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Think before you speak

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3 months ago

Today, I want to discuss about the problem which we all face everyday that peoples not think before they speak and even they didn't realize that what they are doing. they enjoy while doing this.

you should take this lightly, in fact it's lethal. people think that they are making joke with others but for others it's heart breaking. Peoples are taunting, scorning and criticizing others and give the name of joke. They are trying to be funny. According to them it's fun but for the guy next to you its not fun.

Slip of tongue is the major problem of today's society. When people are taunting they did not realize that wound cause by hands and other things can be heal with the passage of time but wounds cause by words can't heal through out the life.

"Mostly peoples suffer from wounds cause by words not by the stone or stick."

sometimes peoples not like you and when they see you are more happy they start to taunting you they feel happy while doing this but after some time they feel regret on what which they do. Mostly a child miss behave with his parents but after this he feel regret. He used to cry when he realize his mistake .

That's why I must says that , always think before you speak because its your words that may make someone or broke some ones heart my friend always used to say me that, the words can makes you or a break you . So, always chose the words wisely .

Chose the words that not degrade others , words that not heart others, chose the words that not insult other

sometime you share your secrete with some one but he tell the others and after doing this he/she says "it's a slip of" I also face this situation . I also share my secrete with my friend but he broke my secrete and then she said its a slip of tongue not intentionally. I forgive her but I never forget the lesson that I learned , not believe everyone too much keep the every one else in his limit . people while doing this not realize that they are loosing trust .

Our words are like a bows and arrows . As the arrows shot from the bow never return. just like that our words shot from our tongue never ever returns. we may forget these worlds but the person who listen these words never forget . These words always injured their soul .

Everything you say should be true but its not necessary that every thing that should be true must be said to others.

That's why I believe that to avoid hearting others we have to think before we speak because our words matters more .It reflects our personality, our behavior, our family ethics and more etc.

That's why I must say that always think before you speak, taste your words before you spit them out. Be careful about your words because it may returns to you.

Thanks for reading .

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Written by   17
3 months ago
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You are right I must think before we speak what we are saying

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3 months ago

thanks for appreciating me.

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3 months ago