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Opinion of an Axie Scholar to the New Economic Balancing

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9 months ago

I thought this game is already digging its grave but hey, last February 4, they finally released an announcement that they will make some adjustments to balance the falling economy.

These are the main takeaway of their announcement:

  • SLP will be reduced to 0 in Adventure. This includes prizes for completing the task for the first time.

  • SLP's daily quest will be reduced to 0.

  • The arena's reward structure will be drastically altered (reduced SLP rewards and AXS leaderboard massively expanded).

  • Players with less than 800 MMR will now receive one SLP for each win. 

  • Planning of rewriting the energy system such that it scales more linearly, making more energy available and increasing demand for weaker Axies.

Elimination of SLP rewards from Adventure (PVE) and Daily Quest. 

According to their data, 40% of SLP is minted in adventure alone, while an additional 14% on Daily Quest. In total, there are 54% of SLP produced every day with little to no skills involved. 

The primary use of adventure mode is to help the players to learn how to play their axies. While the daily quest encourages the community to play every day. However, they find it unsustainable thus deciding to remove the SLP rewards. 

I think this is a good move but also bad news to players who have weaker axies. A good move because it decreases the daily minting volume of SLP which may result in a spike in its price in the long run. Nevertheless, this is a sort of bad news to players especially to those who have weaker axies since most of them rely on adventure and daily quests to grind more SLP; rewards from lower MMR’s are not that big and usually range only from 1 - 6 SLP.   

I will be neutral on this one and wait until I see the result. I am thinking that even though this update means lesser SLP, the players can still recoup if the price will increase. 

Updated Arena rewards. 

In the current season, players that are only on the top 1000 can receive AXS rewards. While the players below the top one thousand are rewarded with SLP. However, the devs decided to update the current reward system. In the next season, they will expand the leaderboards from top 1 000 to top 30 000 which means all of the players who are able to reach the top 30 000 will finally receive AXS tokens at the end of the season.

They also changed the SLP distribution every time you win. They add back the 1 SLP per win for MMR’s below 800. This is to bring some utilities to weaker axies and encourage them to still practice even though they’re having difficulty. 

For me, this is great. I am glad that they bring back the SLP reward to those players who have MMR’s 800 below. This will help the players, especially those who have weaker axies to still play the game and try to be better. 

The revamped reward system will also push the players to sharpen their battle skills and aim for higher rewards. This will make the arena filled with a competitive atmosphere which may attract future investors or gamers who find hard gameplay. 

Updating the current energy system

They are currently working with the idea of updating the current energy system in the future which will ensure that the amount of energy per Axie added to each account is sufficient to discourage splitting Axies or multi-accounting. This would give basic floor Axies greater use and make them more accessible to the average players.

For me, this is another good move from the devs. Since weaker axies may be no sense to Arena, adding another utility will keep them useful. 

Final remarks:

In my opinion, even though the next season (season 20) will mean lesser SLP, let’s look on the brighter side. A huge decrease in the supply of SLP will surely make a great leap in the price. A higher price means a large profit to both manager and scholar. 

Some of you may notice that I often change my opinion (if I am against it or not) to the system of the game. Several months ago, I created an article where I showed my frustration with the declining value of SLP, and then a few weeks ago I posted on about how incompetent the devs are and how they don’t listen to the community. But now, it seems I am in favor of their decision. For me, if I feel I need to criticize or tell someone about something and I think they’re doing it wrong, I won’t hesitate to share some thoughts on how it may be improved. And if they are doing what I think is correct, I will commend them and won’t show any disapproval.

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Written by   414
9 months ago
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Di ako maka relate. Pero sana maging worth it parin yung time na i spend nyo jaan.

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9 months ago

Axie is hard and dead now, I'm lucky to sold SLP way back when it was drowning each day now it's too hard to see it back on top

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Ehhhh, parang hmmm, so you need to put more and more effort into this. Wag lang sana kayo papa stress ay ano.

$ 0.00
9 months ago

It's a great move of developers, it's better to control the distribution of SLP so that it will balance the economy, since I notice even if I'm not playing Axie, everyday lots of players earning massive amount of SLP specially those with great axie team. I believe that once it implements there epuld be some changes in value of SLP and i hope it will increase.

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9 months ago

Ewan ko talaga bat ako sumali sa Axie haha parang ang panget ng desisyon na yon. But at least napunta naman ako sa tamang guild haha skl kahit ambaba ng SLP😕😕😕😕

Dahil sa update na ito, mamimiss ko tuloy yung 150-200 SLP na napoproduce ko daily haha. But in the sake of economic balancing, why not?

$ 0.00
9 months ago