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2 months ago

Experience gives us the data and information to read reality from each memory. An event will be stored in memory and provide data and information. An event that accumulates in memory provides a stimulus to the nerves to store data and information in the brain.

Therefore, humans are called the most perfect creatures of all created by God. Because the brain and nerves are the best power possessed by humans.

From this introduction, I want to give an example that we can have the power to change the future from memory as long as we live.

So, we are able to predict what to plan, what to do, how to do what we have planned and how to evaluate plans and work every day, every week, every month, and at the end of the year.

It is the power of memory and we are the managers of our own memory.

How Do We Make a Plan

The first step in planning is to look for data and information that comes from our experiences. The data and information comes from daily activities that are recorded in the brain.

We do not realize that repetitive daily activities are orders from nature under human consciousness that come from the brain.

To plan, we must record and rewrite each memory. Then, we select data and information from daily activities. Therefore, we are able to select the information and data needed to develop the best plan.

Does the information from memory require additional information from the internet, books, or interviews? All of the existing data and information requires updating information from other sources. Then, we can develop ideas for bigger plans.

How to Map the Plan

We have compiled information and data from all memories and set targets. Someone will ask where do we start with that plan? Are we working randomly? It could be. But random work will become a daily activity that we already do every day.

The Random work cannot speed up the time to reach the target. Like a destination, we must know the path we are going to take, are we using a ship, a plane, an electric train, or a car? How to?

The target comes from existing data and information. Then, the target is divided into smaller targets. We have to use the word of how to set those little goals.

How do I do that? How do I find new information? How do I find relationships that will help me achieve this goal? etc. Prepare 1000 questions about how.

Don't Say Later and Tomorrow

One of the reason of failure when we say "I will do this, later" or "I will do this, tomorrow".

You know my friend, later or tomorrow is the first enemy we must defeat. Later and tomorrow is the reason why I lost everything from my monthly plan.

Later and Tomorrow is the cause of me repeating my mistakes in may, july and august maybe.

We must know that procrastination will add energy for a useless day. We waste our best time working. Every time we procrastinate the work is the same as adding time to reach the target.

I want to earn $1000 from readcash. However, I will write an article, later or tomorrow. Can you publish articles? Of course not. You have wasted time publishing articles when you said later or tomorrow.

How to Take Small Goals

Have we read a book that provides information about the market for cryptocurrencies? Have we watched the video that tells how cryptocurrency trading works?

Then, have we bought the crypto? If we want to trade then we have to start from buying. Because we have to buy to own assets.

After we buy crypto and own assets. Of course, the crypto comes from daily information about the buy and sell prices. Information about the volume traded on a daily basis.

Information about the percentage of rising or falling of the daily trade. Then, you wait for the time to buy and then plan when you sell.

When did you sell the crypto?

There is an option to receive daily profit. You can select from all cryptocurrencies. Is there any crypto that can give 1%, 3% or 5% profit. If the cryptocurrency goes down, the predictions of a daily price drop are 1%, 3% and 5%.

After that, you determine what percentage of the potential will be profitable. You can choose 1% or 3% to view daily information of trades.

For daily victories, we must not allow lust to win. We have to keep the consistency from 1% to 3%.

How long?

Of course until we can command the brain to collect data and information from daily trading. In time, we can choose 3% and 5% for daily profit.

A Consideration of Trade

Every trade has risk. Good plans and good work are associated with risk. We must know that risk is additional information that gives us the opportunity to plan updates of plans and daily work.

Big risks are good lessons. Every risk gives us a stimulus to be creative when we are at risk.

If you judge that the risk is too big. You just have to hold back and think of other options. Investment is a positive word of risk.

When we hold back at the same time we have an investment. There is no negative word of risk. Because risk gives us time to invest and invest again and again.

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Written by   238
2 months ago
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In my own plans, I think we are a little more on par with the reading and the rewriting of what we've read down for future use given the strong and powerful store house of the brain coupled with the combined super retentive memory of the human brain to function in such a dynamic ways. Yes, I really love that point a lot

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This is informative and I will be it to practice no more later but now is the time to write and publish my articles

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