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bch2moon.wallet - the blockchain domain I acquired

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3 months ago

If you have read my previous articles you would know that I am a fan of these blockchain based domains.

Basically these are domain names that are on the Blockchain (mostly on the Ethereum blockchain) instead of ICANN, therefore they are essentially NFTs that can be transferred and traded.

Furthermore, unless the traditional domain names there are no annual fees so you can just make a one time purchase and own them forever.

In terms of use cases you can actually build a website on them and/or use them as a human readable wallet address.

I have wrote a dedicated article on the same go check it out at

I have acquired a few domain names myself and have previously posted about my purchase of the domain 1bchclub.wallet which you can find here

How I choose the domain name to buy?

I look for a domain name that can have value in terms of a website and look for some specific domain/industry focused key words. For example say finance or BitcoinCash and then I would seach for the worth of those specific key words.

To check the worth of the key word I look at the following:

  • Search Volume

  • SEO difficulty

  • Cost per click (CPC)

Ideally you need a key word that has high Search volume, low SEO difficulty and high CPC.

One way to check this is at Neil Patel's website

bch2moon.wallet was not researched

All all this talk about key word research I would like to admit that I brought bch2moon.wallet domain spontaneously and without research.

This is because I had received promo credit from unstoppable domains and after using them for the domains I had researched a lot, I had some credits leftover.

Since the fresh domain purchase from unstoppable domains are cheaper if you put a number in them, so I just had the idea of buying the domain with the most overused statement in the CryptoVerse; '<something> to the moon'.

I don't even like the statement 'to the moon' but still wanted something related to the BitcoinCash and this is the most commonly recognized statement so I thought why not!

Honestly I am with this domain

I like this domain as it is about BitcoinCash (BCH) which I adore and with 1bchclub.wallet is one of my proud purchases.

Why you should buy I domain yourselves

This is no financial advise and these domains are fairly new, therefore there is a fair amount of risk involved.

But that being said at present you can acquire a fresh domain name for $40 and some ETH to pay gas fees to claim it into your wallet.

If you used this link then you will get $10 off their first purchase worth $40 or more.

Use this link

Most likely good domain names are still not yet purchased and if you can find them, then it could be quite profitable.

Just do some research and find the right key words and you may get a good deal.

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Written by   61
3 months ago
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