Peer-to-Peer Networking is Essential

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People share stories about their assets.

Who doesn't take pride in showing a photo of their newly purchased car on Facebook and Instagram? And if the vehicle is a brand new BMW or Tesla, they will post photos after photos along with the new possession.

But, not everybody will announce their physical assets on social media.

I (generally) don't show anything or tell anybody about my earthly assets. It feels awkward for me to say to people about my achievements and acquisitions.

People love to share stories about their cryptocurrency assets

Naturally, people will be very happy if they acquire a substantial amount of cryptocurrencies. Some people will also take pride in their cryptocurrency assets.

Many people go a little further to announce the details of cryptocurrencies they currently hold, such as "I unlocked 2.5 BCH in one month," etc.

There is nothing harmful about telling the world that you have handfull of cryptocurrencies, you acquired a lot of BCH, BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Sometimes, there is helpful cryptocurrency investment information in detailing people's bragged articles about crypto-earnings.

  • So, please don't stop showing the detailed excel sheet about your crypto-earnings, award winnings, airdrop winnings, and cryptocurrency holdings.

But have you invested in the people you have connected with?

"Invest in the people, not the ideas"
- there goes a popular quote.

- The popular saying also includes,
"A good idea is often destroyed by bad people. But, good people can always make a bad idea better."

I don't know who said it first. I have liked the concept of investing in people.

Image: I created a GIF animation using texts from the article and Photos by Pixabay on Pexels and open-source software on a Linux computer.

  • I have been "investing in the people" on LinkedIn.

  • I have tried to connect with "like-minded" professionals on LinkedIn.

  • I have invested time in engaging with my like-minded LinkedIn connections.

  • "Time Currency" is more valuable than real money or cryptocurrencies?

If you are not aware of the importance of "Time Currency" in our lives, you can easily have a look at the article published here about a couple of months ago.

Image: Screenshot of "Time Currency" in my ReadCash articles list.

I wish to invest in my "followers" or "subscribers"

  • I earnestly want to connect with like-minded bloggers here. I can follow my choicest bloggers. I also see a clickable icon, "Subscribe," which I can click on this icon, i.e., I can follow a blogger.

But, I don't know who has "Subscribed" to my blogger profile. Hence, I don't have any way to engage with my followers.

  • Unfortunately, nobody can directly engage and invest in their "Subscribers" here. There is no way for peer-to-peer engagement with your "subscribers."

Peer-to-peer engagement windows are "locked" by the platform!

There comes the necessity of a way to connect with your followers/subscribers.

That is why I invite my subscribers to join LinkedIn

If you are interested to connect and have a peer-to-peer engagement, please don't hesitate to join LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn is a professional platform where you can do a lot of networking activities to build your vibrant personal brand.

  • LinkedIn is also a superior content publishing platform.

  • LinkedIn didn't create any monetization option.

  • One can get many types of leads on LinkedIn for various professional opportunities, including job and business avenues via LinkedIn Groups and Company Pages, LinkedIn Live and Audio, LinkedIn Learning, etc.

I wish some of the bloggers here may join LinkedIn and create a real virtual profile outside the crypto-blogging arena.

Image: Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash.

What Google does with its "investment in the people"

QUESTION: Do you know what is the major income of Google?
ANSWER: Earn huge revenues through Google Advertisements.

Google utilizes its vast user database, which is nothing but the personal data of its "investment in the people" or the users. Google earns huge revenues by sending advertisements to the "people."

Peer-to-Peer engagement with your network

I have a different plan with my "investment in people."

QUESTION: What I wish to do with my subscribers' information:


  • I will never sell the personal data of my connections like Google.

  • I will establish peer-to-peer engagement with my professional connections.

  • I will cooperate and initiate collaboration in mutually benefitting areas.

In short, I wish to "invest in people" and have "peer-to-peer" networking.

My plans are:

  • Utilize my "investment in the people" in the network.

  • Have "peer-to-peer" engagement without recourse to and control of any content publishing platform or social media.

Image: I created a GIF animation using texts from the title of the article and a Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels, and open-source software on Linux software.

What do you think?

What are your thoughts about "investing in the people?"

Do you like the idea of "peer-to-peer networking?"

Don't you think it is a win-win game?

Please let me know your views.


Unity (Debesh Choudhury)

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Unite and Empower Humanity.

May 30, 2022.

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You have an interesting personality and a lot of ideas. With regards to peer-to-peer networking, I agree that it is a good way of building network. I started building a blog before and I already some connections, however, my issue was I can't sustain what I started because I have my day job which consumes most of my time. But I am not closing my doors. I followed you on LinkedIn.

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1 year ago

Write a comment on my current LinkedIn post with the phrase "a ReadCasher" somewhere inside the comment so that I can identify you there!

Also, share your ReadCash posts on LinkedIn with a referral link.

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1 year ago

Good idea, investing in people is a creative thing. I wish you success, my friend

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1 year ago

I notice you post multiple articles in a day! It may stop giving you algorithmic support. Invest one article per day.

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1 year ago

Yes, that's right, my strength should be on one article a day

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1 year ago

Investing in the like-minded people in your network is the key to getting ways to progress.

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1 year ago

Another great start for my readcash here. I love reading your thoughts and would love to read more in the future. Let me also update my linkedin now.

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1 year ago

Don't hesitate to join me on LinkedIn.

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1 year ago