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Your BCH: Keep Silent or Play in the Market

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1 month ago

If there was a chance for you to choose, would you buy to save or buy to buy again? There is a difference between the poor and the rich in trading from the market.

Is the market profitable every day? Or, are you just looking at the market without buying anything? Each answer to the question is a choice that comes from your own decision. We choose the market and we know what the consequences of each trade will be.

This article describes the following of:

  1. Differences in the perspective of the rich and the poor when looking at the market, risks, and opportunities

  2. The difference in profit from investment, the bigger your investment, the bigger your profit

  3. The market is not always good to us

  4. Read market opportunities from BCH

  5. Loans, Interest and Opportunities

Rich and Poor

If you have the capital to trade, you should see if you have more than your monthly requirement. Otherwise, you are the same person as me. Because we are still poor.

While the rich, they buy assets with consideration and strong analysis. Then the rich will buy a lot of crypto and save. They play for a huge price. They pay to buy cryptocurrencies that are over $500 and receive more profit according to their investment.

On the other hand, I who do not have the capital to invest choose to play in the daily market. Small capital and small profits. I chose to look for profits that could give me $10.

For this August, I've received three times of $10. The price is the same as one trending article here. There are even some people who earn more than $10 for each day. I try to read the market and look for $1 to $5 every day. So that I belong to the group of poor people who have a dream to reach $1000 every day, that's my dream.

Did the poor get rich in the market from crypto? Of course, We can.

We should read more information from the market. We must seek sustainable profits. We have to read the crypto you can buy every day and the crypto you can sell every day. Thus, the price difference from buying and selling becomes an asset and capital that is mined every day.

The Difference between 1% and 1%

What did you say? 1% is 1%.

You're right.

However, I will invite you to read this 1% with a difference about the cryptos we invest in. Now, I have $100 and you have $1000. I paid $100 for one particular coin. While those who have $ 1000 will have more profits. The 1% profit I receive is not the same as the 1% they receive.

So, 1% has a different value that comes from what investments we buy in the market.

For the daily market, we can see the full day price changes. We can see profits from 1% to 3%. Then, we can hold or buy other cryptocurrencies. Then wait for 1% to 3%. This is in contrast to 1% to 3% of 1 BCH.

When I paid $100 for TKO and it's not the same as those who can buy 1BCH outright. For today's market, 1% of TKO does not equal 1% of BCH. However, I kept buying and selling to learn to read the charts of the market.

Market Is Freedom

Does the market give you a profit every day? No. Of course.

However, there are opportunities that come from any information we get from anywhere. I played around in some cryptocurrencies to remember the development of the price in the market. So, I can choose to earn 1% to 3% or I will stop and see when I sell the crypto. I haven't been able to receive the daily profit.

Why is the market not good? Because my knowledge of the market doesn't match my expectations. So, I have to have the patience to find information about the limited market. The options to buy are also limited.

Should I choose BIDR or USDT? The options for BIDR are very limited. I choose to be able to find out if today's market is better than yesterday's market. Then, I held back to be able to make a profit tomorrow.

BCH: Save or Trade

Another example: If you have 1BCH, will it be 1 BCH in the next few days? If you answered yes. You are a newcomer like me.

However, if you have 0.5 BCH and you sell it on the market. Then, trade it to buy BCH again. I don't know, but the potential to earn 1 BCH from trading will be achieved.

This happens when 1 BCH is over $1000. Then, you sell the 1 BCH. Some time later, when 1 BCH equals $500, you can buy 2 BCH.

Next example: You keep 50% of that BCH and trade 50% on the market. From my experience, it's better than us keeping 100% BCH in the wallet. However, all of that is a choice.

If we have 1 BCH. So, we can save 0.5 BCH and start trading with another 0.5 BCH. So, 0.5BCH in that market would be 1 BCH. I'm trying the first and second way. If I can collect 1 BCH. I will tell readers through the articles I publish.

Be Careful of Loans

There are other options for starting trading, but I don't recommend you to do this. Loans, whether you borrow from the bank or you borrow money from anyone.

I don't recommend that you start trading on loans. However, you can consider this way to start trading.

First, you have to know how much the interest expense on the loan is? Can you calculate daily profits with loan interest.

In general, interest from a loan at a bank will be set for one month of the loan period. Suppose we borrow $1000 with $100 interest for one month. You should be able to calculate how much profit from trading.

Second, if you choose to borrow money and trade on the market from crypto. We have to be very careful when buying crypto. You can look for cryptocurrencies that can give you more than $100 for one month.

So that we can pay off the loan and interest on the loan, but we still receive profits from the market.

For this last resort, I have not dared to borrow more than $1000 because I have debts of more than $2000. If I don't have debt. It's possible that I will use the option to borrow and start trading on crypto.

If you have a steady income every month. You can write and store BCH without having to read trades from crypto. Or, you can use another method. You can share your story with readers so that readers follow the steps you have passed.

The most important note: Never trust anyone including me. I'm not your financial consultant. I'm not the kind of person who has earned $1000 per day in the market from crypto. I am you who are both studying in this market. Remember, there are always risks and opportunities in this cryptocurrency. You have the freedom to choose the opportunities as well as risks from the market.

Thanks for read my articles, I hope you find interesting articles:

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Written by   236
1 month ago
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I am just starting to do spot trading because I really don't have enough knowledge in trading. I still need to learn more about crypto especially BCH. Thanks for this informative article 🤗

$ 0.00
1 month ago

So am I, we are learners and good luck to you

$ 0.00
1 month ago

true, we must always be careful of loans.. i am trying now to trade and also invest my earnings here to other options like nft gamings

$ 0.00
1 month ago

It's a good choice and you will have more choices later

$ 0.00
1 month ago

thanks dear!

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I bought quite a bit of bch during the fall in July. I'm already earning but I'm looking forward to above previous levels. If it happens, I'm rich, if not, I'm still poor :D

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Don't be afraid to learn, we will find our own distinctive pattern from experience in the market

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I have money for investing, and money for spending. I keep the two separated for a reason. Because money for spending is obviously for things I need. Investing money is for things I want...mostly to increase the value of my portfolio of course and increase my wealth.

I like your presentation of the 1% example. It is important for people to understand that 1% is the same no matter how much you put in. But of course 1% is a higher amount the MORE you put in. But it is still 1%.

The thing is to start small, build on it, KNOW AND UNDERSTAND very well what you are investing in so that you can make the wisest decisions about what to do and when to do it, or what not to do. Eventually things start looking better and better, and the return from that 1% becomes greater and greater...

Always also keep in mind that MOST rich people did not start off that way. At some point they were just like you. Starting small and working their way up.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

As long as we know that 1% comes from capital and market developments, we will receive according to what we learn

$ 0.00
1 month ago for now I only trade in Stormgain which is having a good profit to me as of now..but if I will be asked to trade or save my savings I guess I'd rather just save for now..since I'm not that good trader yet, I still afraid to take a risk hehe

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Like I said, you should focus on 1% and 3%, take when it goes down and sell when you see the numbers from 1 and 3

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Indeed market is freedom I agree to you. I don't do trading because I am doubtful and inexperience -in short s newbie. I don't know the ways and hows of the market and the trading. This article helps me to understand and some what encourage me to try but with caution of course. Not now but soon, I could see myself trading because why not right? Market is freedom.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

use 50% BCH from readcash to study, you can take the BCH back when the price drops

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1 month ago