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This or That challenge

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11 months ago

Hi lovely readers!!

I know It's late to do this challenge but I want to accept it. I has an emergency so I have no article to publish in the past 2 days but I'm a live now hahha ( namatay ka sis😂)

I Challenge my self to do this challenge which is This or That challenge

So let's begin.

Cat or Dog?

Can I choose both? hahah I love those pets I have 5 cat's and 2 dogs and I love them very much. So I choose both.

Stuff animals of dolls?

Animals!! I have pig stuff toy she is so big like a pig hahaha. I named her oinky oinky because she is adorable and fluffy like a pig . How did I know her gender? because she is pink I know other pigs are pink but I want her to be a girl bakit ba hahahha .

Pancakes or Waffles?

I like Waffles. especially the waffles with hotdogs in waffle corner ata yun hahah. I forgot na.

Hot chocolate or Coffee?

I am coffee lover as in like my mother. I can drink coffee 3 or 4 times in one day. Wether it is warm or cold. I prefer no sugar if the coffee is warm. because it's so refreshing. I like barako because a strong coffee like barako is kaya kang ipag laban hahha charott..

Morning or Evening?

I choose Morning because I love sunrise so much and the sun from the morning gives us vitamin. In between 7 am to 9 am sun gives us vitamin D to nourish our skin. So it's good to our skin.

Day or Night?

Day because I feel in a day time is just fast but in the evening it's super slow like a turtle and I hate dark.

Text message or Call?

Tex message. In the text message you can text all words in your mind and you can control it.

Summer or Winter?

I'll go to winter. I love cold but cold didn't love me back char hahaha. If I feel cold my asthma is always be there haha kakainis ano? but I love cold.

Theater or Cinema?

Cinema. I never forget that day when I was senior highschool students. It is my first time in cinema and guess what Im so amaze because they have a big tv in the cinema and they have a nice stairs and chairs with lights . ( pag pasensyahan nyo na wala sa bundok hahahah) When my feet steps in the cinema I said "whooooo ang laki" " bakit may malaking TV?" "bakit ang tahimik ? bakit wala akong marinig?" muka akong tanga nan as in hahah. The movie isn't started yet so the whole cinema is quiet. This is so embarrassing and memorable moment to me because I'm with my jowables kakahiya diba hahaha. But it's fine it was my first time naman eii hahaha.

Love or Money?

Love!! Love is important to us right? We can earn money in every where. but love? nahhh. I believe that love gives you importance in every single way. You can't buy love with your money we know that. You can't buy true happiness with money? We know that we need money these days because of this pandemic. But with these pandemic the whole family came together and became one.

Book or Movie?

I choose book. When I read books I feel that I'm one of the character in the book and I feel the story.

Tea or coffee?

coffee pa din as always. No Sugar please.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

chocolate!!! yes yes it's so delicious. I love chocolates wag lang bounty chocolate bars hahhshs.

Coca Cola or Pepsi?

Coca Cola. I love the sweetness and freshness of the cola

Rain or snow?

Snow. all of the Filipinos want a snow here in the Philippines because of the hot weather here.

Car or Motorcycle?

I want car but I don't know how to use it so I'll go for motorcycle. I drive so many times with a motorcycle like mio but I don't know how to turn hahaha sounds funny but yes. ( binababa ko pa yung paa ko bago lumiko hahaha)

Comedy or Horror?

Horror. whoooooo hahhaha. I love horror movies it's gives me thrilled. like Wrong turn , the Nun and the conjuring.

Hamburger or Hot dogs?

Jollibee Hamburger. So delicious ( nagutom tuloy ako hahah) It's affordable. 35 pesos only bili na hahhha.

Paper or Plastic?

Paper. wise choice. I don't need plastic in my life so get lost hahhaa. bitter ka sis hahah I don't like plastic people.

Painting or Drawing?

Painting. I love to paint especially the nature, the sunrise and sunset of the beach.

Reading or Writing?

Reading. I'm good at reading not in writing.

Flowers or Trees?

both because I love nature so much. it's gives me fresh air.

Phone or Computer?

Phone. Because it's easy to use and you can take it everywhere. You can download all of the application in Computer in the phone in just one click it's so easy right? you can communicate faster rather than computer.

Brown or Black hair?

Black hair. It's so natural and I regretting change my hair color turned into Brown. it's nice but if the hair grows it turns ugly.

Thanks for this challenge I loved it❤️ @Zhyne06

That all for today My lovely readers ❤️ I hope you like it. Keep safe always 😉

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Written by   14
11 months ago
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natawa ako sa movie HAAHHAHA, okay lang yan! ako nga sa claw machine lakas ngpagkakasabi kong "Ah ganito pala" HAHAHAHA

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11 months ago

ahhaha ganun siguro pag first time😅

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11 months ago

Book or Movie?

I choose book even I watch the movie already 😂

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11 months ago