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Introducing Points (PTS) - a new token for rewarding in-game play on SLP

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6 months ago (Last updated: 5 months ago)
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When we first launched JOY, we expected some interest in our project. Nothing could have prepared us for the past 2 months. In just a short amount of time we have:

  • Launched SEP20 JOY ✅

  • Launched SLP>SEP20 Bridge ✅

  • Completed an IBO fundraiser for 1M JOY SEP20 worth $60,000 ✅

  • Launched our Token Details paper

  • Broke the top 10 most transacted SLP tokens on Bitcoin Cash ✅

  • Bridged over 800,000 SLP tokens to SEP20 (est value $40,000) ✅

  • Seen the price of JOY rice from 3c to 6c per JOY ✅

  • Launched 5 games ✅

  • Completed 2 reward halvings ✅

  • Optimized payouts for load and performance ✅

  • Added skill based progressive rewards to games ✅

As a result of this tremendous growth, we are 1-2 years ahead of our schedule. We have nearly completed another roadmap milestone, which was to migrate all of the SLP tokens to SEP20 SmartBCH. However, the smartBCH version of is still in development. In addition, our admin wallets have rewarded 99.99% of the JOY SLP tokens that we are in control of. That's right. We ran out of JOY-SLP to give away.

That means there are currently only ~200,000 JOY-SLP in circulation. We expect most of that will be bridged in time. Though some may be lost, forgotten, or ignored, just as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereu

JOY rewards will continue on the SmartBCH version of as soon as it is launched. Until then...

New SLP token reward: ⭐POINTS (PTS)

Users who play on Layer1 BCH will now begin earning a new SLP token. This token will only be rewarded on Bitcoin Cash layer one and NOT on SmartBCH. This is a great opportunity for our gamers who joined late, to begin all over again.

What is POINTS (PTS)?

Users who play games, earn points. It's as simple as that. You do well in your game, you can see your points in the game. We reward PTS based on your performance in game, just like JOY. The in-game points you score will not match 1:1 with the PTS you earn. However we will ensure a fair points reward is calculated and given out to gamers. Layer 1 BCH Rewards:

Max Reward: 25,000 PTS

Min Reward: 5,000 PTS

PTS will have 3 forms of utility:

  1. Proof of skill - Users who have lots of POINTS (PTS) on SLP, are inherently more skillful gamers.

  2. Bridge token to Governance - Users gaming on BCH with SLP can bridge their POINTS (PTS) to the SmartBCH Network to exchange PTS for JOY and increase the weight of their governance vote, pending governance tooling on smartBCH. We will be working with our friends at SpiceBot to handle the bridging of 1:1 slp-sep20 tokens.

  3. Tipping token - As the price of $JOY has increased steadily, users are less likely to tip and reward in the token of higher value. POINTS (PTS) make it easier to tip larger amounts on telegram, twitter, or p2p.

  4. NFT Prizes - Use your collected PTS (SEP20) to participate in Prizes. New series will be released regularly allowing users to spend their PTS on prizes such as collectibles, art, in game upgrades, and more.

Points (PTS) Market Cap

  • 21 Billion Points have been minted on SLP

  • 21 Billion Points have been minted on SmartBCH

  • admins will retain the SLP mint baton should further points need to be issued due to delays in smartBCH launch or wider Bitcoin Cash community adoption of the protocol - example: If major wallets don't support smartBCH in time.

    This provides admins with a token it can more issue since it does not have a fixed supply, like our dear friend $JOY has. This means we'll always have enough PTS to reward users based on gameplay, no matter how many people start gaming with us!

Points (PTS) Contract ID:


🕹JOY has 3 forms of utility

  1. Governance - Users holding JOY tokens will be able to participate in the direction of Holding JOY will allow you to participate in discussions and votes related to token issuance, which games get built, leaderboard rewards, and more.

  2. NFT Prizes - JOY powered NFT Prizes will be the top shelf prizes. They will be more expensive than NFT Prizes you can mint with PTS. Mints using JOY will be set aside to a burn address which reduce JOY supply, and allow buyers to collect a unique one of a kind collectible, which may also allow for game add-ons or upgrades.

  3. SmartBCH Proof of Skill - With the majority of JOY tokens on SmartBCH, we will commence JOY token rewards on SmartBCH as soon as our system is complete. This will continue as planned in our Token Details paper until 100% of JOY reserved for rewards is held in the wallets of gamers.

⭐PTS - 🕹JOY LP has completed the the initial liquidity using admin wallets SEP20 JOY. Others of course are invited to participate in this LP should they want to.

This will allow users to swap their PTS for JOY. We will start at a 1000:1 ratio for PTS to JOY. The liquidity and dex market will ultimately determine what the value of PTS and JOY is. See max reward above!

🌉Bridging PTS-SLP to PTS-SEP20 is live!

Visit for more details. (Min bridge is 2M PTS)

Message @SpiceTippingBot on telegram

bridge swap 2000000 PTS 0x_YOURMETAMASK_ADDRESS

Swap ⭐PTS for 🕹JOY here:

Note that at launch PTS:JOY ratio is 1000:1. This ratio may change due to market forces on dexes.



Thank you all for making a huge success!

Time to get out there! Play games, farm Points (PTS), and bridge and swap POINTS for JOY to participate in governance, NFT markets, and more. Until then, game & hodl.

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Written by   49
6 months ago (Last updated: 5 months ago)
Topics: Joy, SmartBCH, Token, Gaming, SLP, ...
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Just starting farming Joystick in benswap, so am impressed with you are running the project 🙂

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6 months ago

Thank you! Another good update. Continue to grow and we'll continue to support

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6 months ago