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BitcoinCash Brazil 3º month - We keep Growing our community

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10 months ago

Hello everyone, I'm here today to share some good news with all the BitcoinCash community.

The reports were being done every month now, we have reachedour 3º month of our group, our community of Bitcoin Cash.

As you may know in some previous posts I've started working to build a BCH community in my country(Brazil) and I've been posting about it with some updates.

Not only this, in September I'll be attending at Bitconf and I'll make a lecture/speech about Bitcoin Cash and a Community meetup too.

On our Facebook group, we have reached 90 members and the number is slowly increasing day by day.

Today we have 90 members, unfortunately, the number didn't increase too much due to a few factors, some people were banned and rejected to enter the group, them main Reason is spamming, once they got in the group the first post was spam, so I'll only let legit member that wants to talk about BCH and cryptocurrencies, we can talk about almost everything in the group, but spam is not tolerated.

90 Member can be not much for some people, but this is almost a 100% increase compared to the past month which we had around 50 members.


Have a great week ahead everyone :)

Bitcoin Cash to the moon.

You can join the BitcoinCash Brazil Group:

And we are on Telegram too:

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Written by   182
10 months ago
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Wow that's something amazing your efforts of making Bitcoin cash known are appreciated man more power to you

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10 months ago

That's great ...

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User's avatar Ohi
10 months ago