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DD4: Nights with the Zombie Club and the GAME Token in SmartBCH

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9 months ago

And here we are for the part 4 of our December Diary. Today, let's talk about our nights with the Zombie Club that was formed not long ago in the AxieBCH Dojo PLUS about the GAME Token that has released not long ago... first... what is Zombie Club first.

What is Zombie Club?

It is a club where.... the members of the AxieBCH scholar or even normal members, who stayed up late at night. Those are the people who are the night shifters haha. What do we do? We are active in night stuffs lol like talking in the Community VC (Voice Call), Chatting, also playing Minigames like Among us (not always). We had nothing to do but talking, laughing and waiting for someone who sleep in the vc, special mention to Arjay who, the number who always sleep in the vc left her adventure open XD

Who are the Founder of the Zombie Club? Well it's no other than @bmjc98 , since she's the first one who founded this club and with the co-founder @MegaKyodaiBanrai and me.... I'm just a normal member hahaha, no need to ask XD.

here's the link where Mj create and formed the club.

Who are the other members?

We have here Bmjc98, MejaKB, Me, Clockwork ( @Clockey ) , Arjay ( @TeacherJen ) , Shillou, Toti, Pale, Roel, Jersy, Lol, Threyna and who else? lol I forgot the others. But we have like Kwela who just joined and stayed up late at night listening and talking to us as well.

So, let's talk about what is happening in the club every night. Let me share from the past 2 days.. We haven't play Among us, and from the past 2 days we are looking forward to this GAME Token that will have the Pre-Sale in the fairlunch.

What is GAME Token?

Game Token, it is the newest token in SmartBCH network, it is what they called the reflection token according to the create who is no other than @OLICRYPTO

Here's the link about the Game Token and how it works and the liquidity and how will it benefit us holders as well as the AxieBCH token Holders. And... All of us Players will receive GAME Tokens from gramps. We Veterans will receive 10,000 GAME tokens as well as the Community MVP.

Congrats to the 5 MVPs and yes I'm from the Veteran, so I'm not part of the Community MVPs. But.. if I'm not Veterans, who knows, I'm also part of the MVP hahaha.

And here I receive the first 10000 GAME Token, and the 50 is just extra since I bought as a sample. I love it how it grows when someone buy and sell.

Alright, this time, let me share you what happen during the Pre-sale with the Zombie Club. We were waiting for the launching of Pre-sale in the Fairlunch in the MistSwap at 12am in the midnight, December 12. We were crazy waiting for the discount of the token hahaha. By the way, the Pre-sale is 1000Game:0.01BCH and you can get more than that, more discount only here in Game. Other holders might find it already annoying and rage because some who are already buying expensive one even though gramps haven't put any liquidity yet, but for us, it was super fun and yeah, we were crazy like "Has it started?", "Oh no its rising, ready!", "Oh no its going down again." Hahahaha! To think that was time that gramps haven't put any liquidity yet and I don't know like, gramps @OLICRYPTO is bullying us in tempting buying the token in discount hahaha. It has been like 1hour and passed and he finally put liquidity and we were like... "There there get it!" "Oh no! I didn't get it!" "Waaaa its error" "That's a waste that's big one." I can't helped but laugh from our previous days from the presale. It was really too bad that I wasn't able to buy the first discount of 0.05BCH with 64000+ token that is really big, I thought I have already confirmed it and yet it didn't react or added to my wallet, meaning it was error. And happen again like 3 times. I tried the Lippage of 5.5%, 6%, 10% and even 12% everything not working. I was in the verge of giving up lol. Until I saw someone said he exit his/her metamask and go back and it's working, so Mj and I exit the metamask and try again and finally working. though it's not that big discount anymore unlike the first, but it's fine, it's still discounted. so I bought the first 0.05 for 5200 with only 5.5% Lippage and I bought another 0.048 for 5100 in the late like that was around 3am, and of course with the tax of 5%.

Here's my first day Pre-sale

And on the 2nd day, the last day, Gramps said he will inject the final and big one. So we are here ready ourselves again lol. I bought worth of of 0.1315BCH for 17200. It's a pity that my first try of 21190 failed damn... So I try to exit the metamask again and come back as soon as possible, but the mistswap is sooo lag that I got late but not that late.

Though it's still discount and I'm glad I was able to buy. I'm going to hodl this and or waiting to put in the farm so I can have more profits in the future! Excited!

And oh! I almost forgot that Andrij and I fought in the AxieBCH League. So, yeah, I lost against him. It was really super unlucky to me. I... I don't know what happen. Actually I have a big chance of winning against him but... I don't get a cards what I want to throw like, I want to jump in the mid, but it keeps giving me poison and without a partner lol... Well it's really unlucky for me yesterday that I even only got 8wins 12lose yesterday. Expect that anyway.

Here's the between me and Andri of Brigade Apollo

1st battle Watch battle at:
2nd battle Watch battle at:
3rd battle Watch battle at:

But no worries, we just have to win to other players since we are now leading with the 9points (updated) We just have to win at least 2 more team and we're IN in the playoffs I think? Alright team Brigade Zeus!! LET'S DO THIS!! Hahaha.

Okay back again to the Zombie Club last night... we have nothing to do but vc and we had the Video face reveal. We laugh and laugh. We had a deal that no one will leave the room and let until one knock out (sleep). And the first one who fall asleep is Arjay always the winner!! Hahahaha then 2nd is Shillou... And I fall asleep before 5am didn't even say goodbye hahaha.

Here are the members of the Zombie Club who stayed up late up to 4-5am XD... We are expecting more member to join our club... But wait, we are not the only club that was formed in AxieBCH, there was also the Maritess family. Maritess means like people who loves gossips and like creating stories hahaha.

AxieBCH is really fun and enjoyable. I'm glad I'm in this guild and found lot of friends. VC again?? Hahaha

Alright this is it for now.. Aha! My birthday is coming neaaaar... damn, my 3_ age is going to add again XD I might have surprise game in there, who knows.

Anyway... this is it...


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Written by   203
9 months ago
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Oh no! I missed the face reveal 😅😅😅

Thank you zombie club for pinging me about the last big injection. I was of course driving at that time. My hands were shaking 🙈

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9 months ago

Ahahahaha ang kulet sayang di na ako maka zombie 😂 hirap mag Zombie pag may aalagan bata 😂🤦

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9 months ago

oo nga sis sayang, ang gugulo na nga namin hahaha

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9 months ago

Yung mga kalokohan talaga natin e noh. And andito na si Arjay aka @TeacherJen. 😍 Pwede mo na siya imention next article mo. Pati si @Clockey. Hehe

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9 months ago

aun thanks edit ko haha

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9 months ago