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Never Forget Piang Ngaih Don, Never forgive Singapore

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1 year ago

Piang Ngaih Don was brutally tortured, starved for 9 months, until finally murdered on July 25 2016 in the most gruesome fashion imaginable... all inside the family home of a Singapore Police Officer's home, with him, his wife, and the grandmother, all performing the torture and murder, in a residential community in Singapore.

In typical Singapore style, where abuse and racism of vulnerable poor foreigners runs rampant, and human trafficking is just another day at the office. The Singapore police officer has not been charged or had anything done to him. The wife had not been penalized for 5 years after the murder.

The Singapore government is defending her actions.

This is 'rich' countries at work. The "employers" are not even rich, they just grew up in Singapore, where they feel entitlement to traffic the poorest and most vulnerable humans. Along with racism, is a part of daily life. If is shameful to 'frame' the debate by calling these people "employers".

Singapore frames the debate, called these vulnerable foreign people "workers", the people doing human trafficking and human crimes violations are called "agencies", the owners and abusers of these vulnerable people are called "employers".

The Singapore government, hospitals, and courts are all complicit and collude to deprive life and liberty for profiteering of people suffering.

The "employers" are nothing but rascist middle class people, exploiting and preying on the most vulnerable people in the world for their own selfishness, their own lazyness, and often, their own desire to torture and murder.

They hide in Singapore and other places, knwing they are free to trafic humans, and get away with it, under the shadow system where government and courts are complicit in the cover up.

Memorial to Piang

Piang came from Myanmar to work as a domestic worker in order to earn for her family and her young son.

Piang was placed in a police officers family.

Piang was immediately brutally tortured and starved for 9 months.

Paing was chained up, fed nothing but bread in water and some rice to keep here alive to do work 24/7.

Piang was murdered by being beaten, tied up by her neck, dragged around by her neck, had her neck broken, which caused suffocation until death.

The whole family joined in, the mother and wife, the father (a police officer), the grandmother, and all in front of their children.

The police officer returned home every day for 9 months to this, and didn't think it was wrong.

Piang was only 25 years old.

Piang was only 24kg when finally murdered.

Piang died of 'hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy' on 26 July 2016, at Bishan Street 11, Blk 145 #09-79. The death certificate indicated 'severe blunt trauma to neck'.

The murderers are:

  • Prema S Naraynasamy, 58, grandmother

  • Gaiyathiri Murugaiyan, 36, mother/wife

  • Kevin Chelvam, police staff sergeant, father/husband

Piang is left with a young son, and family in myanmar.

The Singapore government does not even pay compensation even though her care was their responsibility.

Singapore's unbelievable abuse and human trafficking

She became part of the gruesome Singapore human trafficking system where the Singapore government, and Singapore brokers, profit off human lives.

This is human trafficking plain and simple. Singapore detains and withholds the passports of incoming humans, the very definition of human trafficking.

Then Singapore, the country hosting the workers with work visas, and who are responsible for their safety, intentionally provide not even one checkup for 9 months of torture and abuse. The intentionally withhold her passport, and provide no avenues of any help at all.

Singapore does not even care, or even have practices in place to protect workers from being chained and tortured for 9 months until death inside a family home shows the scope of the problem.

So many levels of Singapore are layered in and participate in this human trafficking.

The Singapore government, while responsible for the safety of guest visa workers, intentionally do no checkups, and even after murders, do not persue justice or court cases, even defending the murderers! They don't even provide token compensation, leaving it to citizens and NGO's, so the government does not cut into it's human traficking profiteering.

While Singapore elites in government splash out of on multi-million dollar vanity items with the highest incomes in the world, they can come up with virtually nothing in compensation for torture and murder victims they are supposed to care for and be responsible for. This is how the rich work, and they pretend they are not responsible, blaming everyone around them, typical of grand corruption and the worst of humanity.

Singapore leaves it to NGOs and the public to come up for funds to help return the body to the family in myanmar.


Singapore hospitals join in and cover up the abuse on purpose. Singapore Bishan Grace Clinic treated Piang on May 23rd. Piang covered in bruises and burns from the slave owner wife and husband (a Police Officer) burning her with an iron and beating her.

Singapore Bishan Grace Clinic did not say anything and discharged her.

This is intentional cover of abuse up by medical staff for political profiteering, and is a high crime.

Domestic Worker "Agencies"

The domestic worker agency, responsible for her employment, let her be chained inside 24/7 and tortured for 9 months, without saying anything, without any checkup.

The agencies are not punished at all, and they continue to operate the same.

They continue to withold passports, the definition of human traficking.

Singapore Ministry of Man Power

The Singapore government intentionally runs human trafficking for profits.

The government does not have any policies to address this, even to this day, even though domentic abuse is rampant, and it is covered by the government.

Policies are unchanged, even after the most gruesome cases like Piang's going on in the residential suburbs of Singapore, and even amongst Police Officers of Singapore.

Singapore Immigration (ICA)

Singapore Immigration continues to run human trafficking for profit.

While the ICA are responsible for the safety of guests working in the country, they intentionally fail, because they get away with it, withuot paying any real compensation, and no penalties.

The ICA continues to run unchanged.

Singapore Courts

Singapore courts are government cronies.

The Singapore "justice system" did nothing to the Police Officer, who is directly responsible for torture, starvation, beating and murder.

The Singapore "justice system" did not even have a court case for 5 years after the case. Singapore defneding the murderers, the wife and mother got weak sentences, scapegoating the police officer who got none.

The Singapore "justice system" did not do anything to the Singapore Bishan Grace Clinic, which intentionally did not report crimes against humanity and human trafficking, presumable because that is the norm in Singapore.

The Singapore "justice system" did not do anything to the Singapore Ministry of Man Power , or the ICA , for their intentionaly neglect of foreign workers leading to turture and murder. They provided zero oversight of the agency or the working conditions.

The Singapore "justice system" did not require Singapore to implement any new policy for human trafficking to prevent turture, abuse, starvation and murder.

The whole system of perpetrators from the Singapore Government, to the Singapore Courts, the ICA, the Hospitals, the MOM, the Human Trafficking Brokers Singapore "Agencies", and the murderer Singapore Police Officer, all walk away, and the system continues unchanged.

Here is the absurd results of the Singapore "justice" system

  • Prosecution of Mother : ongoing still after 5 years, defence asks for 14 years jail

  • Prosecution of Grandmother : nothing

  • Prosecution of Father (Police Officer) : nothing

  • Children of the household: nothing

  • Family funds paid to Paing's family : nothing

  • Prosecution of Piang's Agency: nothing

  • Damages Paid to the family of Piang, from Piang's Agency: nothing

  • Prosecution of the Bishan Grace Clinic hospital staff for hiding extreme abuse: nothing

  • Damages from the Bishan Grace Clinic hospital to Paing's family : nothing

  • Recommendations of policy change from the court: nothing


Any normal human being would expect change from this case, but Singapore has done nothing, and no recommendations were provided from the court for policy changes.

Singaporeans, who are not even wealthy, seem to think they are entitled to slaves, entitled to stave, choke to death, break the necks of their workers, kill them. Singaporeans think they are 'above' people from poor countries.

This is because Singaporeans get away with it, thanks to the culture, the government, the courts, all are colluding together. They are all accomplices in human traficking, covering up turture, and murder.

The following simple changes would help stop slave traders and those that think slavery and murder is ok. Any normal human would expect these steps to be taken by Singapore, the playground of the elite and wealthy. Not even one bill has come up for vote in Singapore parliament.

  • Oversight

    • all domestic workers are checked every month by an independent humantiarian organization, paid for by the employers of domestic workers

    • all domestic workers are required to be provided a smartphone with high speed internet and phone number, paid for by the employers of domestic workers, and must be available at all times

    • all domestic workers have a government portal, with 24/7 help line, are allowed at any time to check-in at any time to see an independent humantiarian organization

  • Pay

    • All domestic workers are paid Singapore minimum wages

    • All domestic workers work at most 8 hours a day, 6 days week

    • All domestic workers get full medical, dental, life insurance paid for by the employers, to a standard equivalent to what the employer has themselves

    • If agreed by the domestic workers, double pay can be paid for any overtime on top of this

  • Human Rights

    • All domestic workers are free to leave any time any employer and any agency, employer must pay all expenses complete trip home for domestic worker at any time the domestic worker choses

    • All domestic workers retain their passport, and is illegal to withhold or take the passport of any person

    • All other Singapore laws for local Singaporeans also apply.

    • Any victim of any mental or physical abuse, and death, court determined compensation, the same as what a local Singaporean would receive, is paid from selling assets of the abuser, and garnishing wages until paid.

      • A minimum of payment of SGD2m for any death, on top of any abuse compensation before death

  • Justice

    • SGD2m fine for witholding passports from any person, by any agency or person, and minium 2 years jail. This is a fundamental human right, and fundamental to a free society. This will ensure all those in the "agency" are severely punished

    • SGD2m fine for any violation, by any agency or person, of the above human rights laws protecting humans from exploitation, and minium 2 years jail. This will ensure all those in the hospital, and government, who are direct participants in this murder are all severely punished

    • Guarantee of court charges and trial completion in the courts within 3 months of any violation. This prevents Singapore using 5+ years to ignore, delay, disrupt trials such as this case in the hope it will go away and allowing murderers to roam free indefinitely after murder.

    • Guarantee of 3 month window to pay all court ruled compensation based on above laws. It is typical of Governments to say they are paying, but never do, another trick of the rich.

A human is a human, nobody has special privilege under law. All humans are treated the same. There are no exclusions.

If fact, foreign workers should be paid more than local Singaporeans, because they have been taken from their families to work in a foreign country, and bear the huge mental strain and huge risks of exploitation.

Worldwide Problem

This case is just the tip of the iceberg in Singapore. It is the rare case when it rises to national attention.

The government will pretend this is an outlier. Howoever they cover up all cases, and only occasionally get attention. This is the norm.

This continues to go on all over the world in regular family homes and normal communities.

The scope of problem is daunting, spanning slave trading of humans worldwide including through and in rich countries.

By highlighting this one case, this writing hopes to spread knowledge and promote human rights to the most vulnerable people in the world.

The most vulnerable people in the world are the same as the richest person in the world, in fact they should be treated with more care and compassion.


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Written by   194
1 year ago
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What outrage so much injustice and lack of humanity!!!

$ 0.00
8 months ago

Thats why working abroad is not that easy you must know the law of every country where you want to work. Dont be quite fight for your right dont let them abuse you. I fell sad reading this article torturing innocence who could not fight back.

$ 0.10
1 year ago

How odd that all of the reports I have heard about Singapore is how wonderful it is. This story is tearing me apart. Is there any possible way to reach out to the family of this young woman in Myanmar and perhaps provide help to her son?

$ 0.10
1 year ago

i also tried to reach out but not successful

$ 0.00
9 months ago

So painful I feel touched while reading this, it makes me feel emotional, Tears keep rolling down my eyes. May God protect everyone left my prayers to his beautiful family

$ 0.00
9 months ago

The murder of Piang was soo painful. Nobody help her. And I was shocked when I read that she was 25 years ago and she was only 24 kg. Everyday the power of money is increasing and the value of life is decreasing. Some people don't think that the poor people have also life. They are also similar to them. I hope she will get justice. God see everything.

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Thank you for writing this article and talking about the horrible crimes of the CCP.

$ 0.00
9 months ago

This reminds me of a certain OFW here in the Philippines that was killed by her employer. I think they are two, Delia Maga and Flor Contemplacion. Domestic violence is still happening and it is on going cases in different country.

$ 0.00
9 months ago

This kind of incident has been heard a lot but this is the first time I have seen it in a fairly developed country in the Southeast Asian region. This needs to be explored. Does Singapore have regulations to protect its citizens from being charged with punishment for murder for immigrants? this is something that must be fought and can continue in the actions of the United Nations. does singapore have no humanity? senseless oppression with an illusory punishment. must be fought!!! This case must be followed up.

$ 0.10
9 months ago

This is a very sad news. I would like the guilty to be brought under severe punishment. And demand to effective it quickly.

$ 0.00
9 months ago

This happens not just in Singapore but also in other foreign countries too. Domestic violence are all over the world and most of the reasons are racism and such heartless and cruel people. The saddest and the worse thing is that the perpetrator are wasn't charged and can even walk freely wherever they want. That's how fcked up the people are. The low one are the ones being abused and feel like a nothing but just a helper.

$ 0.10
9 months ago

I feel sad about what happened the life of Piang, especially that cause of her death. Justice must be served in her death. My prayers to the family of Piang huhu

$ 0.10
9 months ago

This is so terrible :( i can feel the pain while im reading this article 😢 i hope Piang will get justice of what happend.

$ 0.10
10 months ago

It is a really great tragedy, how could they commit a crime in this way, where is the humanity, justice must take its course, where is the justice

$ 0.00
10 months ago

Terrible 😱

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Another set of disgusting people to be brought in to this world. "Money" can indeed buy thee truth. They are shameless and terrible people. How could they even do such cruel things?

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Its so hard to find out a story like this mostly on young age sacrificing just to help the family and some people brutally abuse those innocent one. Mostly pity for the son whose dont feel how to have mother in their entire life.

$ 0.10
1 year ago

wasn't they sentenced 30 years jail term few months ago

$ 0.00
1 year ago


The police officer has no punishment even though he is responsble for murder and cover up of murder. All other familiy members have no punishment. The grace clinic hospital that covered it up got no charges or punishment. The government officials at MOM got no charges or punishment. The government officials at ICA got no charges or punishment. The singapore agency got no charges or punishment. Only the mother, after 5 years of ignoring the case, got reduced charge of 30 years.

This is far less than 'mules', poor people who are tricked into smuggling a bit of cocaine, so the singapore elite can do drugs at parties. These people are executed by the government for doing no-harm, non violent, small time crime.

So murders will continue, and cover ups will continue, as usual in Singapore. Money is to be made.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

This is a classic "rich moral-less identity crisis" disease that has been going on for millennial. Singapore's poisonous pride of the rich pretty much has been infecting many people who stayed there. This rottenness comes from the human heart. It can happen to everywhere; and things are getting crazier by the day.

$ 0.10
1 year ago

There are many obstacles in front of us in the way of life. We do not have the permission required to post. But this work is really a big injustice. But I will ask on my behalf so that he can be severely punished. And if he does not get punishment in this world, then he will be punished in the hereafter.

$ 0.10
1 year ago

The sad story of Piang..i really feel so sorry for her son.. how pity little boy. Life is a little bit cruel..but I'm hoping Piang will get justice..this really makes me sad after reading 🥺 I'm praying that no more cruelty in this world..🙏 Anyway let me grab this opportunity to say thank you to you,for your generosity,that was really unexpected..

$ 0.10
1 year ago

Thank you for spreading awareness of this. I know these things happen in the UAE, Kuwait, Baharain and similar but was (perhaps naively) unaware that Singapore also was guilty of similar crimes.

$ 0.10
1 year ago

Tears on eyes now... How could they do that? May her soul rest in peace. What to say more? 😔

$ 0.10
1 year ago

HI ewyr, thank you for giving me a blessing to help my grandma, im so sorry for not related my comment to your post I just want to say thank you, can you be my friends here?

$ 0.00
1 year ago

yes, we are friends for life

$ 0.00
1 year ago

This is how hard to be an domestic helper 😔 we dont know what will gonna waiting for us to our destination A totally big sacrifuces and can be ourselves will be what we sacrifice domestuc helper too for manybyears and in many middle east countries that everytime im leaving my country,im just bringing with me my patience, sacrifices, positive thoughts and faith to our Almighty Creator that everything will be fine fir me wherever i go Too sad to hear the story,at the moment i feel like all the frightened growing to me.feel so sad ti the family of the victim and mostly to her young son 😭

$ 0.10
1 year ago

I feel sorry for her but im still lucky that time ive never experienced that tortured because i will not allow that.i know how to fight coz i know how to speak english and i i always tell them my rights even im just a helper. Your right some singaporian are really evil and some are not really rich but my 2nd employer is very good enough for me. Its me Jean39(been spam) Thats why i make new one..

$ 0.50
1 year ago

Thats so crucial, and not humanitarian, they will not be punish here on earth, but surely after life they get what they deserve.😌

$ 0.10
1 year ago