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Fast breakfast

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8 months ago

I woke up very early today and I couldn't sleep again. So I decided to use that time to prepare a nice breakfast for my family. I decided to make rolls with different fillings. In the photos you can see the detailed procedure for making these rolls. To prepare the dough you can take a look at my second post at this link.

The dough is the same as for making bread. You can make it this way and you can make it the way you normally knead bread.

I personally love dough made this way because it is easy and quick to shape.
Take a piece of dough, spread it with your hands as you can see in the picture.

Coat the dough with the filling as desired. I'm showing you raspberry filling here. Please note that you can put any filling you want.

Roll out the dough

Cut it as in the photo

Put it in a baking sheet. You can put it as I put it and you can put it upright. It's all a matter of how you prefer.

Bake for 15 minutes at a temperature of 200 C

You will notice that my filling has not changed color, this is because for these pastries I use a thermostable cream used in the baking industry. It can be found in stores if you put in a little effort. Its advantage is that it will not burn the sugar in the filling and thus spoil the taste.

Roll the pastry in powdered sugar while it is warm and that’s it.

This pastry is with meat

This pastry is with cheese

It is important to note that it is best to eat this pastry while it is warm, however if you want to keep it for later, be sure to wrap it in a cotton cloth to keep it fresh. It can also be heated in the microwave.

Enjoy, and thanks for read :)

Same dough i use to make foccacia, and many other pastry, you can see how it looks on this my post

You can find some other my favorite breakfast food on this link

Meet pie baked in toaster

Scrambled egg and bacon from oven

Sweet fillin pastru baked in toaster

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Written by   271
8 months ago
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I make this. But we put a round pan together and we call it a rose cake.

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8 months ago