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Covid policy is obviously a failure and a disaster in the west, a failed in both economic and heath outcomes, such as death rates in US are 100x China's, and economies performing worse than China's. Huge number of sick have caused long term problems, and 'long Covid' health problems. This is simply due to Covid policy, especially the west first failing, and then ignoring it.

I can explain, through 2 concepts


Yes, we have a huge problem with 'karens' - the highly rascist people all through society who don't even realize they are raging rascists.

I can explain 'karens', and we don't need to blame them, it is a product of intentional government policy in the west, I was also raised through it.

Primary School and High School in the west, particularly US, Australia, UK, Canada, NZ (the original 5-eyes colonial nations), indoctinate students for 12 years in

  1. intense nationalism - every morning, all kids from primary school stand and recite the national anthem and pledge allegiance to the flag.
    This is quite normal worldwide, but this is just the first part of the strategy...what is the allegiance to? and what the flag means, is the key...

  2. intense rascism for 12 years of school - all kids in the the 5-eyes countries, including me, have a normal and part of our day to brutaly bully any non-white or immigrant...and it is all ok and normal.

  3. intense indoctrination of white policy - allegiance is pledged to rascist governments. e.g. in australia, the government official policy was literally called 'white australia policy'. In the US, official policy currently is literally called 'china exclusion act', and 'anti-china bill', etc. Previously it was the japanese, or the vietnamese...whatever war comes next.

  4. intense propaganda - 12 years of lessons in complete propaganda. We were literally taught that the Vietnam War was a heroic war for the west to defeat communism ... the enemy! (what???)

    Yet now I know this the real vietnam war:

    1. the US propaganda machine (military) concocted the story that communism is evil, tought this in schools for decades (which is just made up and rediculous). Any logical person would agree it is just a form of government, and every country is free to form their own government. More so, Vietnam and China have proven it is effective, and has far better outcomes in peace, prosperity and health care than the western government systems.

    2. US had to bomb their own ship, and kill many US lifes, and blame it on the Vietnamese, to get more public support behind the war

    3. US dictated the war shall start, no vote, no democracy. The US then dictated that the vassel states of Australia, Canada, UK and NZ will have to join in, no vote, no democracy. Those vassel states then forcefully rounded up 1 in 5 kids from all over the country through a 'lottery' system, took them from their homes and families, gave them guns, and send then to vietnam to kill civilians and commit war crimes, with no vote, no democracy, just government dictates for no reasons.

    4. US used the most horrific chemical, biological, and incendiary weapons their universities and military could think of, and try to wipe out every living human, animal and plant in vietnam (and laos, cambodia...). This violated all international law, and laws of war. (even the Nazi Germany followed the rules of war, such treating captured enemy). These chemicals remain in Vietnam's soil forever, the bombs remain all around these countries (China had to remove bombs to finish their railway to Laos just now!). The US cleaned up nothing, purposefully left it.

    5. Nobody was charged with anything, in any country, for that invasion, showing there is no legal systems in the west, only military dictates with no oversight and accountability, and legal systems are pointless.

    6. Obviously, the same was repeated for Iraq 1, Iraq 2, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, and obviously more to come

So this is how you produce a country 'Karens' - intentional government policy.

The west is so racist, politicians are openly racist. In Australia, government policy is based on racism. US, Australia, Canada, UK policy is formulated to be anti-China first, based on rascism, not science.

This has directly caused failed Covid policies, and large amounts of death and suffering of citizens.

Dunning Krugers

The Dunning-Kruger effect is

  • people of low intellect think they are smart

  • people who are educated and experienced in one area, thinking those skills translate to another area where they have no expertise

This is common worldwide, it is all over the place in the west, and quite laughable, and we can see it all the time.

We saw this in Elon Musk - smart in physics, good at his businesses, then made himself look stupid as he initially spoke about bitcoin and then Covid which he knew nothing about (but he thought, since successful in other areas, he is an authority in all areas)

Warren Buffer is a good example of someone who understands this effect, and famously does not invest in, or talk about things he is not an expert in.

Dunning Kruger is most prevelent western nations politicians.

Politicians have extreme power and wealth derived via corruption, and believe that many people 'voting' or their 'election' gives them authority on things. This is the problem, now they go about thinking they are actually smart and authorities on everything, even though they are simply low level criminals, typically without any relevant education on these topics.

How to spot this Dunning Kruger effect

  • People speaking about a topic without related higher education or work in a position related to the topic

  • Experts talking about areas they are not experts in

  • Any Media or News without specific references to field experts

  • People using anecdotal evidence (ie one off examples), rather than statistical analysis, to make statements of fact

In the west, media, internet, is basically all Dunning Krugers.

In the US it is especially a problem, since education systems in primary and secondary are so low, far lower than China, that most of the population cannot understand high school level statistics.

You will probably notice this is all your friends, family, work collegues, etc when talking about Covid.

This effect is how misinformation spreads, and people listen to rubbish, then go about re-spreading the rubbish.

This effect is how conspiracy thoerists spread their stories.

We will see how this caused Covid policy failures in the west.

Covid Policy Failure in the West

Covid misinformation by Dunning-Krugers is done using anecdotal evidence (ie one off examples), rather than statistical analysis, to make statements of fact.

This is a simple way for dunning krugers to make false claims, and for dunning krugers to believe it, and respread it.

Simple cases:

My family didn't get sick from covid, so it is not a threat to me or society

This takes an anecdotal case, a few people, and drives a broad resultant statement. This is a dunning kruger analysis, and is false and useless. Even the dictionary states this is used by unscientific observers! Of course sickness is a probability, some people don't get sick, some do.

Someone got infected while wearing a mask, so masks don't work

Of course this is absurd, because infection rates via masks are a probability, not yes and no, not black and white. So masks may work 80%, so still 2/10 people get infected.

Triple vaccinated people are in hospital, vaccines are a scam

Same problem, vaccination efficacy a percentage of people in a study of a group of people. So the efficacy rate is already a statistical sample with some margins of error, and even the MRNA vaccines were defined at around 95% effective at severe illness and death. This still means 1 in 20 vaccinated people might die. The efficacy is lower for inactivated or viral vector vaccines.

We know we have to take statistical sample with enough parameters to come to a conclusion, ie. a large sample of population, to know the percentage of sick and the results. This is done by experts worldwide, from professionals at diseases centers in various countries and the WHO.

We cannot go from anecdotal evidence to broad statements of facts, it is basic statistics!

However we even see politicians to do, and use this for public policy!

On top of this we have the rascists, the karens.

This means policy is based on inherent rascism, and rascism is so ingrained into society, it is not even seen as rascism.

Rasicm means in the west, policy is formed by being anti-China, or not doing anything China does. Westerners reject masks, because it is seen as something done by China. Westerners reject China data, research, and equipment and tools to help, simply because they are anti-China. The US famously rejected WHO and Chinese masks, policy based on rascists, not science.

We can see US and Australia Covid policy, and hence failure, based on dunning krugers and karens:

  1. The US president dismisses the Centers of Disease control, combining dunning-krugers and karens, to create the US policy for Covid in early 2020 to ban entry from China, not do any testing.

    The result: Covid enters via Europe, not detected, and hundreds of thousands of people die.

  2. The Australian Prime minister bans all entry from India for rascist reasons, blocking Indians from travel, splitting children from families, denying access to Indians see dying relatives.

    The result: Covid enters via US, which has no restrictions, causing 4 month lockdown and 1 billion per week economic damage. A 4 month sydney lockdown last year was due to Fedex from USA, who came in untested, unvaccinated due to government preference (or corruption?)

  3. Masks are rejected in the west since they are seen as a 'Chinese method'. Karens will inherently reject masks, proven as a critical pillar of health, just as a political show of racism against China. Politicians are complicit, and hence cause huge sickness in their populations due to racism.

    This simply explains the uncontrollable spread in places like UK, US.

  4. Contract tracing is rejected by karens, because they have been taught to associate data tracking with China, so they won't do it.

    This simply explains the spread in places like UK, US.

    In Australia, due to laughable manual contract tracing, for an exponential problem, after 10 cases, the outbreak had already surpassed the group of manual contract tracers, relying on calling people, and people giving incomplete answers. By rejecting science, one cluster grew to 10 of thousands of cases simply due to rejection of automated contract tracing.

Covid policy in the west is a failure, obvious from the statistics.

The death rate in US is 100x (100 times!) that of China, and China has better reporting of data, accurate statistics, and uses a policy based on science. In China, flight bans are published policy based on science of infections on flights. In US, flight bans are based on rascism.

The death rate in Australia is 10x (10 times) that of China, even after doing more authoritarian, more harsh and more lockdowns than China, and is less free than China (blocking citizens from returning the country, blocking citizens from even leaving the country, blocking citizens from hospitals, etc). This is because Australia policy was based on rasicm and dunning kruger, not science.

The obvious rational policy, best seen in China, and not too bad in Hong Kong (the places with statistically the best results), is a multi-faceted approach. Just relying on vaccines does not work, as seen in UK and others, since vaccines might be 70% effective at death, they do not prevent spread, so there is still large numbers of deaths and hospitalizations. The solution is to combine

  • vaccines

  • universal high quality mask wearing

  • ventilation

  • social distancing

  • tight quarantine

  • GPS and bluetooth contact tracing for realtime analysis and action

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I don't know why I am so generous, but THANK YOU!!!!

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1 year ago

Here in the Philippine Covid-19 pandemic is getting wider. The so-called "Omicron" variant spreads rapidly.

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1 year ago

Here the Covid-19 is rising again. And here the Covid vaccine has had a bad effect on a lot of people. This is bad news because Covid is spreading in the world again. Even patients with mild colds and coughs are listed as Covid

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1 year ago

I agree with my fellow Filipinos, here in Cebu City, Philippines the cases of Covid-19 is always increasing everyday. They said that the Omicron variant is more dangerous than the other variants. in my opinion, maybe there aren't that many cases every day, even if the cause of death is not covid, they just list it in covid. I am against "karens" as if they are not humans, don't have a heart a feelings, I can't describe the exact word I want to say about them.

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1 year ago

The Covid-19 is start getting wider here in the Philippines it's because of the new variant which is omicron.

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1 year ago

I agree so much with you. Here in tge PH, covid cases are tising again.. Mostbof the vaccinated people are. Going out and in parties especially during the laat days of 2021. People are bringing kids to malls and other events. Face shileds policy has been lifted too. Some people are not. Wearing masks properly. I myself went to a party once, and sometimes, I don't wear facemask. I realised it will be my loss and mine alone so I should not take risks.

I'm not into news and have known from your post about the protocols in your country. I'm just so glad the government here are looking at countries and copying some policies that will give the good to its poeple. But sometimes, even if the government is doing everything, poeple themselves are the one violating it because they are not comfortable about it

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1 year ago

On how you discussed about the Karen's are so accurate lol

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1 year ago

Here in our country, covid cases are again rising. Other places are on alert level 3 again and now it's getting strict. Even those others who got vaccinated was still infected by the new said variant. I hope God will put an end to this.

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1 year ago

Covid is again massive in India.. and people has almost given up and accepted that this is going to be their life from now on.. it is so sad to think abou all the freedom we had back in the day :/

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1 year ago

I feel so sad about the western politicians making the advantage of everything and using racism. I was enlightened on how racism is so deep-rooted in west and no wonder why covid death rates are increasing especially Omicron variant emerged.

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1 year ago

Different countries with different beliefs but all I know is they make business about this Covid. The poor makes poorer. What happened to the world all are feeling brilliant about covid issue but no one gives a cure but only protection which is vaccine but it's not 100% safe. Oh God so help us with this madness.

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1 year ago

Covid19 is growing in such a way that every country has started giving new lockdown again. The situation in different countries of the world is getting very bad. In fact, it is a matter of thinking.

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1 year ago