My BCH Journey In Two Months

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2 years ago

I'm bored and I count all the articles that I made from the very start and this article will suppose to be the 55th.

It's been again a fresh like the sunrise month since I earned my first cents of BCH and it's that result of my luck and perseverance upon using them. So here I am again, writing again my second special article about my experiences towards the world of BCH.

Sorry again for another wrong grammar article (Ano pa bang bago?) and I hope you will support me.

Here is the article related to my one month journey.

Changing my routine in just one currency were unbelievable to anyone but that's the truth I copied for the past few days. Just like what I said on my story yesterday to my social media account, I spare more time to produce cool articles since that's what I need to do to sustain my needs. Apparently, I will not earn if I will not be consistent just like what I said on my bio. You can read it if you want.

My Story

Instead of spending my time sharing memes on social media, I started to make noise with income of BCH which I could say that I built different rather than to my schoolmates.

In addition, instead of using Wattpad or writing stories that waste me a lot of time, I concluded that I should spend a lot of time in writing, reading, writing, tipping and putting a comment here on this blogging platform since this earning platform were easy to cope up for me. I'm not good but I can do like what they were always doing. In short, I'm often adapting this system like a slice of cake.

I became more addicted to the point that I didn't get focused on doing my piles of modules but still, I can still pass the requirements that they need but it's not really meant to be more productive than my previous quarters.


  • Become more active at our Telegram group chat.

Honestly, I pity myself because I can't now imagined how I was being disrespectful to my elders and I think I should change myself to adapt for the better.

I'm regularly plugging my articles shamelessly on our group chat because I'm hoping that they were read my work. Before, I often say the words β€œpo” and β€œopo” as my way of respect but as of now, I think I forgot that principle as time goes by.

So should I say respectful words everyday on our group chat? I didn't say that they were sermon me and I need to change. To be honest, I thought that because I can't stop myself to orient to them like it was normal on how I were interacting to my same age but I think that way were such a disrespectful act for them and I'm not sure.

I met a lot of virtual friends who were older than me and I became more astonished when I realized that I have a friend on our group chat that is younger than me like 12 or 13 years old. I thought that I'm the youngest but it's not. Hoping that they will survive at this kind of market.

  • Establishing material goals.

If you were my avid reader, I bet you would know what's my material goal that I need to reach within this year.

My goals upon this year are to buy brand new phone since my phone has a lot of defects due to longevity, printer to support my future business and of course, the laptop since the battery of my current laptop have a lot of defects. Hoping that I could replace it.

Subjectively, I bought my piggy bank before but I didn't think that I could save a lot and I'm proud that it's because of BCH. Here is my piggy bank if you were curious.

I'm planning to open it by the end of this year in order to buy all my material goals that I'm aiming for. I could do that unless I will support myself to do produce and earn more. I think the money that I saved on the tin can were playing around Php. 3,500-4,000 and it is equivalent for up to 72-82 USD.

Do you think I could achieve it on December? Let me know in the comment section.

  • Trading at the jungle.

Here are my sold Waifus at the jungle and I'm manifesting that I could more since I earned a lot in just a week. Some of my Waifus were sold double than its original price and here are their original prices.

1) Keisa Hiroyuki

2) Kako Senda

3) Idzumi Oomori

4) Savage

As of now, I'm holding some of my Waifus and zombies for the future since there has a chance that the lowest price of Waifu will be 0.1 and zombie will be 0.01 for the upcoming days or weeks so let's wait for our right turn to sell it.

Here is my latest listed assets that I sell as of now and I hope someone were interested to buy it. It's 0.01 BCH everyone.

  • E-LOAD Business

Honestly, I didn't track my overall earnings from my E-Load Business since I'm not really a goal tracker in terms of that since I will be get disappointed if I will monitor it each day. But, I think that I already earned PHP 2,000+ which is equivalent to 40$ or up.

I said a few weeks ago through my past articles that my mother didn't want to take a verification video for my account for me to get verified.

As of now, it's okay since it's a gate for me to way of better opportunities. The struggles that I took fromusing BCH became my opportunities to earn more since 10% of their load were going back to my wallet which is more beneficial to me rather than I will withdraw it through bank which has a lot of painful fees.

Here are the glimpses of my transaction on my E-Load business which I earned greater if I will withdraw through remittance centers or by means of ATM card.

Should I also upload my earnings from my Shopee account and to my GCash account? I think it will better if I will not upload it and I will just upload my transactions upon my account.


Here are my wallets that I used for storing and trading my cryptocurrency. I trade some of my altcoins and I stored a lot of BCH since I'm aiming to reach 1 BCH for this year even though it's quite impossible.

My BCH were decreasing because I need to fund my for my E-Load business. I need to contribute on our internet plan since I want to help my mother for her expenses.

I'm manifesting that I will reach 1 BCH and 100$ on Binance within this year. I will just stick to my passion and dedication to do those.


Just like what I said on my past articles about my journey upon BCH, my goal was to publish one article per day which became true since I'm applying the consistency. I just wrote for about 54 articles in just my one month experience here. I'm not good in terms of writing and producing articles but when I wrote my own thoughts without making such stress, I feel like I'm the best writer all over the world. I'm not good at your eyes but my honesty upon writing is such the best asset that I could be proud of.


  • 100$ on BITCOIN.COM Wallet

I will stick continuously which is Writing one article per day and the vacation that the school gave to us was a blessing to me to write and to explore more. It's only a week but I think that it's the best way for me to gain more.

The thing that I could do to make that is to produce more articles, trading on waifu and making noise which pays me through the currency of BCH.

  • Giving back to others

I often tipping comments on my articles if their comments were make sense especially the comments of @Nobela. I'm greatly acknowledged the subscribers, commentators and tippers through my articles since they encourage me to write more. On the other hand, if I have a span of time to read your articles, then I will tip you 0.05 and I will comment through your post because I will just give back the support that you give to me.


Here are the principles that I'm looking forward to earn BCH.

  • Writing for a cause.

  • Reading for learning.

  • Being noisy a profit.

  • Tipping for giving appreciation.

  • Interacting on Telegram to communicate on this green community even I'm an introvert person in real life.

  • Holding for a better future.

Thank you for 75 subscribers. It means a lot to me. Thank you for supporting and reading my works no matter what. I love you all. If you were curious about my gender, I'm male for heaven sake. My real waifu is on my avatar.

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2 years ago


At a very young age, ganyan ka na kadeterminado sa buhay. I am pretty sure you'll have a bright future. Congrats!

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2 years ago

Salamat po

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2 years ago

No need for formalities sa gc hahaha casual lang goods na. Kayang kaya yang goals mo. dami mo na ipon, mahaba pa bago matapos taon na to. Basta tuloy mo lang kasipagan mo kayang kaya yan

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2 years ago

Salamat po, maachieve niyo rin po goals niyo hahahahah

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2 years ago

yey, congrats for the achievement dear.hopefully there will continue to be many.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

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2 years ago

Thank you po ate

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2 years ago

You are welcomeπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

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2 years ago

I'm sure you can achieve that basta go lamg mg go. And congrats, 2 months kana herr yayy πŸ’š

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2 years ago

Thank you po

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2 years ago