The Future is BitcoinCash (A view from Marc Falzon's latest video)

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2 years ago
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Marc Falzon's latest video

Marc Falzon has published his latest video a couple of days ago on what makes the best money?

Now I am not going to summarized the entire video but I do want to highlight a few of the Marc's points that I found to be very interesting.

Bitcoin (BTC) made sense back when it was created

The video starts in St Kitts and Nevis with beautiful backdrop, where BitcoinCash adoption is taking place at a rapid pace.

Marc reference Bitcoin Standard book a lot (which I still have to read and will get to it very soon) and here he takes from the book what makes good money?

Bitcoin is referenced as what made best sense back in 2009 & 2010 to the early adopters like Roger Ver.

The argument being that you invest in the currency for the future which is not based on price.

10 best properties that future currency should have:

Marc list 10 things that according to him the future currency should have

  1. Decentralized

  2. Fungible

  3. Scalable

  4. Positive Feedback

  5. Stock to Flow

  6. DeFi

  7. Useability

  8. Low Fee

  9. Censorship Resistant

  10. Simplicity

Bitcoin is not completely fungible

Ok, so this shocked me, because I always thought the BTC is fungible in nature and while this should be taken taken with a grain of salt but some BTC are blacklisted and can't be used on exchanges.

Here's the screenshot of the news article Marc shared:

Low fee

Here Marc says that fees should be low but not Zero, because

  • There should be profitability to those who are processing the transactions

  • Fees should be low enough for the adoption by merchants sensible

Here I feel that another CryptoCurrency can be compared, its Nano (XNO) which is an instant no fees Crypto that 100% pre-mined and runs on the concept the transactions are processed by the nodes for free because that have a interest in maintaining the Nano network's uptime.

Which is a concept that sounds good but I am not sure how much does it work in real life (by the way I am Hodling some Nano as well)

But this issue came to light when spam attack took place some time last year on the Nano Network that almost stopped the transactions to take place.

The attack was carried out by send a large amount of very small transactions to bloat the network and since in doing so the spammer didn't had to pay any fees it cost them nothing.

The issue has since been fixed with the node software update to ver 23

Final Thoughts

I am refraining from writing to much because I really want you to watch this video, not because I have something to gain from it but because I want the people to understand that while Bitcoin (BTC) use to make more sense a decade ago, the world has changed and a lot of problems have cropped up with BTC. Which BitcoinCash aims to fix and on my aspects BCH is leading in solving those issues.

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2 years ago
Topics: SmartBCH, BCH, Adoption, Video


BCH requires acquiring the mainstream media to control promotion and adoption.

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Work in progress, my friend

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It is really indeed a good and well explained video. Thanks for this, sir

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Thanks for watching

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Thanks, friend, since this is falzon I watch now that I have some time. I believe fees is not a question

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Its a really good video.

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