SST: Christians| There are no potions to solve problems.

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5 months ago

I always do how I can the moments of the people I wish I did not have a magic formula, you know that one would say two drops of Mata Mouse water, 3 basil leaves and that would be like the magic formula to face the difficulties. There are no potions to solve problems, whoever proposes magic formulas, be suspicious, be careful, because life is always complex, always has nuances, has grays that you do not know what to do, until you face them or live them.

It is worthwhile to establish some reflections, some guidelines that allow us to build our own response to the difficulties that we face every day.

The first thing to say is that problems are part of life, I could almost say that they are impossible, inevitable and at the same time necessary.

Because sometimes we imagine a world in which there are no problems walking on clouds and no, life is not like that, in life there are always undulations, there are obstacles to jump, there are moments when we fall; that is life, it is part of our existence, and of course! in each of these experiences we have life lessons, learning to face them and move forward.

The first thing I do is to understand that nothing is eternal.

No problem is forever, remember the saying "No evil lasts 100 years, no body can resist it", when you are in a downpour of water, you think that the downpour is eternal, that it will never stop, the first thing you have to have in front of the problem is that this will pass, everything is temporary.

Seek to be a better human being from your experience.

Problems cannot be avoided, neither can they be looked for in the corners, I do not say that, but I know that they will be there without you looking for them, I also know that some problems are sought after, obviously it is up to each person, but others arrive, others appear suddenly like accidents. The important thing is to have serenity and be smarter than the problem, to take the good out of that situation, so that it does not happen again.

Third, complaining and worrying does not solve problems.

That is the wrong way to go, in fact, I believe that complaining feeds back a pessimistic attitude, a victim attitude that serves to solve problems.

Did you know that many people suffer for things that did not happen?

There are people who start to suffer and cry because of illnesses and go to the doctor and they have nothing and they have already suffered for a week and they are no longer calm and happy because of something that did not happen.

In my case I somatize my worries a lot, that anguish takes over my body and my bones start to ache, with time I have learned to manage this situation, I have learned to control it. It is from this life experience that I speak, so that you do not go through what I did.

You have to be patient.

Those who know me know that I am impatient, I like everything to be fast, I definitely believe that I was not born the day they gave me the gift of patience, but problems are not solved by magic, but no, "you have to be patient", you have to go little by little. Otherwise, you will be filled with inner tragedies that will not bring anything good to your life.

Work on the solution, worry!

We said that worrying does not solve our problems, so get busy, intelligently study the possibilities, _ what can be done? What needs to be organized? If it is a financial problem, then think about what to cut?

Fight, work, get involved, make things happen, because sometimes we expect things to happen by themselves, but No! You must make them happen. How often do we say we want to have a better relationship with our children, well work on that, make it happen for real.

Last but not least, trust in God, do things always accompanied by him, ask him for advice, learn to pray from the heart that surely he will listen to you. God is always by our side and he made us in his image and likeness so that we have everything to get ahead. Never turn away from him.

First - everything passes, nothing lasts forever,

Second - seek to grow, learn the lessons of that situation.

Third - understand that complaining and worrying do not solve problems.

Fourth - be patient.

Fifth - Work on the solution, analyzing, acting, previously taking assertive decisions.

This is all for today, thank you all for being there, thank you for sharing this moment, thank you to my sponsors, I send you greetings and a big hug.

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5 months ago


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Hola amiga, I am very interested, give me more information.

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4 months ago

This is right Carolina and I love what you said "That is the wrong way to go, in fact, I believe that complaining feeds back a pessimistic attitude, a victim attitude that serves to solve problems."

There is no express (unless it's an option) process. We are given issues because God knows we can handle it. Act and respond.

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4 months ago

I was literally captivated by the roses actually, the colors are so cute. I love the white one and first as well cause I'm not really into pure pink. Anyways, above all else we have to ask for knowledge and wisdom to God before we do it all, so lean not only to your understanding, in all your ways we have to acknowledge Him and he shall direct your path.

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4 months ago

For a worrier like me, I have to remind myself all the time not to do it or complain but rather find things that works.

These are great reminds and very timely for I needed these. Thanks for sharing!

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5 months ago

Being pessimistic only increases ouown problem. Better have an open talk. Are these roses from your garden.

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5 months ago

We do have to be patient, the patient people always get the best in the end

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5 months ago