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Mid-February BCH Latam Update

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1 year ago

We, the Panmoni-BCH Latam team, have received a lot of support and attention lately. Thank you everyone. It means a lot to us.

Here are some updates.

1. Coinspice interview

We’re really grateful for this excellent piece from Linzerd at

2. Roger Mentioned Us

Roger gave us a bunch of mentions: RedditTwitterYouTube & a “This week in Bitcoin Cash“. Thanks Roger!

3. We’re Seeking a Lead Dev & CFO

4. We’ve Designed our Merchant Sticker

A merchant flyer and recovery card are on the way.

5. News Interviewed Me

BCH Latam: Creating a Viral Feedback Loop for Mass Adoption With Bitcoin Cash

6. 4,059 PAN Tokens Sold

We’ve sold 4,059 PAN tokens and have raised 40.7 BCH. Based on the current market price of Bitcoin Cash, this represents about 3% of what we need to launch our for-profit business plan.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased tokens and assisted us in reaching buyers.

7. Next Steps for Panmoni-BCH Latam

Our action items over the next couple weeks include the following:

  • Take the business plan up a notch and shop it around. We still have a long way to go to reach our goal. We don’t want to come back to the community every few months asking for funds. We want to build something that is sustainable, grows virally and is profitable ⁠— so we can give back.

  • We are making plans to get started 2 March on a part-time basis, spending some of the 40.7 BCH we have raised to date in an effort to bootstrap the raising of additional capital.

  • We're working on alliances that may permit us to reduce the amount of capital we need to launch our for-profit business plan.

Thanks for your attention. All feedback is welcome as a comment, via email to or on Telegram @georgedonnelly.

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Written by   868
1 year ago
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We will keep supporting you all the way.Panmoni will be the best and one stop app to use when it comes to payment of BCH in lantam.I commend you alot.We are looking forward to see more from you.You are the best.

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1 year ago

Just keep having tokens for sale on Memo. I will buy more periodically :-)

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1 year ago

Thanks for support.

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1 year ago

You bet! Thank you!

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1 year ago