A Not-So-Quiet Silent Killer

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1 year ago

"Finally, the perfect Assassin has been completed. After only 6 tries, I think that I finally found the right formula of stealth and fatality." The doctor dubbed as Mad Scientist exclaimed. He stopped and marveled at his latest creation.

"I shall call you, Silent Sha VI." He continued.

The enormous viper hissed at him and he felt very proud of it. He was almost in tears as he looked back on all the hardships he went through just to complete his experiment and his creation.

He spread his arms and laughed loudly as he watched the Silent Sha VI run amok and break every piece of equipment in the lab. Glasses and debris flying all over.

And thus, the birth of a sneaky killer. And it's an assassin that I always like to use whenever I'm using Death Splinters. And I'm talking about Silent Sha VI of course.

It's the theme for this week's Share Your Battle so I'm pretty excited about it. Also, I managed to get a win on the first attempt I made in playing a match for this Share Your Battle event.

Here's the lineup that I used.

For the summoner, I chose Thaddeus Brood.

First, I chose this to enable the Death Splinter monsters. I also thought that the Silent Sha VI will benefit from his HP debuff on the enemies. That's one less HP point to consume.

For the tank, I tapped in the Cursed Windeku.

I wanted it to be at the first post because of its Thorn Ability which counterattacks the enemy that attacks it with melee damage. It is also a really good tank because it has a pretty decent HP. As a tank, it protects the main attackers on my deck, it protects the Silent Sha VI from the enemy attacks.

And for the core, I brought the themed monster, Silent Sha VI.

I placed this monster second based on the previous battle which I lost. I placed it at the backline and it was destroyed easily by other monsters with Sneak ability. It wasn't even able to withstand the relentless barrage of attacks and it succumbed to death as easily as it emerged on the battlefield.

To cover up my behind, I placed Life Sapper at the back.

I chose to bring this magic-type attacker to complement the melee attack of the Silent Sha VI. I think that they do have good chemistry between them. One attacks the back of the pack and the other hits the one in front while laying sneakily behind. It also has the ability to Life Leech which makes it easier for him to stay in the game longer. It sucks the life out of the enemy it hits and makes it his own. Hmmm.. I wonder why this ability sounds so familiar and enticing.

I pressed the Battle button to lock in my lineup and when both sides were ready, the battle started with a show of hands.

My enemy used Water Splinter monsters. Our picks weren't that predictable so the battle could go either way. It's a battle that was filled with surprises and turns of events. I may not be qualified to say it myself but, it's gonna be exciting.

The monsters were shown and I was clearly outnumbered. The opponent went all out with decoys and distractions. He also brought several long-ranged attackers with him. His platoon was double in size as mine.

And I told you that this game was filled with surprises. And surprise, surprise, I won the battle while wiping all of the enemy monsters one by one.

If you don't believe me, you can click this link here to see the replay inside the game: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_cacb13ac111e098872fb60054f429333&ref=rbshinichi

And if you are in a hurry, you can watch the shortened version of that battle on my Youtube Channel.

Hey there!!!

This has been my entry to this week's Splinterlands Share Your Battle event.

Again, I really appreciate you coming here to visit, and until we read again...


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Title     : A Not-So-Quiet Silent Killer
Published : 20-June-2022
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1 year ago


I have not played this one btw its looks like battle of cards as I saw from the short video of yours. You have enjoyed so much I can see.

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1 year ago

I have joined Hive platform where I found Splinterland games. Sooner I shall be able to play this game and will participate in gaming. Sister splinterland app exist on google play store?

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1 year ago