Holistic Healing

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  • Are you serious about your daily lifestyle?

  • Do you take healthy food?

  • Do you fast once a month and give rest to your physiological self?

  • Are you habituated to exercising every day, such as yoga?

  • Do you follow a regular sleeping cycle?

If all the answers are yes, you are surely a positive person.

If most answers are no?

The more your answer is negative, the more you endanger yourself toward the negative side of life.

Today, I share a podcast on Holistic Healing.

  • I start a new podcast series on "Holistic Healing - Offering You a Medicine-Free & Disease-Free Happy Life" via YouTube.

  • I discuss "Holistic Healing" with my guest Ganesh P. Upadhyay.

The first episode of the podcast briefly explains how one can have a medicine-free and disease-free happy life through yoga, pranayama, natural therapies, and plant-based holistic diet plan.

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Take advantage of the tips for a healthy and happy life.

"Your Positive Thinking Can Heal You.
Your Negative Thinking Can Kill You."

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Feb 09, 2023

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I love holistic topic and healing for it is like a mystery where aside from using medicines and other methods used in natural ways, we have that spot for things above us and that we don't know, we give space for the power within and upon us to work too.

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7 months ago

Well said. Let us "give space for the power within" ... Nothing would be better.

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7 months ago


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Have you tried endorsing your channel through cashrain? Youtube cashrain is already available there. It will surely boost your profile 😁

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Meron na? Amazing! May community ka na ba doon?

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7 months ago

Thanks for the info. I shall include my YT channel. Have you tried?

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