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What attributes attracts the random rewarder and other great members to your article.

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9 months ago

It is no doubt about our admiration for the cryptosystem and how it works and especially, our obsession for the BCH has rather made us more and more engaging in other aspects of how we can achieve our desired wish in getting these coveted coins as much as holding onto it for a better selling days where we will make more when exchanged.

With that in mind, we came in contact with this desirable platform called the being a platform that promises us some tokens of BCH in its dollar equivalent as an appreciation for our little impact in writing articles here and making useful and up building comments and many more of its kind, hence, we were warned against doing things that would rather undermine and deter the future existence of the platform or perhaps, jeopardize its chances of standing the real test of time given the fact that it was one of the main reasons for its formation till date.

However, we all accepted this simple rules that shall be discussed in full and then kicked the balls rolling according to our individualized ways of achieving a success here.

Before we start and begin to look into the attributes that is capable of attracting both the random rewarder and all the members to one's article, it is vital we first define the random rewarder and the role it plays according to the order of arrangements here in

What is the random rewarder?

This is an automated and systemized bot that is charged with the responsibility of rewarding in full, all members of the platform with some amounts in a dollar equivalent or worth in BCH for all worthwhile articles they write here and which must satisfy all the necessary's rules in order to be eligible to earn such huge rewards.

Granted, we are blessed with this unbiasedness based on the system computation that allows every member to be fully rewarded once such a member writes an article that never seem to defile the rules of engagement here and such act of unbiasedness is what that really differentiates this platform from the rest others.

Having known that however, we will then take another step into digging a little bit deep in knowing those things we must do here or those attributes we must possess here if we are to attract the attention of this automated bot called the random rewarder and other members to our articles for a better earning rewards.

Writing reasonable articles everyday - rule 1!

One of the most daunting tasks we are individually faced with here is the task of writing everyday and I guess, this is not an easy task at all going by the fact that the act of writing is something that is built out of passion of which one should indeed ensure that what he or she is writing is or should be in line with what the public accepts and can digest as readable and capable of adding meaning and values to what is expected when read.

Below is a screenshot of my article I wrote 2 days ago, which is still being rewarded by the random rewarder and it's a clear evidence of what i mean here regarding the random rewarder

Write with precision, purpose and conviction - point 2!

It is true we are charged with the responsibility of writing everyday, yet, that doesn't mean that we should write aimlessly like a sheep without a Shepard in order to just meet up with the said target of writing everyday which may amount to nonsense when read by our readers or audience but we should rather write with so much precision and like a captain on top of the situate in his sailing ship when things appear brim on the high sea, we should be convincing and deliver messages that are capable of raising an ovation for us when we write.

Obeying the rules of engagement here matters the most - point 3!

In everything we do in life, there are rules governing them, be it in the aspects of writing or not, we do have rules and these rules are quite easy if we only learn on how to keep them and avoid causing ourselves some problems.

The rules are quite simple here and they are: write your articles up to a least of 600 words or more and make it a readable not less than four minutes(4mins) write up and have the undivided attention of the random rewarder and other members attracted to your articles for a reward. This sounds great I guess!

Never beg for tips from other members - point 4!

In this platform, it is an outright and an unacceptable thing to beg for points after writing your article and as such, any member found doing that is culpable of a criminal act and a breach of the platform's rules and regulations and as such, would lead to some penalties if the case is adjourned as a worst case scenario and that is, it could be flagged as a spam post which would deter you from earning here in the platform in future time no matter how good you write.

Spending at least some considerable amount of maybe 4-6 hours a day on the platform(optional)- point 5!

This point is absolutely very optional as it has nothing to do with your graded points average but rather, it only helps to increase your recognition and viability amongst all members as much as the random rewarder who constantly and on a daily basis, searches out articles that seem not to defile any of its rules for some Bch tips or rewards.

Making useful and up building comments - point 6!

The rule of the platform is in such a way that no one gets tipped for making any comments irrespective of how great the comment is or are by the random rewarder who only seeks out tips for good and well meaning articles but our good comments on others posts is yet another assured way of attracting good earnings to ourselves too and how you may ask? Take for instance on this article of mine, someone then comes and makes a comment such as: Wow!, I like it!, it's lovely!, nice!, great!, good! and many more of its kind, all are considered as spamming comments which are capable of the culprits being flagged here and as such, deter them from establishing a real purpose of earning some rewards for which they came registering and being members here both now and in all their future engagements whatsoever here.

Establishing a constructive argument rather than engaging others in a negative way that is capable of causing a problem - point 7!

Our points and arguments should be in such a way that it respects other members as that is one of the set priorities of the platform and in the case of any eventuality, we must learn to handle issues like that with respect to the rules of engagement here and as civilized individuals as well otherwise, I fear we might get banned.

The last of its kind is the issues regarding pornography and other unwanted things the platform frons at

This point is very very important if we must earn here and avoid being banned. Yes, it was made very clear from the onset as at the time of registration here that issues relate to pornography and other hard scenes and its related content materials as much as hate speeches and all forms of racial discrimination are unwanted vices here and when engaged in them, would rather lead off to a serious challenge for ourselves and a real damage to our either already built or about to be built reputation here.

In all, we should be very very careful with respect to all the above mentioned here if we really do stand any real chance of establishing a real successful survival here with as are evident of most members who have been able to have established themselves strongly here.

We do hear of member announcing of how much of bch they've acquired right here in this platform which is evidenced by the article by one of our members @Infinity8888 who's recently achieved one BCH is a reminders of the quality, the patience and the painstaking moments it took him in reaching such height good morning.

Below is an evidence of my article that is rewarded by the random rewarder in this link here:

When you go through the link, you will see how I managed to put something that seems to fall in line with all the above said rules which is the reason why I'm being rewarded here by the random rewarder and I guess you too can if you follow due process.

You can read more about how you can achieve a success in from this link here:

Have we learnt something new today, if so, what did you learn? Let's hear your comments!

Image source: my phone gallery and screenshot.


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Written by   49
9 months ago
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This is such a great post. Thank you!

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6 months ago

This article includes all the points that we must consider to succeed here .

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8 months ago

Exactly and we must try and imbibe it for more successes.

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8 months ago

I hope fo all

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8 months ago

An excellent explanation really helps a newbie like me. tho I think we should also spend time reading other articles- it may be sounds boring but spending time to read other articles improves our vocabulary and knowledge so I gues it might help, right?

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8 months ago

Oh wow! What a great suggestion of reading others articles that was from you. Thanks a lot for that suggestion

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8 months ago

Weldone bro, this is so elaborative. If everyone of us (especially newbies like me) could take all these into consideration, it'll definitely be a smooth journey here

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9 months ago

Sure, it will be given that the journey to becoming successful in life is a constant trend of always being on the right side of it. Thanks for the comment

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8 months ago