Great Interview: A Wake-up call for users.

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3 years ago

This afternoon, after I've done my house chores I checked my to see if there's new updates. And upon reading some post in "Subscription" button, I saw Marc de Mesel's post about his interview with @cryptotexty

So there when I saw it got interested and I tried to watch it out of curiosity. I admit in my 3months staying in and here in It's the first time I tried to watch his interview for long. I've been seeing some of his videos a lot before, but I can't watch for long because I'm having a hard time understanding what they are talking about in all his video co'z we all know that all his videos is about Cryptos, and I still can't adapt with this kind of conversations co'z i didn't have the knowledge about it yet before. But today when I saw his post, I think it's time for me too to learn more and enhance my knowledge about this Community. So I clicked the link and saw that it's about and so I got more interested. I tried to understand what the interview is all about as long as I can.

The live interview of Marc and cryptotexty takes more than an hour. And I can't talk about all of their topics the whole time anymore, because I can't explain everything too co'z I still can't understand some of it. (I'm sorry but i'm just too low to adapt everything,lols). I only focused about Marc'a statement about the changes in


Marc de Mesel: "The Value of the coin goes down due to failed Marketing Scheme."

He was talking about Giveaways here. Not exactly about the Giveaways that's happening in noise, but it can be related to it though. As what I understood on what he has said, the value of Bitcoincash will goes up one's people start to value Bitcoincash and start saving or hodl them for themselves. And how to achieve that was the challenge for all the Crypto Enthusiast. But again you can't achieve that by just giving giveaways. Co'z you're just like inviting exploiters to exploit all what you are receiving as a reward.

I honestly admit that I was also giving giveaways before, honestly for 3months staying in I was doing that thing thinking that I was just helping people. Which is I really do but I didn't realize that because of that It was like I'm encouraging spammers to keep creating new accounts so that they can get more from this giveaways. If noise cash doesn't make some changes and updates this past days maybe I'm still doing that thing until now thinking that I was just helping people. Now I realized it more on why this changes needs to adapt by everyone in noise. It is true that the tip that we received everyday from other users is a reward for our work. For trying to make a quality content So it is not right to just give away some of our Free Tips to people who doesn't deserved it, people who doesn't even doing some efforts to received such tips. Especially the Spammers they doesn't deserved any at all.

This topic is kinda Wake up call for each and everyone of us. Especially to others who are still just waiting for a tip/reward/blessing not doing anything. Well actually we should all maintain the quality of our contents so we deserved to be rewarded by this good people behind Especially to sir @MarcDeMesel . If we want the value of the coin to keep going up we should just do the right thing. Continue making quality contents and continue hodl BCH aslong as we can (same for me I will do the same as long as I can unless there's an emergency again, I want to reach that 1BCH as well ๐Ÿ™) And I will do my best to reach that too.

Iceberg meme that I made in noise. I just took out the wordings at my original post. ๐Ÿ˜

So there, I wanna be with that 20% on the top to Achieve that 1BCH dream. So i will maintain my Eligibility in no matter what. I won't do any giveaways anymore. Well what I mean in giveaways that I won't do was those giveaways that in favorable with Spammers. I won't do such thing anymore. I will only give prizes or rewards to people once I give some task regarding my BCH Awareness Program in Facebook and Twitter but in my own pocket not from the Free Tips.

Marc De Mesel during the interview.

Marc De Mesel: "It's not profitable for Bitcoincash or for me to give money to people that don't gave value co'z they actually would also dump Bitcoincash and basically drain value away from the system."

Hope this serves as a lesson too for all of us. Let's start giving value for Bitcoincash. Basically this great coin "Bitcoincash" will gonna help us go to the top as long as we continue to value and hodl it. It's true that it's not profitable for sir Marc giving his money to us then we cannot even afford to value and appreciate it. Let's start working to the best of our knowledged and abilities. Only us will benefits in valuing Bitcoincash in the end. The more we value Bitcoincash the more we get a chance to reach our dreams.


Continue to value the things that we have right now. Let's not abuse the people who was helping us or who's behind our Success. We should also value Bitcoincash because it will surely gonna lift us up to the top of our dreams. Because if we will ignore the importance of Bitcoincash into our lives it's like we also lose the real value of it.

NOTE: All that i written here in this Article is only based on my own understanding. I didnโ€™t say that this is exactly what they were talking about in the interview. This is just all about my thoughts based on the interview.

For those who haven't watched the Interview of @MarcDeMesel and @cryptotexty yet you can visit directly here at @cryptotexty's Article and watched the full interview.


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3 years ago


Yun pala yun..hindi mo pinanood kasi sabi ko baka it's all about crypto..hindi din kasi ako masyadong maalam diyan Bitcoincash at btc xrp at eth palang ang alam ko at sa Bitcoincash at btc palang ako nakakaearn. Pero siguro ito narin yung tamang paraan para matutunan ko sila..โ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธmaganda yung message na binigay ni sir mac,tama nga naman siya may mga tao kasi isa na ko dun na nagtaka advantage kung ano lang ang kikitain pero kapag nandiyan na ayun na para binabalewala na.. kaya tama lang talaga na nagkaroon ng pagbabago sa noise. Mahirap pero ganun talaga,kung sa mahirap mo makukuha mas papahalagahan mo.

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3 years ago

Well noted. I try my best to post what could give value to users at users. To make up also for those times that I was posting low quality contents. Now even though I am not receiving any free tip, it's okay. Maybe in time I will receive after they will reconsider. For now, I will try to create valuable posts. Thanks still to those who appreciate my posts. Thank you for this. Clicked your article from homepage, I got interested because of the words 'Wake-up call'.

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3 years ago

thank you for dropping by ๐Ÿ™‚ yeah for sure your FT will be back soon as they can see how you changed your post. Keep it up in noise ๐Ÿ™‚

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3 years ago

Yes, thanks a lot!

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3 years ago