Freewriting is relaxing

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2 years ago

How to freewrite
Since I join, I was invited about ten months ago, I write about and promote freewriting. At that time a contest was started to teach how to freewrite. The idea behind it was to stop all the copy-pastes, to fight plagiarism by writing own, original content.
If you are not used to writing it can be hard to compose longer texts but I assure you if I can do it you can do it too. Just for your information, I am a mobile user only and I type with one finger. I wish I could dictate my texts but for some reason, I can not activate it on my phone again. I tried to download different keyboards, e-dictate and other tools but wasn't successful. So the one finger typing is what is left and to be honest it is a better way of writing for me. Why? I noticed I think differently if I have to speak.

Do I already have in mind what I'll write about?
At times I have an idea or subject in mind. For example, I think about what I could write about before I fall asleep or while I do the dishes. There are times I read or hear something I have an opinion about. My thoughts, opinion are good enough to write down but there are plenty of times my mind is empty if I sit down and decide to write. At those moments the only thing I might have is a prompt, a word or sentence I will use in my text. Although I have no idea what I will write about yet the story will grow while writing since one word leads to the next and I will find a way to fit the prompt into it.

If the prompt is "new shoes" I can write about the last pair of new shoes I bought, perhaps a colleague has new shoes or I saw some I like in a shop. If I have no idea what to write about 'new shoes' I can also start saying something like "I am not in the mood to write about new shoes because..." and next I write about what keeps me busy. Whatever pops up in my mind I write down. It might look chaotic but that's actually what a freewrite is. Writing about whatever pops up and like we all know the mind can hop from one thought to the next. It's how the brain works. One thing, though, word leads to the next.

Composing with a prompt helps you to think out of the box, guides your thoughts in a different direction. A great extra exercise is to write what you already had in mind and add the prompt in it. By the way there are prompt generators you can use just like all kind of writing tools. It makes writing easier and so does reading.

Once you are used to the concept of freewriting you will see it is one of the fastest ways of making an article. There's no need to search on the internet, to copy others since your brain is your own database. As long as it is clear that what you write are your personal thoughts, ideas, experiences there's no need to be worried about the written word. A freewrite is a text meant to develop your writing skills. It's no problem if it sounds chaotic as long as you write.

I started three freewriting communities to I like to keep them for freewriters.  If your article isn't accepted it's not said it is not good but it's not a freewrite. Most articles are not and even a part of what is already accepted is not.

The three freewrite communities are:
- freewrite
- alcohol effects
- self-motivation

Those communities started at the moment freewriting was explained to and practised by the competitors. For each community, setting a timer was and still is asked and prompts have to be used. At that time several prompts were given and great articles are submitted. This way of writing helped the writers and platform improvements.

To me, freewriting is the quickest and most relaxt way of writing. I don't need to plan what to write about and there's no need to search for information. I write what pops up in my head and type while I think about the next line. I stick to a certain rhythm if it comes to typing while the clock ticks (I use an egg timer) and that works fine with me, it's stimulating and comfortable. This way of writing is so relaxed because there's no need to break my brains over the next words. I keep it simple which is good if I don't feel well, I am busy or in a hurry. Freewriting gives me the chance to write on a daily base no matter the circumstances.

Stories and poems can make a freewrite too.
At times I am in the poetry mood and it's possible to write one without a break. Some stories like 'Muddy Hill' (posted yesterday on are born while writing and even surprise me, others I partly thought out doing something else.

It doesn't matter what your style is as long as you keep writing. Once your time is up you can reread and edit.

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2 years ago


I hope to get back to freewriting. It is relaxing for sure when it flows :D When it doesn't, it gets quite frustrating. But for you, you struggle with connection, which is just as frustrating. It is about being stuck, in whichever way. Thank you for reminding me about freewriting. I have to get back to it! Take care there dear. It is always good to read you :)

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2 years ago

Wow i was inspired by these im also new here at read cash, i cant right that well but im trying my best But the real problem is why my comment turns into law score or a spam😥😥did u encounter like these also dear??i hope u could help me what to do , thank you in advance!!

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2 years ago

I share that feeling that writing directly what you think instead of doing a dictation by a voice is totally different in that process of flowing ideas.

I have tried a few times to participate in those challenges of writing based on a prompt, I liked the experience of building stories or short texts on a prompt, and reading you I am encouraged to resume that practice.

Blessings ✨

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2 years ago

Freewriting really is freeing, I don't know about relaxing though because for me I still feel a teeny tiny bit of pressure but yep, that's all it is, my own pressure. But I find freewriting cathartic, I love not knowing how the article would go and how it end. The freedom of it all is in itself satisfactory.

And just curious, where do you get your prompts?

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2 years ago

Freewriting is very fun! Not only is it relaxing, but prompts are a good way to get going when you don't feel like you have anything to write about.

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2 years ago

writing for me is very easy, and the truth is that I did not know that it was you who was behind freewriting! , now I'm going to support you very often in that community!

I am a specialist in writing short stories, what happens is that I usually write them in Spanish and doing it in English is more.

But if you check my posts on steemit, I spent a whole year publishing a daily micro-story.

The format is very simple: choose five words at random and write a short story. I give you a small sample. Randomly selected words: flu, water, noise, rain, bird.

Short story using those words: The bird perched on the water, despite the noise of the rain hiding everything, you could hear someone's runny nose with the flu in the distance, and that disturbed the scene so perfect.

See ?, It took 2 minutes to do it, very easy 😁

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2 years ago

What you write describes myself, yes, I also do that and write spontaneously, therefore I always delay writing when my mood is not good,Because it will make my brain work harder, it's different if I'm in a good mood, one thing can make me write more, But sometimes I also write articles that I think about first,I am happy that there are people who represent my heart.😊😊😊😇😇😇💐💐

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2 years ago