Thinking Ability is Your Superpower

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Please don't jump to comment by just reading the title!

First, spend some time currency to read, then take a little pause, carry out a mental exercise, and decide whether you like it. Only then may you consider to start typing a comment.

  • Don't rush. Think before taking any action.

I often notice (here and everywhere) people start pouring their knowledge before reading what is written in a blog! (Sometimes, I am also guilty of the same crime!)

  • It is better to think sometimes than to repent later.

  • You will like your thoughtful decisions and actions.

Graphics I created an animated GIF using texts and a screenshot from a LinkedIn post by Sneha Biswas, Founder & CEO of Early Steps Academy. (These links are not referrals but informational)

Thinking ability is your superpower.

Most humans possess an active mind. Where, please don't ask. Nobody knows where the mind resides. Most likely, every human has an abstract self deep inside the consciousness, called the mind.

  • A human mind can think of anything good or bad, decent or erotic, normal or abnormal, social or unsocial, legal or criminal, and so on.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of human beings to do some justice in utilizing the superpower of their minds. Humans should be careful in exercising their mental power.

The most valuable skill is your thinking ability.

Thinking ability is also a skill that can be nurtured and developed by practice.

  • Deep thinking is equivalent to mediation.

Meditating on a noble thought can enlighten to illuminate the darker sides of the inner self and, in turn, help remove negativities and enhance mental power.

  • No external consultant or guide can think for you.

  • Machines also can't think like a human, although artificial intelligence software is coming up to provide help.

Machine intelligence can never replace human's natural thinking ability skill.

Relax after you exercise your thinking power.

  • Take ample rest after having rigorous physical as well as mental work.

  • Relax, rest, and recharge your mind - the thinking machine.

Your thinking ability skill will never put you down.

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Lead Image:  I created GIF using texts and a screenshot from a LinkedIn post by Sneha Biswas, Founder & CEO of Early Steps Academy. (It is not a referral, but I like their teaching ideas)

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Hola amigo, feliz año, usted tiene la razón, algunas veces comentamos sin pensar y analizar los buenos Post

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