How to SEO research before buying a domain name?

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Hello everyone,

I have been regularly posting about blockchain domains and particularly on Unstoppable Domains which I prefer over the older ENS platform for one simple reason, which is: because the domains purchased on Unstoppable Domains have no renewal fees, which means once you have buy a domain name it is yours forever as a NFT.

If you don't know what blockchain Domain Names are, then check out my article explaining what they are and how to buy them step-by-step,

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Even though I have explained about SEO research on my buying guide, I wanted to give a comprehensive explanation and share a few more tips on SEO keywords, as well as share my way of searching for keywords to buy the domain names.

With that said:

Let's start with a recap

In my buying guide I had given the example of a domain name that I researched in front of you.

The domain name keyword being fridaythe13, at the time of writing that article most of the extension where already taken for it, which is a good sign that people are interested in that keyword.

In my example I selected .coin extension and showed you how to buy it using BitcoinCash

In case you want to know my preference for domain extensions the check out my article about it.

Which domain extension to buy on Unstoppable Domains?

Anyways, I brought fridaythe13th.coin domain name and now it is part of my collection.

However before buying this domain name I did research the SEO stats for the particular keyword

For which I mostly us Neil Patel's website

And the SEO stats came out as such:

Do note that over time these figures can change but if a general trend is favorable then it is highly likely that it will continue to be favorable in the future as well.

So what does these figures mean:

First of all SEO means Search engine optimization, Which is how much traffic the search engine like Google have for a particular keyword

Therefore Search Volume is the monthly searches on that keyword

SEO Difficulty is how difficult it is to rank for that keyword

Paid Difficulty is how difficult it is to get paid to advertise for that keyword

Lastly, Cost Per Click (CPC) is how much advertisers are willing to pay per click for that keyword.

So naturally you want a keyword that has High Search Volume and Cost Per Click (CPC) but Low SEO and Paid Difficulty.

Do Note: SEO research is not a thumb rule and keywords with Zero SEO stats could also have value

Fun Fact: The domain names I have personally purchased bch2moon.wallet & 1bchclub.wallet have terrible SEO stats, yet I still purchased them because I am a big supporter of BitcoinCash and these domains have meaning to me personally.

How to find good keywords?

Ok, so research is good and all but how do you find good keywords to began with?

This is the hard part, the keywords you have to think on your own and search out if they have value.

There are number of ways you can think of good keywords and mostly it takes is just a bit of imagination.

For example: the domain fridaythe13th.coin I showed earlier, I selected that particular name because Friday The 13th is a name of horror slasher films that are quite popular.

Furthermore, Friday The 13th is also a western superstition which is considered to be bad luck but it has a certain appeal to certain group of people.

Another good way to come up with a good keyword is to research currently trending topics.

Like for example Mars colonization is quite a topic right now along with Elon Musk.

So perhaps you can search for something related to that.

Let take a fresh example:

Lets search for Mars on Unstoppable Domains

Here you can see that Mars is a Protected names are reserved for brands, notable individuals, and trademark owners.

So let's try something else:

How about Marscolony

Here we can see that it is already purchased but a few extension names are still available, now let's check its SEO stats

Now that's very interesting find we have here, the stats are certainly interesting.

As you can see it has a good really good stats in all terms.

Pro tip: I haven't brought that domain name so if you want you can buy it for yourself, but hurry before someone else does.

Ok, lets also try another Mars related key word

Let's try Marsport

Only marsport.x is taken, let's do a SEO search:

Now here you can see that this doesn't have any impressive stats even though it is a great keyword, but there doesn't seems to be a demand for it.

What works for you

Honestly this is just a guide and the keywords for your domain names is something that you would have to come up with yourself.

Take inspiration from songs for current events

but best way would be for you to think of a use case for a domain of particular keyword.

Like in our example Marscolony domain can be used as website for the first Mars colony, it could be used as a registration site or info site or anything about the colony.

Similarly Marsport domain could have been used for the space port of Mars

Think of your domain name and do some research before buying.

And, share what domain names you have brought in the comments section below.

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