Day 8: The Power of Music

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1 year ago

Music has this powerful magical effect that affects us all in more ways than we can imagine. It can touch us emotionally, spiritually, and even down to our very souls.

Music and Movies

Have you ever seen some "old boring" movies? If you have seen your share of them, you would notice what they all have in common. They don't have a good soundtrack. No matter how good the story of the movie is, no matter how good the actors are, if there's no music involved, or the music doesn't fit the cinematography, then most probably, the movie will suck.

There are some songs that are just so good that they became iconic, they grew so big, and even memorable as the movie itself. It may not be your generation but I bet you heard the song My Heart Will Go On once or twice in your life. Or what about Iris by Goo Goo Dolls? I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith? Leaving on a Jetplane? Love Me Like You Do? Or maybe... Flashlight?

All the songs mentioned above were used in movies. You may not know every scene in the movie but for sure, some of us can sing every line of these songs.

Music, when used effectively with motion pictures can intensify our experience. We can cry more freely with dramatic scenes, we can feel the tension more when the scene is adrenaline-pumping. We can feel better if it's an uplifting moment.

Music and Emotions

Music has this power to amplify or soften what we are feeling.

Try listening to love songs when you're broken hearted, you will relate and connect to every word of the song in another level. You may even understand the songs like you have never heard them before. When you listen to love songs while tending to a broken heart, suddenly the songs will make a whole lot of sense. The cheesy lines, the hopeless romantic thoughts will sound so natural to your bleeding heart.

On another note, there are songs that could make our moods better just by listening to them. An upbeat song can do the trick. I observed that listening to uptempo music can increase my productivity when doing menial and repetitive tasks.

Angry or mad? Try to calm the chaos within with some relaxing music. Or you can also fight fire with fire and throw it a chaotic mix of rock music into your already chaotic state of mind and you might wear yourself down until you're calm and collected again.

Also, if you're religious, have you ever noticed that singing praises is much better in your chest than just reciting what you have to say? I don't know about you but I feel that my chest is lighter when I'm singing songs of praise compare to when I'm just talking in prayer. It's much more heart-felt.

Music and Babies

I don't know how true is it, but there's a popular belief that when an expecting woman listens to classical music while pregnant, the baby is said to be smarter than it would normally be.

I'm not saying I believe that but if I would ever be a would-be parent, my boy Beethoven will be on repeat all day with some Bach and Schubert.

Also... I think the most powerful magic music has is its ability to make people fall asleep. Speaking of which, I'm getting sleepy just from my own humming. What did I say? Powerful.

Hey There!!!

8 days down, 22 to go. We're still going strong after a week but I think I missed a day already. Well, anyway, we're at it again and we're going all the way from here on out.

Oh yeah, this has been a part of a 30-day writing challenge. If you want to take part in it, here are the topics that you have to write every single day:

Of course, your entries will be much welcome to our community Prompt Factory. Can't wait to read your entries.

That's it for me, I really appreciate you visiting here and until we read again...


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1 year ago


The healing surge that comes when we listen to music after a stressful day is second to none.

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1 year ago

Whenever I heard a music it calms me.

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1 year ago

Oi yon pang Only Hope sa A Walk to Remember. Anf yang Ny Heart Will Go On grabi lang ang ganda talaga nyan nakakadala tas lakas pa makapag paiyak, lalo na nong nag play na yong instrument nya aigooo. Pero may movie pa rin naman na kahit wala yan ay maganda pa din.

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1 year ago

I would never ever find old movies or music as boring no matter what advancement the technology and CGI has made.. I grew up with nothing and when old movies CGI is bad, I do not bloody care.. The same applies to music as well.. at least those singers are actually talented unlike today's auto tune.. Music literally heals no matter wha the era is

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1 year ago

You hit it. Effective and excellent movies are indeed impossible without the warm touch of the different kinds of lovely music. Rock music, however, are the least ones I like hehe.

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1 year ago

Music heals my inner wounds while movies provided me entertainment and recreation in my free time. It was another task you completed successfully.

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1 year ago

The power of music is indeed extraordinary, for example when I am heartbroken, then I listen to music about broken hearts, the music and the lyrics really enter our minds, it all makes our minds much calmer than before.

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1 year ago