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See Better by Feeling Better

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3 months ago
Topics: Eye, Vision, Animal, Human, Brain, ...

Animal vision is a complex process.

Seeing requires your eyes to sense. It also requires the brain to process the visual optical signals received by the eye sensors and create a feeling inside the brain. Seeing is a feeling in the brain. Thus, animal vision is a perception of creating a scene, an object, color, etc.

Animals with vision disabilities at birth may have different perceptions of the world inside their brains.

Don't you encounter that you can have a visual percept of this beautiful world, its people, scenes, objects even with your eyes closed? There remain huge visual percepts inside the brain memory. It is the job of brain memory callback.

Animal vision is accomplished by the eyes and the brain

Animal vision is accomplished by the brain in conjunction with the eyes. Thus, seeing is sensing plus processing of the sensed visual signals in the brain.

  • The eyes are a part of the brain. After sensing an optical signal from the external world, the eyes carry out some preprocessing before sending it to the brain for the more complex visual signal processing task.

  • The received preprocessed visual signal then undergoes complex signal processing inside the brain. The brain infers and registers the processed visual signal as different visual percepts.

Thus, animal vision is purely a perceptive phenomenon. It is called "visual perception," Animals without vision or having defective vision at birth may have no visual percepts or defective visual percepts.

Color vision is more complex than the monochromatic vision

  • Most animals have eyes to see the world. Animals don't have eye sensors with the same wavelength sensitivity. What does that mean?

Human eyes have sensors to sense the visible wavelength band.

What human eye sensors can sense may not be sensed by the birds' eyes. There are questions about why do animals respond differently to different wavelengths.

Reptiles can't see the visible wavelengths but they can see in the infrared band.

  • Mantis shrimp is probably the only animal that can customize its eye sensing capability! Mantis shrimp can see in both visible and invisible wavelength bands. In fact, mantis shrimp can dynamically customize their eye sensitivity.

If human eyes had only monochromatic (say black-and-white) vision, the entire world would have been like black-and-white cinema.

Eyesight with and without glasses may differ

Graphics: Video by Tony Schnagl on Pexels converted to GIF.

Seeing has something to do with the mind!

  • I see better when I am in a good mood.

An ophthalmologist was banned (censored) by the ophthalmology community for saying and practicing this principle. Search for the book by William Bates - "Better Eyesight without Glasses."

This particular book is based on Dr. Bates' long experience treating patients with eye sights. He advised on how to relax and improve your normal vision.

In other words, Dr. Bates suggested different techniques to improve human vision power and finally see things without the aid of glasses.

Graphics: Video by cottonbro on Pexels converted to GIF.

I follow the following golden rules regarding eyes and vision

  • Don't worry much if you can't see all colors.

  • Don't worry much if you can't see a distant object nicely.

  • Consult an experienced ophthalmologist for any problem in the eyes and vision.

  • Try to eat healthy food, avoid eye strain, and take ample rest.

  • Always try to be in a good mood.

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April 02, 2022.

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Written by   231
3 months ago
Topics: Eye, Vision, Animal, Human, Brain, ...
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We really have to take care of our body more. I admit I sometimes abuse my eyes. However, so far, I am okay without glasses although it was suggested before

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3 months ago

Giving rest to our eyes is very much essential—the book "Better Eyesight without Glasses" has many pieces of advice about it.

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3 months ago

Excellent article friend! I must say that it is very true, since I was 14 years old an ophthalmologist prescribed me to wear glasses, I immediately couldn't do it, because, mom didn't have money to buy glasses and after we managed to buy them, I lived with severe headaches. I gave up using them. Nowadays whenever I get stressed, the migraine and eye strain is strong. It also happens when I write, well, I don't visualize from afar, and I have to hold the phone close to know what I'm writing, since I do it from the phone because I don't have a computer, it's very complicated. That It has been one of the reasons why I don't publish articles very often! a hug! Blessings🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🫂🫂

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3 months ago

If you can manage an old coputer monitor or TV, you can use a $35 Raspberry Pi, a 5V/700mA mobile charger (you may already have), a keyboard, a mouse, and an HDMI cable to create your computer.

Write shorter articles (say about 3 minutes read time).

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3 months ago

Mood and sight can interfere on how we can sight clearly on something truly. Sight at very hungry varies for real. How do kites see there food far from the sky

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3 months ago

It is a mystery how birds see their prey while flying up above the sky.

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3 months ago

That sentence with eye and mind is true and helpful, our brain process different information from our eyes in different moods. A happy mood is preferred to see the world with eyes.

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3 months ago

Bates carried out many experiments with kids who couldn't see/read the blackboard in the classroom. He brought the kid's mother beside him, and the kid could read the blackboard.

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3 months ago

When I am stressed, everything blurs. This is no joke, hand to heart. Once when I was preparing for exams, I actually had to wear prescription glasses for a bit. It's funny the way the body sometimes manifests physically what you are feeling mentally and emotionally.

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3 months ago

Yes. Seeing is affected by the state of mind. One can see better in a happy mood than in a sadder mood.

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3 months ago