Sundays Can be Mondays and Vice Versa

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Every day is the same for almost all.

We get each day due to the rotation of the planet earth. The Sun appears in different parts of the globe at different times. The polar regions are, of course, exceptions.

Arctica and Antarctica are exposed to the Sun for a considerable amount of time. The time these regions get the Sunlight is considerably long equal to many calendar days.

  • The polar regions are also under the dark spell for an equivalent longer time.

  • The polar animals are used to getting longer days and longer nights.

Thus, the days are different in the polar regions.

So, every day is not the same for all habitats of the globe.

As times trifle away, we are able to recognize the importance of time in our lives.

Every day comes with an equal amount of time for work and fun.

  • Still, we name the days with different names.

  • Both Saturdays and Sundays are off days in most parts of the globe.

Most of us like to keep Sunday as a special day.

  • Saturdays smile.

  • Sunday's smile is different and is usually considered more bright.

  • The name Sun itself is associated with the energy source of the solar system.

So, Sundays are special.

Since I quit my full-time job, every day is equally special.

I don't care if today is a Sunday or Monday. I consider each day equally.

  • I work as a self-employed.

  • My time of any day is equally precious to me.

  • I can utilize the weekends for accomplishing a client's project.

If required, I can work even on Sundays to deliver a project.

If required, I can even take a leave on a weekday between Monday and Friday.

  • Flexibility is an advantage of being self-employed.

  • Flexibility is also a responsibility to complete clients' projects on time.

Source:  I created a GIF using my texts, and pics by Elevate and Hansjörg Keller.

Sundays can be Mondays and vice versa.

A responsible human considers every day with equal importance.

  • If required, we can work on weekends, and even on Sundays.

  • Weekends may be adjusted with any other suitable day if required.

Regular employment mostly demands heavy work on weekdays.

  • It may have to be adjusted to work on weekends in a demanding profession.

  • A medical doctor, or a nurse work even on holidays.

  • The police department works 24x7 because their work is to provide safety and governance to the citizens.

Concluding remarks

Names of days in a week are purposefully made different. Effectively, all days are the same with an equal amount of time in seconds.

  • I have often faced awkward situations when I suffered due to days of a week.

  • Sometimes, I got problems when I found that the market in a locality was completely closed on Sundays, or on a certain day of the week!

  • There should be alternative options for holidays.

  • Shops and government offices delivering the most essential utilities and services should remain open even on Sundays and holidays.

Ethics and responsibility drive every human to render their work whether it is on a weekday, weekend, or a government holiday.


  • In any case, I wish to consider each day as a new day full of the same number of seconds to enjoy entertainment as well as work.

  • Sunday to Saturday comes one after another with equal opportunities.

It is my perspective to continue my daily activities without getting influenced by the name of the day.

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Oct 02, 2022

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that sounds wonderful! at least you are flexible in doing your works whenever you need to do a job. Being self employed has always been my dream

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1 year ago

With freedom, one has to sacrifice having regular earnings. Being self-employed has the disadvantage of having no fixed monthly salary!

$ 0.00
1 year ago

that's true but with all your hard work, you can get bigger earnings too

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1 year ago

True. I try by keeping a watch on my health.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Cuando se trabaja por cuenta propia, no hay presión de los días, total estamos sin jefe, el único jefe somos nosotros mismos. Todo es cuestión de planificación y el objetivo del trabajo que realizamos por nuestra cuenta.

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1 year ago

Gracias, my friend. I am not conversant in other non-English languages.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Like the song where it says it's 5 o'clock somewhere :)

$ 0.01
1 year ago

Time is different even though it is universally the same. I may like to get a YouTube link to the song.

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1 year ago

If you are self employed how do you keep up with your daily expenses, I know you are a content creator on multiple platforms but does that help paying the bills. Please guide me through your self employment journey would love to know about it.

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1 year ago

Good question. Answers to this question will make a short eBook. Read my blogs here and on LinkedIn.

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1 year ago

Every day is equally important. I love to do half time job by utilizing other half into Blogging. I love to Sunday more than Monday.

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1 year ago

Enjoy your days of the week as constructive as possible.

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1 year ago

This is exactly what will happen to many if us in Nigeria tomorrow. The government have granted tomorrow's Monday as a public holiday due to the independence day anniversary that took yesterday. So, many people would feel like tomorrow was a Sunday since they ain't used to staying at home on a Monday 😆

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1 year ago

This often happens in our country too. But, sometimes, if the government's national holiday falls on Sundays, the citizens miss that holiday!

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1 year ago