Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash help Filecoin mortgage system 

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We all know that whether it is a customer who wants to store files in Filecoin or a miner who is mining, they need to pay FIL.

But in the early days, we can also foresee that there will not be many FILs on the market.

As a user, what should we do if we don't have many FIL?

Method 01: Bitcoin

ChainX, a public chain that Polka has launched, has given a set of plans.

We all know that Polkadot has always been committed to building a blockchain that integrates different public chains. On Polka, various public chains can communicate with each other and exchange tokens.

Although Polka is still under development, one of its public chains has been launched, ChainX. 

After paying attention to IPFS and Filecoin for a long time, they found that Filecoin is a storage market enough to attract a lot of capital. Joining the Filecoin ecosystem can be "profitable" to achieve a win-win situation.

 ChainX users who want to store their files in Filecoin can directly use BTC for storage and payment .

Method 02: Bitcoin Cash

Permissionless Software Foundation, the license-free software foundation, aims to promote the growth of open source software and the adoption of bitcoin cash worldwide, focusing on software development and promotion, so that individuals can easily protect their privacy and avoid censorship.

On the 11th, the foundation announced that the system it operates will be bridged after the Filecoin mainnet is launched, and a program will be added to allow users to directly use BCH to pay for data storage on the Filecoin network .

It is believed that in the future, more projects will join the ranks of the bridge, and by that time, more coins will be able to pay for Filecoin storage, which will facilitate the storage of our users.

Although Filecoin is not yet online, from the current perspective, many public chains and project parties are paying close attention. As ChainX said, cooperating with Filecoin to join the ecology is a win-win initiative for both parties.

Filecoin can be exchanged into USD, BTC, ETH and other currencies on the world's top exchanges

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Wow 😍 Your article explained it really informative ❤️ And it has a discussion about FIL token, although this is my 2nd time I heard about this token.

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