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BCH Latam Sep 2020 Activity Report

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6 months ago

Here are the BCH Latam team results for Sep 2020.

A virtual meetup for BCH in Venezuela with partners and allies
A BCH merchant in Venezuela selling wines.
  • 20  foundations contacted for the BCH Aid project (Venezuela).

  • 2  new foundations with a BCH wallet downloaded and verified

  • 1 new foundation registered at

  • 54 new approaches to merchants, 45% of which have responded so far and 15% of which are in the affiliation process. The objections included questions about safety, legality, volatility; Many of them see the possibility of buying / selling BCH in the medium term, thus creating potential micro-liquidity providers.

  • 7 new merchants registered at



In Sep 2020, we made the following expenditures in Bitcoin Cash.

Travel expenses: 0.11 BCH

Tutorial videos: 0.5148152 BCH

Compensation: 4.48 BCH

TOTAL: 5.1048152 BCH

I, George Donnelly, have drawn no compensation yet from the BCH Latam project.


The team's BCH holdings total 8.87876041 BCH.

We also hold 1,904.50546712 USDC.

Total liquid assets at this time with a price of 1 BCH=$267.72 is: USD$4,281.53.

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Written by   858
6 months ago
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Wow, nice post brother.

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6 months ago

BCH Latam team is doing nice. Thanks for the report. And don't forget to share updates(coming) with us via 😁. Thanks.

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6 months ago

Yeah !! That's great to see such growth of BCH in various sectors and local merchants joining the team means there's actual use of BCH as a common currency.

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6 months ago

Great article & very helpful.. @Georgedonnelly is my favorite parson.. love you so much sir...You are my Inspiration.... Thank you....

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6 months ago

What have I inspired you to do? What are you building or creating? What are your immediate goals?

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6 months ago

George Donnelly is the BCH adoption king!

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6 months ago

I'm not sure I agree, but I am working on it. And it's not just me. I am part of a team.

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6 months ago