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our sons imitate us

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1 month ago

Uno is only four years old and most of the time he imitates what we did in our home. Most of the time I captured it through cellphones and it really amazes us.

When I'm in the kitchen, he always said that he will help me in preparing our meal. He loves to eat fish soup, vegetables especially squash. This is the time I am preparing our lunch, and it is tinola with malungay.

Every morning I used to visit my plants and repot some every time he saw me definitely he will do the same.

When he saw his father cleaning our jeep he will imitate what his father did.

Most of the time his father does a lot of fixing in our home all of his daddy tools he knows where to get it.

Their bonding as father and son is a hobby for them.

I know most of the kids in this generation tend to be more engaged in gadgets than helping their parents. It is very important for us parents to be a good example for our children because in that way we can say that we did our best not to be a perfect but good example for them. Time is so precious nowadays that's why we must spend it with our children wisely. As mothers, we did a lot of things in our home most of the time we ignore their feelings as a child we need to explain or as much as possible engage them in our daily activity with supervision.

He must be in kinder right now but I decided not to enroll him but to my surprise, he sings and knows the letters in the alphabet, colors shapes, and sizes and sings well and most of all he already knew how to pray, every night he will remind me to close my eyes and pray.

He is still young but I am proud to say that we did our best to see the good things in life, we don't have much but we have each other.

Thank you in advance for reading this article about my son's achievements in our home.

His name is uno and I wrote some articles about him hope you will know him better.

Be safe everyone and Godbless

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Written by   47
1 month ago
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Each child imitates and this already starts at the age of 1+. If a child is into watching telly, gadgets, drags a phone for sure he imitates his parents too.

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1 month ago