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New Month: And the Goal Continues..

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1 month ago

February ended a few days ago. And here comes March! Another month and another chance to be productive!

I've set a goal this year and I can say, I'm still too far from achieving it. My journey is just like the price of BCH, I've been through humps and bumps and I'm about to lose confidence.

No retreat, no surrender!

Oh, I feel like a soldier here. But I always heard of this saying when I was a little, and I never took it seriously. I always find it funny when someone is saying this while impersonating a fighter. And today, as the new month enters, I uttered this quotation to myself, that I will never retreat and won't surrender pursuing my goals.

A little recap, I started holding my Bitcoin Cash last December 29 and I was very determined to achieve it this year. My first month is like a roller-coaster ride full of surprises. I'm feeling lucky to received bless the ings of BCH from random personalities. I'm blessed, very blessed to be a part of this community. But then, sunshine won't last always. There'll be a storm to test my faith and my inner me.

Here are my January top events.

  • The mysterious $20 tipper

Someone anonymous tipped me through QR code and I'm still wondering who's that generous person sent me that amount on New Year's eve.

  • My $200 tipped Article

How BCH Changed Me

I wrote this article out of gratitude and happiness towards BCH. How my perspective in life altered and turned by BCH. This article was purposely written to inspire other people and to attest through my little story that Bitcoin Cash is not only making numerical values but a deep value within a person, inside. And I didn't expect to receive hugely upvotes from the generous personalities here on read. cash. Thank you for making my first month vibrant!

  • Giveaway Winner!

In just a month, I earned a fair amount of BCH because of joining giveaways. I'm just joining leaving my luck and fortune. And, I became the fortunate one being the giveaway winner of @be_cashy on Twitter last January 27, 2021. So lucky isn't it? And I'm so happy that night. It wasn't foreseen.

I ended the first month with my progress, and I accumulated 0.39 BCH on for my 1BCH journey.

These are only some of the highlights of my goal this past January.

When the month of February enters, I made an article titled, How lucky I am with Bitcoin Cash.

It shows there my fortunate moments on how I received the blessing written above

My February started actively, just like how I'm writing this article at this moment. I am hopeful and full of faith that the month will be fine and good since it only has 28 days. But my month of February is a little harsh.

There came personal battles in the real-life that I thought could ruin my senses. Problems that were hard for me deeply, but gladly, I somehow overcome them. Though I'm a bit cloudy at the moment, I know everything will be better soon.

I know that my progress is too slow, yet I'm still hoping to achieve my every goal this year.

My Earnings after a month

So, here are my earnings in February as of today, and upon my calculations, I only added 0.06 BCH to it. I'm taking too slow but I won't give up. I may not be active as always but I am here just. occupied with the things I deal with in the real world.

But if I'll combine my earnings and, I'm in 0.8 BCH now. But still, I have set a goal to keep all my earnings until it gets 1BCH. So, I'll continue the journey until the end.

Just like what I wrote in my previous article, “Just Relax. Take it slow and let the good times roll”,

“I'll just take it slow until I reach my goal, and let the good times on my real-world and these two platforms roll. But I won’t stop writing even @TheRandomRewarder or Rusty might forget me, I will go on with my writings and share my experiences and thoughts here, just what I've said before a couple of times, the only tool I have are my experiences and adventures. It’s my sword and my armor, and I’m willing I learn further from inspiring people, I’ll meet as days pass by.”

I won't quit despite the hardships I'm facing, it's just a problem and I believe every problem has a solution. And it always happens for a certain reason. I guess it is to make me more optimistic and determined with my purpose. And believe in me again.

I just want to add that I finally rename my second page on Facebook to BCH modern Filipina.

This page is intended to onbard more Filipinos especially Filipinas to Bitcoin Cash. It's part of my way to help spreading awareness of BCH out of gratitude. But I haven't started to post and make it active since I'm still occupied with my personal obligations.

I'm still looking forward to this month and keep myself on track. I will do my best to achieve the goal that I aimed for. But I won't push myself harder, I'll just make my efforts and the things I should be doing.

Let's all hope for this month to be prosperous! And I'm wishing everyone with the same goal as me Good luck. 🙏🏻💚


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Written by   306
1 month ago
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