The bakery built thanks to Read.Cash (Support me in my project)

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2 years ago

MY name is Ramón Oropeza, I am a chef and baker by profession. I have been publishing articles about my bakery on Read.Cash for over a year. Thanks to the and Bitcoin Cash community I have been able to move forward to build my bakery from scratch. Many have believed in me, for which I am eternally grateful and the universe will know how to repay them for their humanitarian action.

My story is just one example of how cryptocurrencies can transform entire lives in a meaningful way with an emphasis on direct solidarity between people regardless of distance or nationality.

More than a year ago this journey began, I was very depressed because of the economic situation that I was going through with my family. Despite working hard it was never enough to eat well or to be able to buy even the simplest such as a small treat or a little treat. Really, being in that situation is very frustrating and makes you sink into dangerous depressions.

Thank God, many from here and Read.Cash himself have helped me to continue with the hope of changing my life and I was able to start a small bakery from my home (my mother's apartment). This small bakery gives me enough to take food home, my bread is becoming more and more popular in my neighborhood, I hope to continue growing this business.

However, the last two months have been very difficult for me, as my mother and my brother got sick at the same time. And my energy had to multiply to tend both my home and the bakery. In addition to covering the costs of medicines and doctors, it was a very hard blow to my finances. My brother suffered from a major depressive crisis and which also affected me, while my mother spent more than a month in bed due to a great discomfort in the sciatic nerve. I couldn't even take her to the doctor, we could only wait while the pain passed and give her massages every day. I had to cook the three meals of the day and make the breads for the clients and also deliver them. It was a very hard season for me, thank God I did not allow myself to lose heart.

Despite all this, I have been able to keep the bakery afloat and even managed to take a pastry course with puff pastry. From which I hope to be able to offer soon in the bakery. My greatest wish at this time is to be able to take my bakery to the next level and thus be able to earn a better income and thus be able to help my family.

Support me to continue to the next level

Currently the bakery only gives me food to take home and with a little sacrifice I have been able to gather to buy some things that the bakery needs. But not even thinking about big things like a mixer or fixing my mother's car to expand customer service capacity.

I must say for sure that my bakery has been well accepted in my community. My bread has managed to captivate the palates of my neighbors and the people of my neighborhood. The voice has been spreading through the municipality, however, I have no way to reach them. Orders are dispatched on foot. Step by step to the table of our clients. This is why it is strategic for the growth of the bakery to fix my mother's damaged car. He has been damaged for more than three years due to a traffic accident that my brother had, thank God only the car suffered. An immediate consequence of fixing the car will be the increase in demand, of which my arms alone will not be enough, making it urgent to acquire a mixer and therefore more trays and a tray holder. It is quite a challenge for me that I am sure in time I will be able to achieve. It is a step by step plan:

1) Fix the car to satisfy and increase the offer of my bakery (500 USD).

2) Acquisition of a suitable mixer to satisfy the new demand for my breads (1200 USD).

3) Acquisition of more trays and the tray holder to optimize processes in the production of breads (300 USD).

Total: 2000USD (3.34 BCH calculated to 600 per USD)

In one year I have been able to achieve a lot thanks to everyone who has supported me. Honestly my life has changed thanks to you. I hope I can get support and continue to transform my life and that of my family. Maybe you are not saving someone from a terminal illness or feeding a large group of people, but you are supporting a young man in pursuing his dreams and raising his family. Very grateful in advance.

Peace, Abundance and Freedom!

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2 years ago


Wow, inspiring. Congratulations again 👏

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2 years ago

yay. you are blessed! I pray for your success and your family's good health. where are you located by the way?

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2 years ago

Hope your family is better soon, and well done on taking the course, keep on making that dough!

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2 years ago