Christians & the freedom of abortion

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Abortion... Am I for or against?

By abortion, I mean human intervention to terminate a pregnancy. Abortion is not new and has been done for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Religion is not new either. Man always believes in something and before Christianity was spread there were gods and goddesses.

Childbirth is for some a way out of their miserable existence, a form of retirement provision and for others a burden.

The modern world does not make parenthood any easier. Compulsory medical care, giving birth in hospital, baby clothes, education, and much more, everything comes at a price. Simply giving birth and caring for your child, with or without the help of family, acquaintances, or neighbors, is no longer possible. A crèche, a nanny at home, teachers, and the government interfere with the upbringing of your child. As a parent, you rarely do it right. The 18-year-old childless carer always knows better than the mother with five children.

Changing norms and values?

You would think so, although it seems more likely that hoaxed ideas are being ventilated by troublemakers. When I see a video like this, I spontaneously get nauseous.

My first thoughts when I see this

People with no values. This has nothing to do with deciding for yourself whether to keep your child after an unwanted pregnancy or to have him or her scraped out of your womb for a fee in a hospital. I know from experience that an unwanted child does not have a good life and that haunts you all your life.

When I see the people in this video I think: please let them terminate their pregnancy! This kind of people, people without values, should not bring a child into the world. Life is hard enough as it is. Just imagine it is your parent who is too lazy to use contraception and behaves like this.

Typical American, typical leftist? I do not think so. But I am convinced that the people I see here behave in the same way at every other protest. It is not about the right to self-determination, to be able to abort in an emergency, but about being seen. Being noticed is important for a certain kind of person. People who allow themselves to be indoctrinated, are paid to riot and destroy other people's property because they lack attention. Just imagine this is your child (that is what my grandmother would say and I say it too) but this doesn't mean rights are taken away, others decide you have to be a human breeding machine for?

For or against abortion?

I once was against abortion. Not because I was a strict reformed person but because of how I've been raised. The idea of new life is special, an abortion is a murder. Once I got older, I started to see the world as it is. Some people are unfit for parenthood, some have health problems, some don't have a big bank account and soon find themselves in financial difficulties because of all the costs involved in a pregnancy, birth, and maintaining a child until he or she reaches adulthood (sometimes many years longer).

For many, parenthood is a series of worries. There is hardly any relaxation, quality time, the possibility to enjoy and be with your child, to be together with the family if there's a supportive family at all.

For a doctor, abortion is not a fun job and it doesn't get any more fun because you get paid for it.

Just like giving birth, an abortion (also a spontaneous one where the body terminates the pregnancy) is not without its consequences. In addition to acute hormone changes, there can be months of bleeding, infections, physical injuries, psychological problems and this procedure can lead to death.

Those who do not want a child can use contraception...

That is the best solution. Why? Because no sex is not for everyone. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and that is why I now think differently.

Overpopulation is not a reason to abort for me but unwanted pregnancies are. There are already enough unfortunate children in this world. Children who will never be loved, who are bullied, who are depressed, and who will never be full members of society. Being born knowing that your parents would rather see you dead than alive is not a good start to a successful life.

Standing in the street shouting because you are against abortion or beating up your daughter who has been raped and treating her as a bad person is not a solution to this probleml. Those who are truly against abortion must open their homes and hearts to the unwanted child and bear the financial costs and responsibility! Can't you do this? If you cannot give love and care to an unwanted child of another, then you have no right to be against terminating a pregnancy.

In practice, most people don't feel like taking care of someone else's child, and certainly not without being paid.

No court, judge will!

Norms and values have not changed but disappeared. We do not raise children together anymore, even many parents do not. They don't have the time or they are sitting behind their pc or are busy on social media. The children roam the streets or are kept busy with television, computer, games, or telephone. The modern child no longer raises itself but is raised by social media, games, teachers, and the government, and this government too is owned by an elite that does not like the people and wants to eradicate them. These few rich people in America think that 1 million people should disappear from the earth as soon as possible. No, they will not be put on the moon or Mars but murdered. The Co-vi-d hoax and the mass injections are proving their point. Many more will die and the number of fertile people is declining rapidly.

The toxic, deadly, experimental syringe from Pfizer, Moderna, and others does the job and continues to do so. It does get into the DNA and no medicine or homeopathic treatment can change that.

I regard demonstrations to lift the ban on abortion as pointless and I doubt Biden studied this case. The man isn't even able to find the restroom in the White House.

A spontaneous abortion is the result of 60% of pregnant women allowing themselves to be injected.

If all the demonstrators allow themselves to be injected and simply take the third, fourth, and also the new Pfizer shot this autumn, the possibility of becoming pregnant will also be resolved and those who do not do so will have a good chance of dying of hunger, cold or disease as planned by the same group of people. Since the elite plans are to kill the population worldwide I wonder why abortion is no longer allowed in most states. It doesn't make sense to me unless the court hopes those few fertile women left will do the abortion themselves like they did (and some still do) for hundred of years.

Christian or not, let us stop worrying about the "lessons" we have learned.

Lessons, rules written down and spread by a few. If humans are truly different from apes, more intelligent than animals, it is time to take responsibility for our actions, decisions, and lives. Take care of each other, stay alone if it suits you better, and ask yourself what wisdom is. If there is a God (or Goddess) who created humans in his image, then every human being should decide and act for himself instead of being led by sick spirits out of fear or letting themselves be used by power-hungry people to play people off against each other.

Whatever the court says it won't work. If abortions are needed a way will be found even if completely untrained people do the 'job'.

Whatever the Eugenics planned might work but not for everyone. It's what history taught us humans and this knowledge should be used.

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Unfortunately, in Cuba, the murder of innocents has been a reality for decades.

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8 months ago

By now the covid injections harmed and killed more people :(

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8 months ago

The left went too far with the abortion issue. Democrats would continuously dangle the carrot over their voters' heads and not do anything about it. And then, we see some state governments like Virginia and former governor Ralph Northam push for late-term abortion which left a very bad taste for even the pro-abortion side.

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8 months ago

The idea of abortion, before and now has drastically changed. It matters now that I have kids but it's more of an individual resolution now than of a general idea. Not everyone can take care of themselves so much more of having kids. However some, by miracles its life changing event. Might change their perspective when... So, abortion is more of personal perspective these days.

Oh! I've heard stories of the horrors they face after abortion. So, no judgments! Whether it be teenage pregnancy or not, they know the consequences of the action. And it's their decision to bear. Many actually lived long and been haunted by guilt.

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8 months ago

Reported for falsehoods, fakenews and statements that might influence others to take actions that damage public health and safety or their own.

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8 months ago

I wish the world will see it from your point of view as a lot of people see abortion a big crime and offenders should be heavily punished, without considering the aftermath of raising children without parental care and love.

Abortion shouldn't be a thing to debate on, it should be decided by the parties involved and not by some organization or court

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8 months ago