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Focaccia - topped bread on Italian way with home made tomato paste

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10 months ago

Focacca is a dish that someone can call a type of pizza because it looks like it, but it is certainly different from it. In essence, this dish is made from a dough over which the filling is placed at will, so it is similar to a pizza, but it is not. This dish is quite common, you can find it from Italy to Central Asia. It is very often represented as street food.
To prepare this dish, I use the basic bread dough that I prepare according to the recipe you can find in this previous post of mine.

While I wait for my dough to rise, I prepare a stuffing of minced meat and onions. There is no need to cook the ingredients too much, it is enough just enough for the meat to change color slightly, because after that it will be baked in the oven. I fill the filling with salt and pepper, and you can add other spices as desired.

I cut the onion into strips, because according to my taste, it is desirable to see it later.

Meat can be of any kind, I leave that choice to your imagination, taste and possibilities.

When the meat is done, I flatten the dough that I put in the backing tray and put the meat filling over it.

Sprinkle with sesame seeds, and set to bake at 200 C degrees. It takes about 15 minutes to bake, but you will definitely see you when it’s done.

While the Focaccia is baking in the oven, I prepare the homemade tomato sauce. For it, I use 100% tomato juice that can be found in every store.

I prepare the sauce in the same bowl in which I prepared the onion and meat filling, there is no need to wash it, nor to use a larger number of dishes. Practical isn't it?

I add oil to the pot, and chopped 2-3 garlic cloves. I fry it slightly and set the bow aside. What is very important to me is that I then put 2-3 tablespoons of tomato juice and wait for it to reduce and burn slightly. This gives the sauce a great taste.

After that, I add the rest of the tomato juice. I buy juice in half-liter packages, so this is a recipe with that amount of juice.

I wait for the juice to reduce with occasional stirring. The sauce is ready when you see the bottom at the bottom of the pot when you pull with a spoon.

During this time our Focacca is baked and we can take it out of the oven. I make sure to cover the tin with a cotton cloth until it cools down a bit.

I transfer the finished tomato sauce to an adequate dish and breakfast can begin.

What I would like to emphasize is that a dish prepared in this way can be eaten cold because it retains its freshness for a long time. it is very important to me because in my house we all get up at different times because of our daily commitments. It can also be preheated in a microwave or hot oven without losing quality.

Enjoy, and thanks for read :)
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Written by   281
10 months ago
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even here I feel it smells nice, this is really tasty.

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10 months ago

I am making bread at home too.Sometimes my mother do too.Your bread look delicious....I can smell freshly baked bread.Thanks for recipe.

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10 months ago

I haven't made it so far because we are bigger fans of various varieties of pizza. But I saw small works of art made of focaccia. From various vegetables, beautiful pictures made on the test.

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10 months ago