Do Not Search Jobs by Job Titles

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How do you search for jobs?

  • Do you search for a job by job title? I know you often do. It is a norm for people generally search for jobs by job titles.

Every youngster or an experienced professional would prefer searching for a job by job title. That comes first as a choice because people like a job description and designation!

  • Are you sure you are following the right strategy for your job search? Asking a question is always better than accepting traditional methods.

What could be the problem(s) with searching for jobs by titles?

<> Job titles may often turn out to be misleading.

Job titles in different organizations may include completely different tasks.

  • A "Research Scientist" job in a government R&D laboratory would involve carrying out research innovations in a particular field. It would not require any work on the administration part of any sort.

  • In a private R&D company, the same "Research Scientist" position may ask to carry out research plus some R&D administration essential around the work.

  • A company may mean a "marketing" position more to "sales" job responsibilities.

  • A "customer relations" role in different organizations may include different workloads depending on whether the organization is an entertainment company or a technology startup.

<> That is why one can try something different than searching for a job by job titles.

What should be the right strategy for a job search?

  • Don't worry about the job title.

  • Instead, focus on what role you are looking for. It would help you determine which titles align with your expectations and which roles won't.

Follow the two-step exercises detailed below that will help you refine your job search and eventually end up with a job (work) that you will love doing.

Step 1: Try to find out answers to the following four questions.

  1. Who are the people you wish to be around every day?

  2. What is that particular type of work you wish to see yourself doing?

  3. Where do you wish to do your work?

  4. Why do you wish to do that particular work?

Someone like me may have sample answers for the four questions as:
A1. I wish to work with students, academicians, and researchers.
A2. I wish to provide educational and research services.
A3. I wish to work as a self-employed professional for onsite and online clients.
A4. I wish to see my work contributing to the growth of global professionals.

<> Now, try to write down your questions and put down your correct answers.

Step 2: Refine your search and follow your dreams.

It is time to take your answers to the four questions and execute them in your daily grinding. You have your specific "who, what, where, and why" to guide you.

  • Assess your answers to the four questions.

Critically read the answers you have written.

Find out if your answers surprise you. Critically evaluate what elements of your dream job (work) appeal to you most and what the "must haves" you are looking for. The choice of the people you want to work for and the place/location you prefer to settle with your work is to be given utmost importance.

  • Run an Internet search on your choices

Carry out an Internet search by putting “careers in [your field of interest]” using an Internet search engine (Brave, Duck Duck Go, Google, etc.).

A thorough Internet search will bring out a lot of valuable information about specific professional organizations and job sites with matching career openings.

Utilize the Internet search results to learn more about your field of interest and identify the job description that seems to have an almost perfect-align with your "who, what, where, and why."

  • Initiate dialogues with short-listed people on professional platforms.

Connecting with like-minded professionals with similar specializations and work background is essential for getting help in your career.

Use LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other similar platforms to search for people with your choicest job/work roles.

Connect with them with a personalized request. Your request for a connection must include a text/audio of why you want to connect with them.

Your university/college/school alumni with your choicest job description would be the best persons to connect with. Alumni would be willing to help the alumni. Ask them for a video chat or meet up if they agree, and explore a job opening with their network.

  • Continue to search and compare the available jobs (work).

Don't stop searching even if a found job seems like a perfect match for you.

Compare the available job openings that match the "must haves" job description and critically review them.

Write down the differences and similarities between the searched results.

It may so happen that the advertised job description happens to differ from its actual work roles, which you have to find out when called for an interview.

It is true for both full-time, part-time, and freelancing jobs.


  • You need not worry about the job title.

  • You need to focus on what role you are looking for. It would help you determine which titles align with your expectations and which roles won't.

Undertake the two-step exercises detailed in the article that will help you refine your job search and hopefully give you the job (work) that you will love doing.

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Mar 18, 2023

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Look for work that if we are able to do and also do not do work because the demands will force us to do it. My current job is a teacher and I have been doing it for 15 years since 2008 even though when I was a teenager I wanted to work in an office but fate directed me to become a teacher.

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1 year ago

I like teaching. I quit a long-time permanent government job to try a teaching job at a private engineering college. Although, I left that as well because the private engineering colleges don't provide the facilities to the students they advertise/promise. They cheat the students and the parents with fake advertisements. I now tutor students privately and mentor them to improve their employability/earning skills.

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1 year ago

Looking at the right possible post you can fit in,, can make you know the job title that align with your want Some company might make the job title fancy but deep down it's just a local job

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1 year ago

Deep research on a job position can reveal the detailed work/role associated with it, which differs along with organizations.

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

Before that is waht I am doing. Typing the Job Title so that I can get a more reliable search.

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1 year ago

Thank you. Search work (job roles), not job titles.

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1 year ago

You are right almost every youngester search job by its but it expect different responsibilities under same designation.

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1 year ago

Thank you for your time and resonating comment.

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1 year ago