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My son only wish

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5 months ago

All parents will feel the same most of the kids know how to wish for something they want to have like toys, foods, clothes, gadgets, or be at the place they want to visit, but my 3 years old son is so different, his only wish is for me not to go for work.

Uno is only 3 years old and for me, he is so special for seeing those traits that are not usual for a 3 years old kid. All of our children we may say that they are special in their different way but for me, he really touched my heart. Ill explain first why he is so special to me and how his wish melts my heart.

He learns how to care for people.

There was a time when I saw him beside my mother-in-law tapping her back and gave a glass of water, I and my partner are the ones who take care of his grandmother, she is 80 years old and been half-paralyzed for almost ten years; he saw all the things that we did for his grandmother and into my surprise he almost doing the same thing for her.

Most of the time my partner have a morning routine to exercise and when he saw his father who sweated a lot, he runs to the closet and got a towel, wiping all the sweat in his back and asked her father to change his clothes and he is also the one who gets the shirt. I am really proud of my son and thank God he gave me a son like him.

He had a nephew who is 6 years old and he likes to play with him after they play he saw his nephew who sweated a lot, then he sad to remove his clothes and he started to wipe the back, a 3 years old who cared for a 6 years old kid it amazed me on how he cares for others. When he had playmates he really wants to share food and toys.

He is very organized with things he had and valued them with all of his heart.

I had noticed that all the things that I put in a place he gets back the same way I place it. I put all of his toys and display them on the shelves of the play store and I always notice that he always organized it after the play. I once told him to put everything in a proper place. when he got a gift he will hug it even if as he sleeps, most of his toys are all intact and in good condition except for those his playmate is the reason why it is got damaged. He also knows the place where are the things we need, there is a time my partner is looking for a bedsheet and he keeps looking and my son noticed and he told his father where it is, my partner got amazed.

He is always there to help.

His father is the one who fixes our motor and jeep, every time he saw his father fixing it no matter what he is doing he will be at his father side and try to help, he already knows some tools like a screw, when fixing our house, he also want to help actually he had toys like a hammer, screw, but now he wants the real one, one time I saw him with real hammer and nails and he nailed it well, all I can do is to smile and get amazed on how he nailed it and did not hurt himself. Every time he saw me doing the chores he always wants to help.

He is very sensitive to his surroundings.

My partner, I never fight but when we are talking most of the time we raised our voice and he asked if we are fighting, and we said no we were just discussing something. When his playmate is crying he immediately asked why and comforts them. When he saw that I was in pain he immediately gets me water and my liniment for the pain he always saw me with liniment because most of the time I had a migraine.

He believes in God

Most of the time he is sick he always said that he will pray and then he will get ok, he also knows what to do when he feels pain, there was a time that he had a stomach ache and he asked me to put a healing oil that we always use when getting ache.

He always says thank you

Most of our relative said that he raised him well because every time someone who gave him something he will definitely say thank you.

His only wish

Last night was such a memorable thing with me, it is my training on a home from work and I was in a call when he cried so loud it is about 10 minutes before midnight he is with his father I shut down the computer immediately after I heard him, it was my dream job and when the time gave me that moment to work from home but suddenly I've heard my son cried that hard I got emotional and run quickly to the room and hug him so tight, then I recall a brain trainer said to prioritize the things that matter to us and he is the most important thing that happened in my life. When I asked him why he cried he said that he doesn't want me to work and I explained that I have to work because we don't have enough money to buy milk, and all the things that he wants and he said that he will not ask anything and wish for me not to work and he melts my heart. This video is when he asked his daddy not to work he loves being with his father, most of the time his father decided not to drive and stay with him and save every money that we had for him

I decided to give up the training because I know he is too young to understand, work is important but ill try to find other ways to earn and help my partner in our daily needs not to brag about my son's feelings, he is so important to us God will provide and with my son I really want to secure his feelings while he is still young because time might come that he will have his own time for his self but from now I love being with him.

By the way, my son's name is Uno,I gave him that name because it is the name of the lead character in my favorite movie Just the 3 of us. I am so proud to have him in our lives.

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Written by   40
5 months ago
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You have a very good boy. You taught him well by showing the right way of caring for others. May he grow healthy and remain kind hearted. ❣️

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5 months ago