A Come-From-Behind Win

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1 year ago

So I was sitting back against this chair without proper lumbar support and just watching the day goes by. I took out my phone and decided to visit my Splinterlands game on the phone. I wanted to pass the time by playing some matches and checking on my investment in the game. All is well and I thought that I would play more games with a challenge in mind.

Oh yeah, I'm just challenging myself now because when you play on mobile, you won't be able to play the new daily quest. I'm not sure when the update for mobile phones will arrive but for sure, a lot of people are already waiting for it. I know I am.

But anyway, I challenged myself to only use Life Splinter monsters. And I won't stop until I get a convincing win. I had to add the "convincing" part because from the very first try, I won by default because my opponent didn't place a team in time or maybe he sensed that I was on a mission and decided that I wasn't worth the trouble so he clicked the Surrender button. However it may have happened, I won without a fight and I didn't want that, hence, the convincing part.

And tried again.

From the free base cards, I chose my fighters from the Life Splinter squad, and then I was ready to battle.

My opponent was picked and they brought water Splinter monsters with them. This would be a bit hard because I don't have a counter for their armor and speed which was also buffed by Kelya as their summoner.

The lineup was then revealed.

So at first glance, both teams looked evenly matched and they even have the same number of monsters. When the battle began and exchanges have presumed, it was clear that I had some kind of advantage. I managed to thin out the little herd and killed some monsters on the other side already. But then, when the opponent has just only one monster left, my monsters began missing and I was left with just the Chaos Agent without the ability to attack.

One moment, I was winning the battle, but the next one, I lost everything. It was a real shocker to me.

You can view the play-by-play replay here: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_956ec72f19492b45b97fc050e02fc8f8&ref=rbshinichi .

Also, you can use that link to register for the game if you have yet to do so.

Alternatively, you can watch a video replay of the match here:

Just when I thought that I had the fight in the bag, the cruel reality snuck up behind me and bit me right up my effing a$$.

But of course, like any other cool-headed hero, I collected myself and tried to calmly process what happened. I saw that my tank needed some help in the front. He was taking every hit so a healing partner would be a great addition to the lineup.

So with that in mind, I tried again and went ahead with the challenge of having a win using Life Splinter monsters.

And the game seems to know what I was doing and it gave me a chance to redeem myself against a Water Splinter team. It pitted me against the same Water Splinter again, but this time, I felt that I was ready.

The lineup of the monsters was unveiled.

As the cards were dealt, it was painted clear that I was outnumbered. The opponent was able to bring a full team with 6 monsters while I only brought 4 hitters. I also brought along a healer to support my tank.

And that proved to be a miracle worker. One by one, the enemy monsters fell and I won without losing a single monster. My tank took all the hits while my attackers took care of business. The battle was over before I knew it and I was glad to see an overwhelming win against Kelya. And with that, I was satisfied.

You can see the play-by-play replay inside the game by clicking this link:


That turned out to be the right decision on my part. A good tank needs to have a good healer behind him.


Thanks for dropping by yet again. This has been my humble attempt to spread the word about Splinterlands.

I appreciate your visit and until we read again...


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Title     : A Come From Behind Win
Published : 23-June-2022
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1 year ago


I've tried such kind of win on playing mobile legends and the victory is so satisfying knowing it's an epic comeback.

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1 year ago

I like good come-back stories.

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1 year ago