the heaven will fall upon them, doomsday started but it isn't a day but will last forever. If you listen to them it's clear they are nuts. Crazy people, not cool, exaggerating and not those who are the survivors, the fittest. If you fear everything, if you live with anxiety it's a small step to paranoia, depression and everything you do not want for you or like to be confronted with.

In a lifetime plenty of life experiences can be blamed for how we feel and act the way we do. A bad childhood is the big number one and with big I mean HUGE. It's the best excuse for weird behaviour, fears, abusive behaviour and even murders. Childhood did it and a good thing about childhood is we all had one. Rich and poor, East and West, young and old. The only pity about it is that with a childhood-excuse mainly the male part of society gets away. Besides the fact, boys/men plus aggression is more accepted (we say it's testosterone which is a hormone! responsible for it) so men can ventilate their anger, fears, injustice, hurt in every way females are not allowed to. An angry woman can be dangerous too though so women are kept short, they have to live by rules set by men. They are locked in or locked up for centuries and if it comes to since centuries...

History taught us already as a child that women are hysterical, cry babies, drama queens, not though enough and the best place for them is, if not at home, in an institution. A mental institution, a madhouse. Crazy is the label for women who don't fit in the society created by and for men only. In a society, today more and more people do not fit in because they are not typically 100% male or female and this is not only because the world changes and DNA aren't the same but because hormone levels/balances we people have to live with are not the same.

Women in men's clothes... They have always been there. Dressed up like a man they looked like a boy and fought wars, worked in factories and became sailors. They were capable and knew it was the only way to survive, to be treated and get paid equally. For a group, it worked and this was their life. A lifetime pretending they are boys, young men. They feared to be discovered but handled it and did so with the panic they might have felt at times too.

If there's a direct reason for fear it's easier to understand. Wars, abuse, use of drugs, the risk to lose a job or get caught for a lie or crime are all good for a panic attack, enough reason to get crazy but what if you have what they call everything you need in your life? What if there are no excuses, reasons why you feel the way you do? What if your childhood was just like billions of others, you are healthy and have everything you need, all the support one can wish for?

Are you allowed to express how you feel if your life is not that bad at all? If others have nothing to eat, have a family who isn't that supportive and loving like yours? If even the doctor ignores you and tells you you should buckle up and have no good reason to fear, be depressed because you have everything you need?
Aren't doctors those people who know best even if they don't listen, do not exam you or run some tests to find out if there could be something wrong with you? Wrong in means of hormones, vitamins and minerals imbalances good enough to make you feel miserable because of all the anxiety you fight from the moment you wake up but not even opened your eyes? Panic attacks that start unexpectedly at moments you do not count with it because nothing happened to trigger them. 

It's a fact each one of us deals with fears. The fear of not being liked, accepted. The fear to be late, to be manipulated, abused. We fear not being good enough, not passing an exam, buying a lemon of a car, being dumped by or never finding the love of our life Ir we are afraid to lose everything we worked so hard for or the luxury life we are so used to thanks to our parents. These are real fears which can be explained and understood and most of us have or had to deal with. We live with them, try to fight them by finding solutions to make us feel better but how to fight a fear popping up out of the blue? What if you cannot explain to anyone why you feel afraid all of a sudden because there is nothing that triggered it and the only thing you can say it's a feeling that came over you?

Anxiety feels like a hand squeezing your heart, a heavy load on your chest. You start sweating and can hardly breathe and try to act normal so no one will notice it. All those people, voices, loud noises, the laughter want to make you run, hide. The more you try to hide your true feelings the worse it gets. No one takes you seriously, you know it so you find excuses to stay home, to avoid people and certain situations. Talking doesn't work because all those chats do not bring a solution and the only thing you want is a normal life, you want your life back to feel a bit better instead of all those overwhelming unexpected feelings you cannot name or explain and have to deal with. Week after week you talk with a stranger who dugs in your past, even your family's history, to find a reason good enough to explain your anxiety, your phobias and depressions. If possible you get pills or even take a handful of tablets a day which should make you feel better because that's what those drugs should do. They make you feel nothing since nothing is better and with nothing, you don't need the courage to improve your life. The side effects of this medication are taken for granted and distract from the tension although it won't set you free because it will harm and scare you in other ways if you stop believing they are good for you.

Worries lead to more fears and fears are something to be worried about.

If you want to feel better you need to invest in yourself. A healthy body needs a healthy mind but it works the other way around too. Good food, the right level of vitamins and minerals to start with. Vitamin C is necessary for your body to make it possible to take in other vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C gives more energy. A lack of vitamin D3 is good for depressions and we do have a lack of it if we never go outside or hide underneath a layer of clothes and sunscreen. A balance of vitamins and minerals (zinc, iodine, iron) does make us stronger but that won't happen overnight. It will take weeks if not months to fill the lacks we have build in the past years.

Blood tests do not say everything. What is seen as normal is an average based on very old models and 1 mg even 0.5 mg can make a world of difference for you. Why? Because each body is unique and has its own needs. There's no way all bodies work optimally on the same fuel and the mind automatically follows.

Hormones... there's plenty written about how they infect body and soul. They run our body and mind but if it comes to it it's denied. Small deficiencies of hormones will hardly if not be noticed in blood tests but this doesn't mean the effects are not felt.
Though fears and phobias are most known in women (monthly period and menopause) men deal with these unexpectedly shown mood changes and not definable anxiety disorder too. We love to believe this is for women only, people who are very emotional anyway but this is not true. Waking up in fear can happen to anyone, to me and you.

If you want to feel better watch your food carefully and see if a more specific blood test can help you. A lack of vitamins, minerals, an imbalance of hormones is tricky but not necessary.

Skip the use of sugar and if you can carbohydrates for 6 weeks and focus on yourself. Figure out how you can make yourself feel better during and after such an attack and try to accept the real you.

Know that anxiety, that fear that comes over you unexpectedly, is no longer abnormal in the world we are living in. It might not be discussed, even ignored but it is part of a human's life. Be aware you are not the only one suffering from it. You are not and for sure not the only one caught by surprise.

Try to accept these feelings if food and hormones (drugs) are no option for you. Try out ways to calm down yourself if fear catches you by surprise. Breathe in and out twenty times and tell yourself you are not the only one and this will pass. Your day has hours left to be active, feel better even be happy about life. Talk about it or write about it and share your experiences if you like. It helps you but also others to ventilate and not hide and live in shame, afraid to be seen as a crazy hysterical person who should be locked up because society can not deal with feelings and our instinct tells us to hide or run.

Know there's food that can help you stimulate or simulate hormones. It can make you feel better, make life so much easier.

We all need a panic room

Trust nature, yourself for a change

A boost of vitamin C

How to be happy

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Written by   836
11 months ago
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I have that kind. I never visited psychiatrists to check on me. I know when it started though I don't know how to stop it or to work on it

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11 months ago

If you suspect it has to do with hormone/imbalance a doctor (no psychiatrist) might help you. Some extra hormones or the same level of hormones can help you. Perhaps it helps if you write down what you think caused it. What eats you. What are your worries and pains and can you accept them as a part of the person you are? Fears are normal and as long as they do not stop you from living your life there's no need to fight each one of them. At times it can be good to talk about it but there is not always a need to. I wish you strength but above all satisfaction.

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11 months ago

Thank you for the straightforward presentation of what anxiety is. I hd to screencapture some so I won't forget. Thanks a lot again.

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11 months ago

You are welcome.

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11 months ago