A State of The-One-Law

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Replace the Tyranny you secede from
with a State of The-One-Law.
Once you have seceded,
you can replace 'functions of State' with alternatives that replace coercion with consent.

A State of The-One-Law is qualified by
the presence and participation
of you "who shall not violate other Beings".

It is you and whoever else who consents to join you
to be part of a State of The-One-Law
that comprise the population of your State.

It is your domicile and presence which defines
the geography of each State.

The list of what you can do to replace tyranny is endless.

That list begins with

  • using currencies uncontrolled by politics

    to fund services such as

  • security
    (replace political 'enforcers'
    with escorts who help avoid problems)

  • health (replace W.H.O. proxies with
    open-medicine/physicians/clinics )

  • education (drop-out 'public schooling' into open alternatives)

  • and more in a list so long it needs too much time and space to document here.

The only requirement to be a State of The-One-Law
is that no one violates any Being within your State.

Simply living within the scope of The-One-Law
".No Being Shall Violate another Being."
is all that is necessary.

Specifically that means

  • no list of "Fake Laws" criminalizing people for random reasons.

    There is only One Law, and that means no one is singled out to be oppressed.

  • no taxation.

    If something seems necessary it must be funded voluntarily.

    If it does not get funded then it must not be necessary.

  • no violence,

  • no coercion or threats of violence,

  • no incarceration.
    If someone insists on inflicting violence
    then they should be exiled,
    as any violent animal would be fenced out,
    by the agreement of everyone resident.

  • Immediate self-defense is the only reason for violence,
    as whatever is violating a "Being" is defined as not a "Being".

    Self-defense, however, does not justify violence.
    Self-defense is a symptom of lack of judgement, foresight and preparation.

  • and, aside from successful mediation,

    the single means of conflict resolution is
    exile for those who cannot abide.

How to Begin your State of The-One-Law ?

Begin by recognizing


Who Are You ? Define yourself

If you are alone then your State is just your presence and the property you inhabit.

If you are a household then your State may encompass your property and the space your household inhabits.

Each member of your household must be
very clear about 'not violating others'
otherwise your State becomes just your beds and little more.

Think about it:
If you are living with someone who,
for reasons you may never be able to imagine,
could physically harm you because
"violating others for [insert imaginary justification here]
is sometimes 'okay'",
how can you sleep every night ?

Are you a community,
a collection of households who wish to be 'unitary' ?

Then the considerations about households becomes a community-wide consideration.

You, whoever 'you' are,
need to be in complete agreement to be a State of The-One-Law.

This means the way you all live and behave avoids violence and coercion.

This also means communicating to anyone who visits your State to understand not to violate anyone inside.

How you agree to organize your State is by the consent of everyone involved.

You will need to organize your State according to how your population wishes to live which may differ from culture to culture.


Where Are You ?

You need to understand the area you populate.

This is important for your security and prosperity.

That means making yourself (or hiring a survey to make)
a map to describe your State
along with access and such things as water and hazards.

You need a map to understand how to plan your future.

Your location and the location of important entities
around you will affect how you grow and prosper.

Comprehending every aspect about your location in the world
is the second most important knowledge
after understanding who you are as a population.

Replacing the empty promises of Tyranny


  • The very first thing you need to consider is your economy:

    Legacy fiat currencies and payment systems can be used

    against your population by politicians who see you as a target.

    You can use cryptocurrencies and you may want to generate your own local currency to keep your economy from being subject to outside meddling.

Internal Security


  • seek open-medicine/physicians/clinics to patronize instead of W.H.O. proxies.

    There will be many health professionals who have abandoned W.H.O. domains

    and seek to establish their practice outside the legacy tyrannies.

    Make your self and your core values known to these entities and support them.


  • If children are involved you will want them to abandon 'public schooling'.

    Homeschool can be a good start, and

    there will be many 'open alternatives'
    not indoctrinating students with toxic ideas
    that brew the kinds of violence we now see.

These are just samples of what can be done,
much more can be achieved by voluntary collaboration.


How will you deal with external tyrants ?

You will want to consider whether or not to announce yourself.

In some locales the local agents of tyranny
may respond with levels of violence you may not be able to avoid.

In other places you may be accepted declaring yourself.

Consider how you can best establish a reputation
of having property that should not be violated.

Until whatever tyranny surrounding you
abandons claim on your property for taxes/tribute/etc
you may need to plan how to continue your
residence in a way that does not invite violence.

Aside from simply paying such things,
there may be ways to reduce those costs
by methods others may be better able to describe elsewhere.

Just keep in mind one single precept:
tyranny always has "Single Points of Failure"
that can be uncovered and exploited.

Remember that in dealing with external forces
you may never be able to resist the kinds of violence
that they can inflict.

The best way to avoid violents is to
outwit violence before it has a chance to sprout.

Learn to think ahead of entities who might wish to violate your State.

Learn how to be the place no one considers disturbing.

There is a certain strength in numbers.

Collaborating with other States of The-One-Law will
help for finding the best strategies for keeping your peace.

Recognize that your State of The-One-Law is a sovereign member of an empire that can never be counted or mapped.


This is not an imaginary fantasy:
people have been creating States since before history began.

The only difference between history and this is

  • absence of monarchy, legislators, and politicians

  • absence of a criminalized minority

  • reliance upon consent and collaboration instead of coercion

Now that political insanity is beginning to spread around the globe this will become an opportunity to pursue, wherever you are.

Governments everywhere will soon begin to weaken under the financial burdens tyrants have spent in the name of the NWO.

Here is an interesting article about how one couple
established their own "personal state".



There are more that you can find if you look deep enough.

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Your article is amazing, I learn lots of things from a single post that is superb. I mostly like your paintings. In each topic, you add relatable painting and each lines show your effort regarding this beautiful post. Amazing content dear.

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1 year ago

Thank you

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1 year ago

Your article is very interesting especially for those who has busineness and collaboration perception. First of all, everyone who works and help each other improve in their expected way. One-sided may not be success in the future for me because everyone must be open-minded to know what's good and bad in both sides.

Even the small group can be a bigger if collaboration and actions with plan is pure and clear. I enjoy reading this because it gaves me more knowledge, clear plans with cooperation. Goodday 😍❤

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2 years ago

Thank you for your kind observation.
Live well and prosper

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2 years ago

First of all good Morning Dear Friend I hope you are having a good day and make sure it's Really Amazing and very beautiful for you Second these days about knowledge Total waste because education is more important like a food without education you are nothing in this world On daily basis World is going to more and more tough and without education you are considered as a zero in society If you get a education it's totally like a investment and you're parents investment on you and yoi will give them a huge amount after that in form of Salary

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2 years ago

Education is nothing without learning.
I know many educated people who are incompetent because they never learn beyond what they were taught.
.Learn Everything.

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2 years ago

I enjoyed reading this article and give knowledge and information to the readers. And it realize me that education is more important because it is a stepping stone to our success.

Im new here :) GODBLESS

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2 years ago

I didn't read through the entirety of your article but love the ideas. A good place to start has appeared to be switching off the media / news/ government etc. One-sided "conversations" aren't worth having :)

A good baseline appears to be providing oneself with much of what is needed, though a small group that works well together is a bit more practical and potentially beneficial.

I enjoy coming across thoughts and ideas like these, thank you for sharing them.

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2 years ago

Currently enroute to somewhere I hope to test some of this IRL.
If we can get there before the final curtain call on travel.
Just writing about The-One-Law
should be replaced with an actual effort to realize it.

to be clear,
where I left from was a locale where
doing such a thing would trigger violence.

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2 years ago

The more I read your posts, the more I want to get to a situation where THIS is the way we will live. A community being a community - not a bunch of thieving politicians with ulterior motives. Thanks for your thoughts - I do hope this becomes a widespread reality to replace the current existence.

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

In my country due to what happened last year October, government has banned crypto currency so they can be able to control the citizens again. I will be posting the article of what transpired that lead to the ban, 20/10/2021. Don't miss it.

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2 years ago

I really appreciate your efforts in enlightening me on these issue, even though it seems you're into law.. your write-ups show it all

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2 years ago

Thank you for your kindness, this effort has cost a lot.

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2 years ago

The use of currency not controlled by government will solve the problems a long way, that is one of the ways to reduce long term unpaid salary. Over here, it has not been so easy, unpaid salary everyone is getting frustrated. It is painful even to me. Also there is fake law everywhere, some authorities are superior to the law they proposed. This is well written, thank you for the exposure.

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2 years ago

Thank you for replying.
To end all the Fake Laws will free people everywhere to share prosperity.
Peaceful prosperity is the best community to live in.

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2 years ago

Bro you the best, but I am afraid your level of intelect is beyond.of what others might be able to comprehend, actually I learned a lot about stupidity in the past years and I think we need more practical easier shorter instructions to make these understand which need it most. At your level of intelect the abuse is not that common, gotta lower the bar.

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2 years ago

This was my final step in what was,
in my current circumstances,
a difficult process.
Now I can begin to frame all this in simpler ways easier to understand.
It is important to have all that foundation material already established.
~Single-page fun will be my next format,
hopefully a lot more fun to read.

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2 years ago