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Appreciating Nature!

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5 months ago

Before I finally transfer some photos from my phone, why not share them here! Photography has been part of my daily routine. Yes, my day would not be complete without any addition of picture or videon in my gallery. I would inspect or conduct inventory of my plants as I have been collecting some since the start of the lockdown just to capture the unique details of their leaves, flowers, if they have visitors like insects in them.

Aside from sky, clouds, sunsets as my subjects, I find plants as one of the coolest, most intricate and challenging subjects too. And so, without further ado here are my plants and flowers collection for 2-3 months. Enjoy!

Capsicum flow
  • This capsicum I gave to my sister-in-law and found it l hiding in between it's two leaves, but it cannot hide from my lens for sure.

Hibiscus flower
  • Captured this hibiscus flower before it fully bloomed but this ant cannot wait any longer.

  • I find this one very amusing as the sun rays seems like striking through the water droplets hanging on the adenium flower.

Trapped water droplets
  • After series of rain these past few days, last Monday, me and my daughter went to the field with the hope that I could capture something different from my usual subject. Lucky enough, I saw these water droplets trapped on a web. They looked like crystals and wait, the owner of the web was also spotted!

Anthurium flower
  • I was checking some flowers in our garden when I noticed the tip of the anthurium's flower. I find it very cute.

Mayana flower
  • One of my mayanas is already blooming. It's flower are too tiny that you need a macro lens to better capture its details. And this one looks like a face of an insect but its actually the tip of the flower and soon will bloom as well.

Pretty periwinkle
  • My favorite periwinkle is a stunner especially when soaked in the rain. Those tiny droplets on every petal looks nice amd adds beauty in it.

Insulin plant flower
  • This insulin never gets tired from showing its flower. From the day that I brought it at home until today, it never stopped from blooming. They said the leaves of this plant can help cure diabetes.

Custard apple
  • This is the custard apple in front of our house. Captured it as early as 7 o'clock to capture the sun's reflection in every drop. And it turned out well, I think😊.

Monstera Adansonii
  • One of my favorite plant in my garden is no other than Monstera Adansonii! I asked it from my neighbor and it only has 3 leaves back then. Now, it has grown so tall and I was able to share some of it to my neighbors although some would say I should sell them. I might consider that one day😄

Black velvet
  • This is my black velvet plant. I asked it as a Christmas gift of my brother's friend. She was actually hesitant at first and even asked her mom if she was allowed to take off one. I thought it was already dead last month since its leaves are no longer around. Then last week when I have an inventory, I was so delighted to see not just one leaf but tow?


I have more pictures here but my eyes are already drooping.

You may want to check my YT Channel to see more of my garden. (Here's the link)

Thanks for your time and God bless us all.

Keep inspiring. Keep smiling.

All images are mine.

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Written by   122
5 months ago
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-Compilation of beautiful natures photography...❤

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5 months ago

Thanks sissy!

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5 months ago

Nature is sweet... Nice write-up. I just joined your channel.

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5 months ago

Thank you😊

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5 months ago