Bitcoin Cash Latam Starting Part-Time Operations This Week

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4 years ago

The Bitcoin Cash Latam team, principally Gabriel, Sebastian, Jose and myself, are thrilled to report we are beginning operations this week.

Thank you to those who have bought our PAN tokens and enabled us to raise 41.2 BCH so far.

We are extremely grateful, and indeed humbled, by the support of the Bitcoin Cash community. At this time, it seems we need to start operations in order to continue raising funds.

Over the next few months, we will be focused on the following areas:

  • Media. By creating media, primarily video, we aim to educate and inspire our existing network of crypto users, as well as attract new people, with the greatest bang for the buck.

  • Merchant Adoption. We'll be focused on re-affiliating key merchants in Medellín, Colombia and Caracas, Venezuela. We may add Cúcuta, Colombia and San Cristóbal, Venezuela, neighbor cities that see a lot of cross-border trade.

  • Meetups. We'll be doing meetups primarily in Medellín, Caracas and Madrid, Spain.

  • Capital Raise. We remain focused on raising money for our Panmoni business plan, since it addresses the inflows challenge. The inflows challenge is essentially a limiting factor on all adoption efforts. Until people start receiving income in Bitcoin Cash, sustaining adoption will continue to be an uphill battle.

  • Alliance Building. We have some potential new alliances and partnerships on our plate and we are always looking for more.

In order to keep our run rate as low as possible, we are working part-time.

We can't use our full strategy as outlined in the Panmoni business plan yet, precisely due to lack of funding. So we will focus on a hobby-level approach and attempt to systematize it the best we can.

We'll also be improving our business plan and still seek a CFO to join our team as a partner and focus efforts on raising the needed capital.

Thanks again for your support. Stand by for our first results next week.

If you'd like to talk or request a copy of our business plan, please get in touch. We'd love to speak with you.

George Donnelly
+573218423668 (cell, Signal, Whatsapp)

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Excellent. Let's begin.

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