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He pulled their wings out

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Written by   726
2 months ago
Topics: Diary, Kidsdiary, Childhood, 2021, Life, ...

Is everything called salad? I learned salad is green, green leaves. It grows on the field. During summer we always eat salad. Salat with or without sand, snakes, worms. It has to be washed many times and it isn't always soft. We eat it with a dressing, tomatoes, egg, onions and cucumber. I like it although the tomato itches. My mother has a small red weird knife. Tupperware is written on it and it's meant to slice the tomatoes with. It's a bad invention because it doesn't do its job. You can not cut anything with it except for your finger.
The egg slicer is better. In a way, it looks like a harp. You can play music on it. It has strings.
For the onions, we have a kitchen tool too. I saw the commercial on television "ma'am you don't need to cry" they say. Next, they put the onion underneath and hit the button. We have one too but you need to hit it very hard and it hurts your hand. So you cry if you use that kitchen thing for sure and your hand will hurt for a week.
I can cut onions and never cry.
Granny doesn't use these tools either but I never saw her cut onions. She makes meatballs with help of two tablespoons, uses a sugar pot I like and has two silicone spatulas. One for bowls, pots and pans and the other one is for the glass bottles with milk, yoghurt, custard the milkman delivers at home.
Granny says the inventor of it must be a real scrooge.

June 22, 2021

At granny's home, everything is different. Somehow she is always busy but I never see her upstairs. I am not sure if it is because of me. She sets the table in the morning and the two of us have breakfast. I sit on the stool and she tells me to sit straight up. It's better for my back. She always eats an orange. After she peeled it she sucks the fruit out of the skin. It looks dirty I can tell you that but I don't ask her why she is doing that. It looks a bit messy although she is clean. She washes her hands many times and before she is doing the dishes she cleans them first. Next, she washes them and with each plate, cup, fork, bowl or pan she cleans extra underneath the hot tap. That's an awful lot of work and a lot of water she wastes but not as much as my mother does.
The water we drink is the same we flush the toilet with, water the plants with and use in the bathtub. It's the same water the dogs are washed with and the car is cleaned with and... we brush our teeth with it and make tea out of it. If you think about it that doesn't sound very hygienic to me.
I never eat oranges they hurt my mouth just like tomatoes do. Perhaps granny knows it because she doesn't offer me one. The only orange I get is from school. It comes with a book and chocolate because of Christmas. There's a red ribbon too. A nice colour red different from the colour of my blood and the ribbon smells better. It smells after chocolate not the iron smell of blood. Blood smells and tastes the same as when you lick at an iron rusty gate.
After breakfast, I help granny with the dishes. At noon she cooks dinner and I help her again. I love granny and the food but it shouldn't be cold. I don't like cold rice. We always start with soup, next meat, vegetables and rice and after that dessert which is most of the times yoghurt. I don't like bought vanilla custard it's different from the homemade which I like. The chocolate custard I like though.
My uncle seldom has breakfast with us. My granny says he's lazy and in bed and shouldn't eat that much. He steals food and candies. I give him my candies because he likes them and I don't. I don't tell granny because my uncle will be angry with me plus I don't want to hurt her feelings if she buys me something.

June 23, 2021

Granny visited the lady with the harsh voice, the smoker I mean. She said I could stay home and it wouldn't take long. I read my book and it didn't take long for her to come back. She was back home before my uncle came downstairs which is good.

June 24, 2021

There are no pigeons where granny lives. I saw some children play outside from the bedroom window. The streets are empty because the weather is too hot.
Granny hung the laundry outside and she asked me to watch her handbag. I sat in the kitchen and watch her through the white net curtains while she walked through the garden. I held her handbag close to me. She said I am not allowed to let my uncle have it. I don't know what to do because my uncle is taller, bigger than me. I shove closer to the table so if he comes inside I hope he won't see it. He's always looking for food. Why can't he stop eating? His friend is very skinny. He's the son of the smoking friend granny visited. The one with hardly a voice but she chats a lot and seems to look happy. She's always loud.
Granny and I don't talk a lot. She lets me be and I try not to bother her. Now I think about it I might give her a lot of extra work. I mean... without me she doesn't need to cook and clean that much. Now she needs to buy extra food and the bakery and milkman are the only ones who deliver at home. With us, there is the bakery and the cheese man who sells eggs too. We also have the SRV it's a bus with shoppings and we have the 'frozen man'. He sells everything you can store in your freezer: pies, vegetables, ice cream... My mother mainly buys pie. I like the rice pie most. Still, we buy a lot at the shops every Saturday. Granny needs to walk to the shop and it's far away. I guess she doesn't need so much if I am not around and my uncle is away. He stays at a boarding school. Perhaps she hardly eats?

June 25, 2021

We went to visit grandpa. Grandpa is dead and he is buried. It's long ago he died and I only saw his face in a photo. The photo is on the side table of granny's bed. I am not sure which one he is because one photo is grandpa and the other photo is grandpa's dad. To me, they look the same, nearly the same. Same age and the photo is in black and white, same size in a silver frame. These are all the photos granny has. No photos of a wedding or anything else.
Grandpa died after I was born. His heart was broken.
Granny cleaned his stone so everything looks neat. I saw other people do the same. They put flowers or take care of the plants.

June 26, 2021

I read a story about 'Little red riding hood'. I wonder why no one likes the wolf. I like wolves. I like them more than dogs. Native Americans like wolves too. If people like dogs why not the wolf because they used a wolf to make a dog. It doesn't make sense to me. If the girl can talk with a wolf she speaks his language or? Perhaps she is a wolf whisperer. That hunter... I don't like him. He kills what belongs to Mother Nature. If he wouldn't kill animals the wolf wouldn't be lonely and search for food where people live. Wolves live in packs and this wolf is lonely. They are very social and care. Mowgli is raised by wolves and I saw a picture in a magazine about two girls who growled like wolves. The people came and caught them. Next, they died, the little girls. They were happy in the jungle they should have left them alone.

This Sunday wasn't as boring as at home. The food is better too. No pain in my belly. Granny prays too but we never read the bible after dinner and she never tells me to pray before I go to bed. Granny has a different religion. She wears a golden necklace with a nice pendant. She says it's called a Huguenot cross. I have no idea who or what Huguenots are but their cross looks better than what the church of my grandmother has.
Granny have no cross at home and we do not have crosses in our home either.

June 27, 2021

I don't like ice cream. Granny asked me if I like one but I said I don't. She didn't force me and my uncle wasn't around so I am fine.
Granny is never angry with me only with my uncle. If she's angry she speaks French. My uncle doesn't care. He still does as he likes and uses the tablecloth instead of a napkin.

June 28, 2021

My other uncle visited us. I like him much more because he is kind to me, not a bully. I believe my other uncle doesn't like him. It makes him angry he isn't my favourite uncle. He wants me to say he is the king but I don't think so. He doesn't speak much but that's fine with me. We went to a garden or so I am not sure. There was an old uncle who isn't really my uncle because he is my granny's brother. I don't know if I like him but I think he is kind. He gave me some bread with raisins and peanut butter on it. I like peanut butter but I don't like the bread. I didn't know what to do with it but I took a bite just to please him.

June 29, 2021

Again we went somewhere and I had to wait with my uncle while granny talked to someone. We sat at a table. He caught flies, pulled their wings out set them at fire and watched how they died. I don't like flies but I don't like to see this either. I am not sure if my granny knows what he did. I am not going to tell her but I also am not going to do it.

June 30, 2021

A kid's diary

You can't trust her

I am different

Not in the mood

She taught me a lesson

It isn't gold for real

God doesn't want you to be happy

#kittywu #diary #childhood

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Written by   726
2 months ago
Topics: Diary, Kidsdiary, Childhood, 2021, Life, ...
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I have been idle for a while. It's good to be back. These diaries of yours remind me that there will always be others living worst than me.

Tupperware brand is there with you too? I like the container but I never tried the knife. It is quite an expensive brand for me. Sometimes I got some in Christmas exchanging gift.

It is the first time I heard about the hugeonot cross.

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2 months ago