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RedCash Course: From Zero To Hero With Bitcoin Cash

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1 month ago

Have you put into practice every information you receive from all sources to play in the crypto market? I wish you to be a successful trader.

Don't forget to pray for me to be one of all of you who start trading in crypto. There is one question that was born from a void in the wallet, how to become a trader but we are people who do not have the capital to trade in the market?

I am one of you who only see other people trading in the crypto market. At first it was like that. It's because I don't have the capital.

However, I can give a little advice for those of you who want to play in the market with free crypto. At least, you can try to collect all these cryptocurrencies before you learn and practice in the market.

My Trading Records for August 2021

Starting from Zero

Before me, there were several articles published here about platforms or apps that give you free crypto.

The first order are readcash and noisecash which are the best platforms currently to accept Bitcoin Cash. These two platforms are better and easier to use than other existing platforms.

So, you can play Bitcoin Cash in the market because you receive Bitcoin Cash from readcash and noisecash.

In addition, Bitcoin Cash is quite stable as part of the top 20 cryptocurrencies according to the ranking of the crypto market. So, your money will be safer if you invest it in Bitcoin Cash.

Other cryptocurrencies such as steem dollars from steemit, hive from hive, AMPL and others from Publish0x, as well as other platforms are part of your way to receive crypto for free.

You can collect those cryptocurrencies as initial capital before trading in the crypto market by: selling, holding your money, then buying crypto at a low price, then selling at a high price.

How to collect those cryptocurrencies apart from writing and creating content? All of these cryptocurrencies require hard work and smart work from us.

readcash will really help your activities in the crypto market if you receive visits from @MarcDeMesel @Ellie @RogerVer and random bots of course. The latter is the most helpful for writers on readcash.

While steemit and hive have different concepts. There are popes who form communities giving jobs to curators. Then, the curator provides a curation that will bring your content to the voter.

For Publish0x and other platforms, I don't know yet how you can receive more. If you know of another way, you can share that information with readers by leaving a comment here.

Smart is 50%

Let's go back to the last article, all the crypto you receive for free is part of the hard work of figuring out what articles you want to write and how you find potential readers. Each platform has a different way of giving more money to writers.

  • readcash, steemit, hive, Publish0x, and other platforms have different ways according to the initial agreement of the founders and developers of these platforms.

To prevent problems that arise because of jealousy. Almost all platforms have different challenges to collect crypto. Therefore, there is a 50:50 division that you can apply.

What does it mean?

That means, 50% for trading and 50% for activity on the platform. That 50% can be further divided into 50:50, which is 25% for activities on the platform and 25% for investments in your wallet.

There is no compulsion for you to use all the crypto you receive. There are no certain conditions. All these activities are legal and do not require permission from anyone.

No one is authorized to regulate your activities. So, there are times where you take it all or you give it all, the activity is a free choice for you to choose.

Suppose you make 10 BCH, 100 steem dollars, 100 hives, 100 ifarms, and 100 AMPL or something else. You can start trading in the following ways:

First, you move your assets like 5 BCH, 50 steem dollars, 50 hives, 50 amps, and 50 ifarms to the market.

Second, you keep 2.5 BCH, 25 steem dollars, 25 hives, 25 amps, and 25 iframs in your wallet for long term investments.

Third, you can choose to use 2.5 BCH, 25 steem dollars, 25 hive, 25 ampl, and 25 ifram to help your friends on the platform that gives the crypto or you can choose to use the crypto in another way.

How to Avoid Losses in the Market

From my experience and from the information I received from many platforms that give lessons about the crypto market. In essence, you have nothing to lose as long as you can buy, hold, and sell smartly.

How to calculate playing time in the market? No need to calculate with math.

You just need to buy and watch the market development. If you see a potential profit of 1% to 3%, you can sell.

However, how can the selling price be lower than the purchase price?

Aren't we at a loss?


When the price drops, everyone is telling you to hold your crypto. If you already know that the sale is a loss.

Why are you selling your crypto on the market?

You have to be patient and endure. There is no other solution apart from holding back. I have a friend who holds his assets for more than a month or two because the selling price does not exceed the purchase price.

Therefore, as long as the stability of the crypto is still good. Why should you sell the cryptocurrency when the price drops?

You have to hold on and hold on again. Give time to study other assets as long as the selling price is still below the buy price. These are all economic theories of the market that are known to all the inhabitants of this earth.

Alternatively, if you see the selling price is going down, you can increase your investment and add more and more.

Game From Airdrop

Apart from writing as I told you at the beginning of this article, another option is to search for free crypto through airdrops. There are many conditions to take part in the airdrop. Because there is an airdrop which is part of the scam. I've been following that scam.

However, I still don't know how to check for legal airdrops. One of the airdrops that I'm trying right now is the airdrop from Tokocrypto. This TKO airdrop gives you TKO after you complete the given mission, please check here:

Or, you can search for free coins on twitter, because I see a lot of people using this method.

Even so, you weren't forced. Feel free to try and ask your other friends to find the appropriate airdrop information. And, don't forget that crypto risk is high risk.

You should be more careful to follow all programs according to your information and knowledge.

Or, I say again, you can ask your friends who are experienced in the crypto market or airdrops.

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Written by   238
1 month ago
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I switched from short-term buy and sell transactions to medium and long-term transactions. I'm short of time

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1 month ago

I want to trade my crypto but I don't have much time to watch over the prices so I'm just holding all my earnings in my wallet and withdraw what I needed when the prices are high.

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1 month ago

That's even more interesting, you have time to be patient and train to look for information about BCH or news about BCH

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1 month ago

Ah yeah, I'm still learning about BCH but I'm not that interested into trading. Even so, since we still have to trade BCH into our country's official currency, we didn't have much choice but to learn trading.

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1 month ago

I'll try that of the tokocrypto and hope it is the best airdrop that is quite genuine at this time cos I've been involved majorly with other scam airdrops that only seem to take even a chunk out of the little tokens you are trying to hodl. This is a great information from you and I think I'd give it a try thanks a lot. More so, I think I would appreciate a more education on how to make use of the publishox cos I've been a member with them for some time running but I've really been unable to understand their system given its rigorous nature and approach

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1 month ago

I'm not active either because I don't have any more ideas to be active there

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1 month ago

BCH truly blessing to all of us💛 Truly agree!

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1 month ago

All is part of learning to live a better life

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1 month ago

Indeed!!! It is a lifelong learning.

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1 month ago