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BCH Latam Restarting Operations 1 June

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2 years ago

The Bitcoin Cash Latam team is thrilled to announce we have restarted operations as of 1 June 2020.

Now that the coronavirus panic seems to be subsiding, we hope that we will be able to maintain operations continuously and without interruption.


Based on the results of our crowdfunding campaign so far, we consider that we owe our funders the following deliverables.

  1. 40 new Bitcoin-Cash-accepting merchants

  2. 3 meetups across Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Spain focused on general Bitcoin Cash use and awareness, remittances, P2P liquidity platforms, freelancers and merchants

  3. 3 new liquidity providers on P2P liquidity platforms

  4. 3 combo remittances listed on a P2P liquidity platform or better

  5. 3 reference educational videos

  6. 3 “Bitcoin Cash Life” vlogs (demonstrating on-the-ground use)

  7. 3 podcast or livestream episodes

  8. 15 unique social media posts

The world has changed and not all our original deliverables make complete sense now, but we still aim to deliver them, and much more. For example, most merchants remain closed in Colombia and Venezuela, and meetups are likely not feasible until July at the earliest due to government restrictions and general anxiety around the virus.

In recognition of this change, we are pivoting towards a more digital strategy and thus have contracted with a graphic designer / social media professional who played a key role in our operations during 2018-2019.

She will be producing 3 short video tutorials per week for the foreseeable future. These videos are aimed at introducing Spanish speakers to Bitcoin Cash step by step.

Sebastian Montes in Medellín and Jose Araujo in Caracas will also be working on BCH Latam projects this month, and on a full-time basis.

Coordinator George Donnelly is working in a guidance and support role without salary this month.

We also hope to coordinate these video tutorials with BCH Ignite in order to eventually release them in other languages, though such efforts will not be undertaken by BCH Latam. BCH Latam will simply make the graphic assets available for use by other teams.

Jun 2020 Priorities

Sebastian Montes (Medellín, Colombia)

  • 15 new BCH merchants in Medellín

  • 2 vlogs

  • recruit 5 liquidity providers for in Colombia and Venezuela

  • progress on several business development goals around BCH liquidity in Latam

Jose Araujo (Caracas, Venezuela)

  • 3 merchant alliances in preparation for July and August meetups

  • some digital marketing work

  • 2 vlogs

  • secure the first 5 NGOs for the BCH Aid direct charitable giving project


Our assets on hand remain approximately the same as in the Mar 2020 update. We are working on getting all of the BCH into one UTXO so it can be verified. We will be keeping a certain percentage of assets in USDC indefinitely as a hedge against volatility. We would like to move to USDH when sufficient liquidity can be identified in a BCH/USDH pair.

In other news, we regret to report that team member Gabriel Mitacchione has left the team. We wish him all the best. He is a capable contributor to any cryptocurrency or general business project.

Thanks for your attention and support.

Thanks to the team for your patience under difficult circumstances.

Want to join our token sale? Full details at

Want to talk? Email

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Written by   880
2 years ago
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Later on BCH will be recognize..

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2 years ago

Great news, I'm here to help in case you guys need any help from Brazil :)

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2 years ago

Remind me which city you are in?

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2 years ago

São Paulo

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2 years ago

This is good news and a great development in that region. I wish you guys successful endeavors as you start.

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2 years ago