How Should Creators Be Rewarded?

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Content publishing platforms are plenty.

  • We write and publish content on many platforms. Some platforms support the creators. ReadCash is a BCH-powered content publishing platform.

ReadCash had a rewarding bot that used to shower random BCH airdrops.

  • The supporting principle of a content publishing platform decides its future. A clear supporting strategy can propel the platform to achieve its purpose.

The Random Rewarder was an attraction for many!

  • Naturally, people won't dislike getting random BCH rewards or airdrops! Who will say that "Don't give me random rewards?"

Will you say that you were unhappy about random rewards?

  • I can't say that I was happy to accept random rewards.

To write it precisely, I was very much unhappy about the random rewards.

  • In my humble logic, random rewards are equivalent to dole politics by the politicians before winning an election.

The random reward was indeed an attraction. Yet, random airdrops can directly hurt the efforts of quality content creators.

Was a random reward a mistake in supporting the creators?

  • A serious content creator will not like a random reward for their content.

A random reward drove many serious content creators dissatisfied.

  • Dole politics attract greedy people who love to get rewards without hard work.

Greedy people will be temporary on the platform and will stay only when random rewards continue.

  • Serious content creators will love to get paid with finite rewards proportional to quality and engagement on their content.

Using a random reward to support the creators seems to be an incorrect strategy.

Conclusion and recommendation

  • There must be support for the creators from the content publishing platform.

  • The content publishing platform must devise a foolproof strategy to support the content creators.

I strongly recommend that the administration of ReadCash must learn from the experience of a random reward system and start with a new rewarding system as soon as possible.

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Feb 12, 2023

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I already read the article about the Read Cash Robot.

The bot is partly right to take that position. However, you should look for a way to reward the creation of content as an incentive.

Because there are serious writers who love what they do at Read.

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7 months ago

totally agree with you. Random rewards indeed atracted a lot of members who joined the platform for that. Although, it was programmed , so to speak, to detect and skip plagiarized content, it wasn't that "effective". Then the rise of AI-written content, caused the admin to finally put the bot to rest.

In the other platforms that I used to write for in the past, content are rated by curators manually. However, it takes at least a day or two before your work gets published. But I think curators rating an article and giving appropriate reward is a good idea. I still have some things in my head regarding this matter, I will find some time to write them down in a day or two.

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7 months ago